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A Konami ID is your own unique ID which allows you to use online services in games such as PES and MGS. Registering a Konami ID is free of charge.
Without a Konami ID, you won’t be able to play PES online on the PC or PS3 when the game comes out, so register now and keep your details safe, and when the game comes out you’ll already be registered and be able to play your friends around the world straight away!
If you’ve already registered a Konami ID for Metal Gear Solid then you don’t have to register again as the same login details will work.

REGISTER HERE: https://id.konami.net/quick/input.jsp

To register:

KONAMI ID should have 8-32 characters, a-z 0-9 .-_ AND PASSWORD 8-32 characters, a-z A-Z 0-9
GAME ID 8-32 characters, a-z 0-9 .-_ 4-16 characters, 0-9 ] AND PASSWORD Only number (0-9) can be used.
Do not use any symbols.


  1. sorry i have downloaded the patch but when i want to install that it says that it can’t be installed so i can’t play PES11 online what should i do

  2. beekiss jus searh at google extra content unlocker download the just follow the instruction

  3. please tell me what is the registration code for playing online? i’ve registered a konami id but when i try to login it says -check your registration code. so please help

  4. i have install original pes2012 dvd..when i want to play online,this warning show “unable to connect to game server as it maybe under maintenance currently or because your network setting may be configured incorrectly””.i think my network settings have problem..can you give me a solution..have i need to setting or install something??tq..please help me..

  5. where the hell can i get konami id i have searched on you tube and the entire internet please i live in jordan-asia there is no orignal games in there please give patch or somthing like it

  6. i want to play online in pes 2012 but i need game id from pes 2010.what i have to do???please help me.thank you.

  7. hello every one can some one make to me account on konami i cant know hwo to make and teach me how to play online pes2012 thx

  8. can someone help me play my pes12 online it rejects the registry code i hav been ussing offline? any help?

  9. PLEASE can any 1 give me the registrtion code ? I will be very thankful to him/her :) plz help me !!!


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