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sammy_k_84’s Option File PES 2010


Ladies and gents, it’s time to begin your Master Leagues…
This file has been updated to be compatible with Konami’s latest update (1.2). You will need to update your game in order to use it. I will leave a link for my previous version in case you are not able to update (see bottom)


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[Last updated 13/12/09]

This is a standalone option file for the PC version of PES 2010 and does not require any other software to work such as kitserver. I am constantly working on this file to try and make it as good as possible. The current version includes…

+ All English league kits done
+ All La Liga kits done
+ 18 Championship teams created for a complete ML experience
+ Bayern Munich, VfB Stuttgart, Vfl Wolfsburg, Werder Bremen, in Teams A
+ Missing Champions League teams created in Teams A (Debrecini, Maccabi Haifa, CSKA Moscow, FC Rubin Kazan, FC Zurich, + correct squad and kits for Steaua Bucharest)
+ Algeria and New Zealand created
+ Kits for World Cup teams
+ All correct team names
+ All correct emblems
+ All transfers done and many missing players created
+ National team players now have correct names
+ Unlicensed international teams have updated kits (not yet with sponsors)

As far as I know, Konami will release an update soon correcting some of the missing players/transfers. Once this is done, I will finish whatever they miss, but I didn’t think it was worth me doing it now if they are simply going to fix it soon (it depends how soon though)

** Credit to JackWho for English league kits
** Credit to Vixon and Umbro Boy for some of the other kits
** Credit to Roigafni for La Liga kits, CSKA Moscow, and international png’s
** Credit to mahanddeem for renaming International player names and updating many international kits
** Credit to SMcCutcheon and Arsenal4Life for many of the Championship stats


  1. Thanks Friend, but can you make the Replay logos, and change the League logos, cups, etc?


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