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PTE Patch 2019 1.0 AIO For PC


PTE Patch 2019 V1.0 All In One For PC Version

Download PTE Patch 2019 1.0

– Correct names and logos for all competitions and cups
– Latest Live Update implemented
– LaLiga Santander 2018/2019 Licensed
– Juventus Licensed
– Kits for all unlicensed national teams
– New tattoos, including: Isco, Milinković-Savić, Mertens, Messi
– New balls, including: Merlin, Merlin LaLiga & Merlin Serie A
– New adboards, including: Champions League and Europa League
– Real manager names for all teams
– and more

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If you find some error, please report
– Don`t reupload in others links. Use the original ones, respect our work.

Credits: Hawke (balls, referee kits), Zlac (Kit Studio), PES Logos (Logos), Sho9_6 (tattoo’s), shawminator (CGP), majuh (adboards), predator002 (UCL/UEL Menu), maritimo, ïl Depo.


  1. does this have all the real players for national teams? and are the kits done for championship and other division 2 teams?

  2. update… I started an online game. Then I went offline again, started offline game with the patch…then it works… waiting for the Bundesliga update… great work, thx

  3. Question: in this patch is it possible to modify the file edit0000?
    I always change skills, abilities, team settings and so on, and i need a patch that allows me that

  4. After starting a normal match, I tried it again… then it works.. thx for your work… i look forward to the Bundesliga, which is not implemented.

  5. Hi I’ve been an avid fan of PES since way back to PES 3 on the PS2 and loved the games until they made their way onto next gen when I started to fall out of love with them, I wasn’t one for Masters League or the new My Club or anything like that, I just love my league mode and playing with the realistic teams from real life, this was great on PS2 but one thing changed when we moved to next gen; I could no longer see transfers I made in edit mode reflected in my league I was playing. So if I had started a league with Juventus let’s say and I was halfway through, then in real life Juventus sign arguably the 2nd best player in the world Ronaldo, I couldn’t make that happen in my league and the league would be boring, not only that but I’d have to start a fresh league file to reflect the changes so I couldn’t even go onto season 2 or season 3 of the league.

    So what I’m asking is; is it possible to mod into the PC version of the game a way for transfers made in edit mode to take effect in your current league for all teams just as easy as changing Messi’s boots?

  6. This patch is good, but still in premier league names on radar in match where is result as west ham its wroting “EAL”

  7. For me …The patch run with new update ….
    Run PES2019 DpFileList Generator 1.2 and add dt80_102E_x64 with all dt80 * and with all file from Pte patch….
    Save the bin like DLC v1.01….when start the PES game all updates will be made …
    and they all looks ok …..

  8. Doesn’t work online. I’ve only adboards and team’s logos but there aren’t kits even if I select online mode by the PTE APP

  9. Yes. .for me is the same situation. Very nice work this mod, but when i select online mode, kits don’t work online. Only adboards and tattoo. And then I have a problem with the recognition of the data (both system and edited data). When I play online (without kits) the DLC installed in my game version is 1.02 (the new one), while when I play offline the DLC return to 1.01 (the oldest version). These are my problemsssss guys. Can you explain me ?

  10. I installed the patch, but when trying to play Online i get an error “Data Pack Incompatible Code : SGJC238”

    How do i fix this ?

  11. i import budesliga..but the players in the teams have all the same name and are all goalkeepers…25 goalkeepers named hitz in augsburg for ex. what i do wrong????please help me

  12. Thanks for your work!
    I installed it and i can see reals kits but not reals names for english and spanich championship! Do you know why?
    P.S: Sorry for my bad english!

  13. Downloaded installed and i dont see any changes, i have original steam game, installed patch to right path, clicked offline and when i click pte patch icon i get error message. Please Help


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