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PTE 3.0 Minifaces Fix and ML Enhancement by rizkyfz


PTE Patch 3.0 Minifaces Fix and ML Enhancement by rizkyfz

Cover Fix

Add 60 KONAMI minifaces, including Gudjohnsen, Kokorin, Rakitskiy, Cambiasso, Selcuk Inan, etc (taken from PES 2016)
Fix Bayern Munich minifaces
6 New Player as Free Agent for Master League, including Gerrard, Drogba, Pirlo, Lampard, Ashley Cole, and…… Adam Johnson (These players have face and minifaces too)
Add Lucas Silva back to Real Madrid

Installation: (It’s easy if you already know how to unpack/repack CPK files)

Download the needed file: From Mediafire or Mirror.
Locate to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/download”, unpack ptepatch_fac with CRI Packed File Maker
Copy the minifaces from my files “player” folder to “ptepatch_fac\common\render\symbol\player”
Copy the faces from my files “real” folder to “ptepatch_fac\common\character0\model\character\face\real”
[Optional] Navigate to “ptepatch_fac\common\character0\model\character\face\real” and delete 7511.cpk if you want use Messi default face & blonde hair by KONAMI
Rebuild these file and change the name to ptepatch_fac.cpk, copy to “Pro Evolution Soccer 2017/download”
Copy my EDIT00000000 to “Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save”

It’s strongly reccomended to use PES 2017 English Commentary update by predator002

If i get postive feedback, i will add more player which is not available in PES 2017 but it’s available (Licensed) in PES 2016 to enhance your Master League experience (Active player or retired this year)

Tested on Game Version 1.03, Data Pack 2, Offline
Credits to PTE Patch Team, predator002, Devil Cold 52.


  1. I tried it, with success !!!

    You are the best bro !!!

    Will let everyone else know your good work !!

  2. Hi rizkyfz,

    can I ask you to guide me to fix remaining missing minifaces (half of Wolfsburg’s team’s minifaces are missing) ??

  3. I got inter milan error when i put EDIT00000000 to direct put.. please help me to fix it!!


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