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Realistic gameplay for Pes 2011 for Konami patch 1.02


PES 2011 Realistic gameplay for Pes 2011 for Konami patch 1.02 by spock2005:

I started 1 month ago to modify some abilities of Pes 2011, my work will influanced by the work
of gergerger for Pes 2010. Now I arrive on the version 1.7, I need your observations about it.
I contact Komu (gameplay) because we work together for the same way but 2 approche
different. I contact him for a collaboration to try to make a better gameplay.
Our work are complementary not in opposition, he work to modify the exe I work to modify the abilities.
You need PES Editor 1.1 to modify the edit file, go to globals setting an set this:

attack -6%
defense +19%, then GK -19%
balance +3%
stamina +6%
top speed -5%
Acceleration: -10%, then CF and SS +6%
response +11%
Short pass accurency -2%
Long pass accurency -2%
shot accurency -4%
shot power -5%
Free kick accuracy: +1%
swerve +25%
heading -3%
technique +7%
aggression -35%, then SB and CB +6%
Mentality: +1%
goalkeeper +10%
Teamwork (CB,SB,AMF, SMF, CMF and DMF: +6%)
weak foot accurency -3
weak foot frecquency -3


Removed from all DMF

Removed to GK

COVERING: Removed from CB, SB, DMF

ENFORCER: Applied to all DMF
Removed from CB

Player support -9
Support range -19
Defensive Line -3
Position switch -10
attacking style -22
pressing -25%
Compactness -11

Download OF ready made by Mitsaras4:

edited the PESEdit 0.5 EDIT.bin with above values….
* Also set the names: for example ROONEY – Rooney … ARSENAL FC – Arsenal FC

* you can edit this way any OF you have from any patch. Back up first!

spock2005 : How to do it :

open Pes editor 1.1
open you file edit
go to global functions
Example: attack -6%

set all players
go to abilities – set attack – set -% – set value 6 – apply – finish and save

when you have only value is for all players – when you have CB is for only for this player


  1. so ur saying that we must do it ourselves? maybe more explanations or something that can show what effects it gave to pes gameplay??

  2. Basically, it just edits all the abilities of the players. The global function is a built in function to edit the abilities of the type of players (e.g all Left backs, all Centre Forwards) or all players. In this tutorial, he’s giving us the data which we have to manually input into the EDIT file with Pes Editor 1.1. In other words it doesnt change any other files other than the EDIT file(abilities). In so doing, the adjustments to the abilities of all the players will supposedly give us a more realistic gameplay. E.g if you think that the goalkeeper is too agile(which i feel so) you can manually edit the abilities with the global function(All goalkeepers) Correct me if i’m wrong =)

  3. aggression -35%, then SB and CB +6%
    Teamwork (CB,SB,AMF, SMF, CMF and DMF: +6%)

    get some confuse here..where to change that sb and cb and also the teamwork?can’t find it under ABILITIES menu on the pes edtior..please help..t.q

  4. explan better plaese dnt make sence 4 me …???? i tray fallou this totturial but dnt fix i make 1 change then pres aply all the time ??

  5. Its pretty simple actually. You can change which players’ abilities you want to change at the first row. The default selection is “All players”. You might want to change it to whatever positions you want. All SB, all CF, all CB ..

  6. put the mitsaras4 edit bin to the konami document folder or edit the value first?what come first?confuse here..

  7. Its an alternative. If you want to do the shortcut, just replace your EDIT bin file with the EDIT file uploaded in the description. If you have done something with your EDIT file which you most likely wont want to change that, you can edit it manually with the tutorial posted.

  8. Its harder to score now, defenders and goalkeepers are stronger. Well, on the other hand, it feels more realistic. You dont see people bangin’ in goals every few minutes in real matches do ya?

  9. Sounds good. I dont like the other gameplay-patch because its way too fast, so Im gonna give this one a shot.

  10. so i can use the gameplay patch 1.08 by(komu) and at the same time edit the realistic gameplay by(spock2005) value in my PES right?no conflict will appear..is’t true?

  11. nice patch or nice edit i dont what to say i play one game with bayern vs maiz and i lose 0-2 ok the game play now is harder baout i wish you to keep workin and dont forget the pes edit patch 1.0 comme soon i wish to do a edit with this patch :) i think a lot of fans will they donwlond sorry a bout mine english :)

  12. At me, the BIN file, IDK how it has been setted, to be open as a WinRAR file, IDK how, and when I open the pes editor, and I choose that part of Bin in documents/Konami/ Pes 2011, it saying an error, because the file is made to open as a WinRAR File… what to do?


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