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Russian Invasion OF with Ultimate Gameplay for PES2009 v.09.01.19


+ Transfers up to date 17.01.2009.

+ Some players were improved according to latest SerieA, EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga and League1 matches.

+ Club numbers of players who have passed in new clubs are corrected.

+ Skills of some clubs were changed seriously: “Anorthosis Famagusta”, “AaB Aalborg”, “R.C.D. Espanyol”, “Almeria”.

+ About 20 missing players were added.

+ A lot of tiny fixes(duplicated players, lineups, tactics, etc) were done.

+ The list of current injuries in EPL was globally remade.

+ Fix defect of last release(scan-faces have not been inserted)!

+ Bug when it was impossible to play a cup of Asia Is corrected.

+ To normalise scores of background matches in the ML the gameplay is corrected.

+ Also in a gameplay of this version has added variability and logicality in attack: now, to score a goal it is necessary to make a shot with more power. Simply shots from an average distance now is not a problem for GK, it is possible even to tell that it’s a warm-up for them… There is a choice: to make more risky(in accuracy) power-shot or more reliable(also in accuracy), but less dangerous(for GK) safe-shot. Therefore game in attack becomes more logical. Also tactics/teamwork becomes more significant, because to make both aim and powerful shot is necessary more space, which can be won only thanks to command actions.

+ Ratings.xls file was updated(ratings now correspond to that present in 2009/01/19 option files).

+ List of updated players(from v.09.01.10 to v.09.01.19): VIEW (273 players)

+ List of improved clubs(from v.09.01.10 to v.09.01.19): VIEW


PREVIOUS VERSION – Russian Invasion OF with Ultimate Gameplay for PES2009 v.09.01.10

This OF will BE REGULAR(about time in 2 matchdays) UPDATED!

Main difference of this OF from all others: skills of ALL players is fully reedited(no any Fm-convert’s and other nonsense – all was done exceptionally in MANUAL method). This process is done in accordance with that took place in last 2 seasons. + Changes are constantly done, depending on that takes place now in the real football.

In comparison, for example, with pesstatsdatabase.com, this is engaged only by ONE person in all, that as a result by LEVELS increases quality of final product, since:

1) All players in teams and all teams in leagues are normalised among themselves.

2) There are no the players created by any passers-by.

If something undertakes from any other sources, before it gets in OF, it passes careful author’s processing. (Not to break current balance of forces).

Second difference of this OF from all others, not most main, but most noticeable(visible): gameplay is close to the simulation(due to the global change of player’s skills).


…It enabled to obtain a maximum of likeness of PES2009 on a real football (both in part of gameplay and in part of likeness of differences are in style of play and force of teams and players with their real prototypes) in a “PvP mode”, or “against CPU(also with controled only one player)”, or “CPUvCPU(spectator mode)”.

This OF, establishing absolutely new quality standards in the field of OFmaking(possibility to establish the given standards has appeared only thanking to “PRO-EVO Editor” from “goldorakiller”), sets as the purpose:

1) To make the game as much as possible realistic.

2) As much as possible to staticize game(skills of players vary practically after each match, depending on their performances; also the players injured now in a life are considered have CONDITION=1 and INJURY=C; are considered the current form, long disqualification, etc.)


….And to become for this things the international standard for competitions both in online, and in clubs/offline.

OF contains:

6 leading Leagues of Europe:

England.Premier League

Spain.La Liga

Italy.Serie A


France.Ligue 1

Russia.Premier-Liga +4 teams from the First Russian Division.

+ All Champions League(group stage) and all UEFA Cup(play-off stage) teams.

+ New national teams(Belarus, Bosnia, Mali, Morocco, Guinea, Angola, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago)

+ U21 national teams(England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia)

+ All-Stars teams of 7 Leagues(England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Netherlands)

This patch contains also all necessary graphics:

Kits for all teams(current season).

Logos of teams and leagues.

Faces of RPL and Bundesliga players.


This patch does not pursue populist things, like weighty graphic additions. It has more powerful argument to win popularity – It’s a quality of game process(i.e. OF). Probably that in a future this patch will be weightier(with Chants, Stadiums, etc.), but meanwhile and such variant more than is sufficient.



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