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Saphira V2 PES 17 Reshade Framework by raull127


Saphira V2 PES 17 Reshade Framework (with SweetFx) by raull127

Download Saphira V2 PES 2017 Reshade

HBAO Ambient Oclusion.
SMAA Anti Aliasing.
Adjusting brightness and shadows.
Gamma adjustment, exposure, saturation and white.
Intelligent saturation.
Simulation of colors.
Add Maps and color palettes.


Much More Inside

Instructions Reshade Framework “SaphiraV2” by raull127.

(If you have problems, it’s recommended to follow the images from the tutorial in “pesnosune.com” as well)

1– Download Reshade Framework 2.0.3 from “reshade.me” or “MEGA” link. (Only this version)

2– Download preset “Saphira V2 Pes17″.

3– Extract the files in a safe place. Example: ” C: / ” (the main disk). Run “Mediator.exe”.

4– Click on “Add”, search and select “Pes17.exe” (generally ubicated in “C :\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common”).

5– Click on “Update”. Make shure is selected DirectX 9.

6– Now click on the other “Update” button and finally “Permanent Push to Aplication”. Now close Mediator.

7– Search into Reshade directory and enter to the “Presets” folder, Example:”C:\ReShade2.0.3withFramework1.1\ReShade\PersonalFiles\Presets”.
Go into the PES17 preset.

8– Copy the files from “Saphira PresetV2 Pes17” and replace them. Now run Mediator, select Pes17 in the grid and repeat steps 5 and 6.

9– Done now Mediator is not necesary, You can play.

Pass: raull127

Hope you enjoy my Preset and have a good game. Remember Saphira ;)


  1. It looks pretty sweet, if I’ve installed it correctly! lol what’s the on & off switch so I can tell I’ve installed it properly?

  2. you can definately tell the difference, it looks excellent & it’s nearly on par with PS4! Awesome work! Best Reshade/SweetFX I’ve used for PES PC!

    Any other tweaks you got planned for it to look even more like PS4?

  3. Sincerely I used all my knowledge and I’m not sure if this can be overcome, maybe in a future but now I tried a lot of numbers and presets and I’m done. I hope someone can do a better job

  4. cant really tell if it’s working though the loading screen tells me its running dunno and the of/on switch in game doesn’t work for me

  5. Have you the Reshade files in the Pes’s Folder? Try again and to look the images of the tutorial in “pesnosune” forum

  6. Mate, all I can say is THANK YOU!! It looks way more realistic than the Vanilla AND way more realistic than the cartoony bright colours of PS4


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