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Reda Stadium Re-Pack For PES 2017 PC by Reda Ghazal


Reda Stadium RP For PES 17 PC by Reda Ghazal + V2

Download Stadium Patch Version 2

Features :
– 42 stadiums (home and random)
– exterior view for 7 stadiums (Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Allianz Arena, Etihad Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Santiago Bernabeu and San Siro)
– 4 stadiums converted from pes 18 to pes 17 (Anfield, Wanda, Sao Januario, Sifnal Iduna Park)
– nw 5 Pitch Texture model
new 5 Pitch Pattern model
new 5 Pitch Colour model
new 3 3D Pitch model
new 6 Stadiums Flooring
real picth (Beta) for Sao Januario Stadium
– new HD crowd With New Movements
– new Lighting For All Stadium’s
– new ambient for all stadiums
– Sky HD for all stadiums
– lights IN FACES real looks like PS4/ Kits model looks PES 2018

* more info and screens inside. Next work is a special Adboard For My Stadium repack.
العمل القادم هيكون عن صناعة باك اعلانات إحترافي للملاعب قريبا ان شاء الله

RP + Fix Reda Stadium RP added on 19.03: Fix size 1 kb


– some people have problem so this little fix for Etihad Stadium and Sao Januario because stuck in uefa champions league.

Reda Stadium RP v2 By Reda Ghazal Update 05-29-2018


INFO and LINKS: https://www.pes-patch.com/forum/thread-15142.html


  1. Great!! Can you add in the future “La Bombonera” and some small stadiums with this quality? Thanks!!!

  2. im planing to make special update with la bombonera and allianz parque converted from pes 18 soon :) just follow my page to catch it

  3. I tried the stadium pack, the stadiums are in super HD, very well done, you’ve done an amazing job to be honest. But you said it supports low while in fact it doesnt…almost all stadiums lags for me, using low settings and 720p resolutions…

  4. I think it’s just my pc because i restored back my old stadium pack and now it lags too, i will try to see the issue and report back. :)

  5. ok i checked it and its stuck and i know how to fix it but can u kindly give me the list of stadiums who stucks so i can fix them ?

  6. There is Etihad, i can’t test again because i’m reinstalling the game to install the new PTE unofficial patch..

  7. The esternal view of “old Trafford” (night-rain) has a problem with the textures near the stadium. The game looks better than ever ;)

  8. Hi i tried the patch + fix you made and now Etihad and the other stadiums all work in UCL, thank you ! I can also assign stadiums without problems,quality lightning and turfs are just perfect this is the best stadium pack. Only issues is lags in Anoeta,Olimpico, and when you are next to the goal there is some stuttering in those 2 stadiums and wanda, i play in low settings, thank you for the great work !

  9. And Allianz Arena exterior has a bug, stadium 23 and 24 are both Allianz Arena,thanks. :)

  10. I use multiswitcher 6.0 by Mjts, some tunnels stadium is black, can u fix?? I hope u make some pack pitch, thank u
    Sorry bad english:)

  11. How can I extract decrypted cpks like these??
    I am asking because I want to change Id at some stadiums and fix some bugs I know how to fix them but I can’t open the cpk file


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