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Rate Your PES 2016 EURO 2016 DLC!


EURO 2016 Cup is released for PES 2016. Thanks Konami :)

I had hard times yesterday with Romania on Top Player against Ukraine. Konoplyanka, Yarmolenko and Co. is just giving me headaches after successfully getting out of the group. France 5-2 Romania (after 5-0, they got bored maybe), Swizerland 1-2 Romania (after 2-0, they were on picnic), Albania 4-5 Romania (after 5-0 min 50, then they started to play, too late). Why not playing on superstar? Because I really want the cup today. I am not this Mumbai boy that wins PES 2016 tournament, just closer ;)

I find Euro 2016 a nice improvement in PES, I just like it, nothing more to say and rate it 10. If you start the game hard, you have a chance to win, but if you get a goal, they make another soon. I made this poll, because EURO 2016 DLC doesn’t deserve less.

PES 2016 Euro 2016 DLC
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1. Your rating ?
2. What is your team you play ?
3. Got the cup ? Top player, superstar or… beginner ?

Dare to say your story or show any video (road to cup) ? Leave your comment bellow.


  1. 1. Очень низкий рейтинг
    2. Украина
    3. Я не бог в PES, но играя в аутентичной группе было очень легко.
    Украина 2:0 Северная Ирландия
    Украина 5:1 Польша
    Украина 1:0 Германия
    При этом я не реализовывал моменты, а Германия смогла пробить по моим воротам лишь один раз. После этого интереса играть дальше не стало :(
    P.S. Посоветуйте пожалуйста геймплей патч с самым сильным уровнем сложности!

  2. It would have been awesome if we could play at Euro in master league. Also if we were allowed to make the selection on our own.

  3. 1. 10
    2. Portugal
    3. I played in Superstar, made it to quarter-final against Switzerland, after winning to Spain 2-0. There are some things I would add like call your players to join the team and other effects, cameras. But in general it’s awesome.

  4. It doesn’t work properly because some teams that are finishing 3rd or 4th in the group stage are still qualifying for the knockout stage and some teams that actually finish 1st or 2nd in the group and qualify don’t appear in the knockout stage

  5. A very nice dlc Hagi!!! From Konami! I play with my favourite team in this uefa euro, Wales!!! With Bale and Ramsey!
    I hope to win the cup!! hahaha
    It´s very difficult…

  6. im waiting PTE update new version patch until i come back play pes 2016, coz my bundesliga error with dlc 3.0 :(


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