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PS4 Editor PES 2019 by SMcCutcheon


PS4 Editor For PES2019 by SMcCutcheon

* change player names and shirt names for PS4 ideal for changing National Team Player Names – which I’ve provided HERE https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fnbYD2T2HSR7HfVW9LXRtPv5InSkLZy_/view

Export .ted file from game on to USB
Decrypt using Panos’ tool HERE
Open Editor in Excel, Enable Macros
Click Open and load your decrypted .ted
Make changes (No foreign characters in Shirt Name)
Click Save
Click Copy to HxD
Paste to a New HxD file and Save
Encrypt with Panos’s tool
Load back into game via USB

DOWNLOAD : http://www.mediafire.com/file/gg03a68b4r27m6n/


  1. hi, i downloaded the version 1.1 of the editor. there is a problem: when I change the name of a player and I click “save player” instead of the player’s name appears #NAME? (excel is in Italian because I’m Italian so it does not show #NAME?). Then when I click save ps4 .ted file says run time error “13”: not matching type and I can only click “end” or “debug”. Why?


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