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Reactions on the PES 2009 demo


So far we’ve been playing the Xbox 360 version, and most of us are pleased and impressed with this years offering of Pro Evolution Soccer.

Here are our positive and negative thoughts and points about the new edition of PES, in no particular order:

* The players feel heavier, sturdier, more realistic, but slightly more sluggish.
* The ball feels heavier, and does not fly around the pitch as fast as it did in PES 2009.
* If you bump into the referee, on or off the ball, he still knocks you down to the floor, or makes you tumble.
* Attacking players still get into very offside positions.
* The slide tackles still feel good, but the ref does not always spot a good tackle and you can get booked for a decent, fair challenge.
* If you shoot and it gets blocked by a players hand/arm, this is recognised and a free-kick will be given.
* The replays are much smoother than 2008, and keep your settings from the last time you have viewed a replay (camera angle etc).
* You can view a replay after whistle has been blown, so if you shoot, miss, and then a goal kick is taken, you can then go and view the replay from the missed shot. This has not been possible in the past.
* Going from the end of the first half to the beginning of the second half is very quick, in fact just two button presses.
* Individual players have a lot more characteristic animation than before, for example Ferdinand passes exactly like he does in real life, Rooney runs exactly like he runs.
* Player collision has more animation before, it looks really realistic when two player shoulder barge or crash into each other.
* Lots more player animation overall, the game looks a lot more next-gen and realistic because of it.
* CPU controlled players call for the ball both through audio and visual prompts.

Source: http://www.proevonews.co.uk



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