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PTE Patch Datapack 5.1 ML Fix by Hawke and Cesc Fabregas


PTE Patch 2019 DP 5.1 ML Fix (Legends in ML Fix by Hawke)

5.1 Master League Update

New/Fixed Features:
All Legends removed from Master League (thanks to Hawke for figuring this out)




Installation: Just redownload the Datapack 5.1 Update and replace ptepatch_upd5.cpk with the new one.

1. Necessary have installed PTE Patch up to 3.1 and Datapack 5.1 downloaded via Steam.
2. Remove ptepatch_upd4.cpk and ptepatch_upd4_1.cpk in case you have those installed.
(those cpks are now unnecessary and include conflicting content)
3. Put ptepatch_upd5.cpk and ptepatch_upd5_boots.cpk into PES19 download folder.
4. Generate a new DpFileList with the attached Order (make sure DLC 5.01 is at the top).
5. Put the Option File (EDIT00000000) into your PES2019 Documents folder
(Documents\KONAMI\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019\Your Number\save).


  1. The loading screen before starting a match is infinite…after this update it’s just a shit!!

  2. i have a little problem for me Bundesliga haven’t kits :/ Somebody have the same problem or can heklp me ?

  3. Hi, I would like to know if you correct the deleted classic players like the old 90’s maradona, or the 2 old Beckham that were deleted please I would appreciate if you answer me


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