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RBPatch v1 [WORLD CUP EDITION] by RomaBoy98 [Reloaded Version]


RBPatch v1 [WORLD CUP EDITION] by RomaBoy98 [Reloaded Version]


Transfers: ALL transfers up to 10/06/2014 (Winter Transfers 2013-2014 and Summer 2014-2015)
New kits: AS Roma, Barcelona, PSG, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Crystal Palace, Hertha BSC, Lyon, PSG, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munchen, etc.


>Leagues present: EPL, Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, La Liga, RFPL, Bundesliga, Other European Teams 1 & 2, Other Latin American Teams
>kits updated for clubs and national teams
>Corrected names for fake players in unlicensed National teams and ML unlockable players
>new faces added around 134 faces
>Includes newest DLC 6.00 & game version 1.04
>Removed blur
>transfers completed until 12/6/2014
>added new boots (credits to SGangster)
>added new balls (including Brazuca) (credits to Nilton1248)
>game plans have been changed according to latest match
>loaned out players brought back to their teams
>position icon changed
>scoreboard changed
>background video changed to Nike Risk Everything
>start screen changed
>added 2014 FIFA World Cup Official Album-One Love, One Rhythm PES 2013 (by LSant28)
>rosters updated for World Cup 2014
>World Cup 2014 Stadiums added
>new promoted teams added instead of relegated:

-Premier League = Burnley, Leicester City, QPR
-Ligue 1 = SM Caen, RC Lens, FC Metz
-Serie A = Empoli, Palermo
-La Liga = Deportivo La Coruna
-Bundesliga = Paderbon, Koln

>classic national teams stats updated
>all stats from PSD
>no other patch needed
>there are three versions of pes2013.exe:

–> Original (no edits such as gameplay improves)
–> with nesa24 Gameplay (pes2013.exe has been modernized by nesa24 tool)
–> with REPLAYS DISABLED (no replays except for goal replays, no blur, loading colors changed, etc.)
–> all the .exe above starts season from 2013-2014

Credits for tools:
-nesa24 for improved gamplay tool
-xeor for starting year tool
-cabry for replay disabler

Tunizizou, ilhan, BURGOS, SantanAji, godra94, shamrik_gunners, el yorugua, 02David20

Special Thanks to QPES for source files

Installation of Option File:
1. extract it to anywhere or directly to pes2013 savegame directory
2. then play the game
3. make sure kitserver is attached to your pes2013.exe so there wont be any problems

Installation of Patch:
1. download all parts
2. select all parts then extract to same directory
3. back up any other patch, make sure no other patch left
–> delete any other patch files including kitserver or any other servers, delete pes2013.exe
4. make sure RBServer attached to any of three pes2013.exe which you going to play with
5. make sure you have pes2013.exe v1.04 and DLC 6.00 if you don’t then change your



  1. i thing its good patch (Y)
    thanks :)
    but my pes.exe is v1.03
    can i upgrade it to v1.04 !!

  2. hey, just open the OPTION FILE that I have made using PES 2013 Editor by w!ld then change the exe version to 1.03 then save! done!

  3. I’m a noob at this…can you please tell me how to use this patch and stuff…..i have the game untouched …no patch or update has been done before..would this work if i just download it ?

  4. Amigo para instalar el parche
    tengo que eliminar Sun Pacth 1.1 2.o
    Responda xfavor Gracias …

  5. Have you downloaded the previous release?
    If so, just use winrar to repair part 04, everything working just fine. there’s only 1 file get corrupt, atalanta_1.adx. please RomaBoy98 kindly reupload that file, lot thanks RomaBoy98 and team for this patch.

  6. Just run winrar from start menu, then browse to part 04 location, highlight the part 04 file then click the repair tab on menu button. On the pop-up window choose “Treat the corrupt archive as rar” and Ok.
    After finish you will get new file name as “rebuilt.RBPatch V1 by RomaBoy98.part04.rar” then delete the corrupt rar then rename this back to “RBPatch V1 by RomaBoy98.part04.rar”. that’s it, just extract from part 01. it will complete with just 1 file corrupt which is “atalanta_1.adx”. It’s just a chant from atalanta club and nearly nothing change much for others. Welcome. Good Luckk

  7. unable to load data because data is from different version download new contents to update data? what to do now

  8. hei sir why when i play konami cup my pes 2013 was force close? Please ANSWER SIR

  9. hi friends, please explain how to extract the file (the patch)? honestly I’ve been trying to extract the patch, but all of it – nothing! thank you

  10. Brilliant thanks guys finally got the patch going – new teams in the league for next season!!!!!!!!! Superb – Thanks

  11. Why everytime I play master league it always ended with crash when I choose Real Madrid? And this not occur in another team. Just madrid. And I this always occur over and over again with the same team. Thanks.

  12. I have problems with transfers … some alignments are wrong or outdated. You may upload a new OPTION FILE UPDATED?

    Sorry for my English.

  13. Guys I absolutely love this patch – WELL DONE!!!!!!!!! I really hope that you are going to stay with this as I didn’t like the 2014 edition of PES. Please Please, Please, can we have an update with the transfers please????????



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