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PS3 PES 2016 Gembox Patch v3.0




General Features:

– Support DLC 3.0 (GAMEUPDATE) 1.06 (1.04.00)
– Premier League, Championship, Liga NOS Licensed
– Primera Division Argentina 2016 – Added Atletico Tucuman & Patronato
– Seria B Kits Licenced
– J1-League 2016
– Bundesliga 2016
– MLS 2016
– Added kits EURO 2016
– Added WENS Boots v4.0 (Hatur nuhun kangge akang UNTUNG WALUYO a.k.a WENS)
– Added 200+ Real Faces ( include classic player)
– Added photos and names for managers
– Added New Pitch mod
– Added Smokebom
San Siro (night fine)
Allianz arena (day fine)
Estadio do morumbi (night fine)
Juventus stadium (night fine)
Giuzzep meazza (night fine)
El Monumental (night fine)
La bombonera (night fine)
Estadio da luz (night fine)
– 50 New ball
– 100 Glove
– Fix all badge potition
– Unlock player on edit mode
– Many more.. more.. more and more. maybe, this is my last patch.



Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3
Gembox v3

Full screenshot preview:


Tutorial for a installation
– Please read file README-TUTORIAL.txt and view screenshots, included in rar patch.

KONAMI, ItoY GemboX, WENS aka Untung Waluyo, PES Logos, jenkey1002, Killer1886, danyy77, buffon99, klashman69, zlac, Suat CAGDAS (sxsxsx), smeagol75, starvin, Hawke, GOALARG, Majuh, Baris Yerlikaya, l4vezz1, cRoNoS, PTE Patch, Nemanja, Tunizizou, SantanAji, Moha, sameh momen, mario milan, Znovik_S, mariolino977, Tibinator, Hendra Surya Pratama, Adhitya Makalalag, jch331994, Bluediskhaven, Sukma Purnama all other various kit, boots and faces maker.


  1. Do you need to have the old patches installed or can you just use this direct?

    Thanks for putting so much time and effort to make this awful game more tolerable with your patch.

  2. BEAUTIFUL work overcut/Gembox! And thanks to everyone in the credits, THANK YOU! We were missing the SMOKEbombs for so long! Arrgh! but now, we are very sad to hear you say “goodbye” (maybe)! Please stay around for a little while longer if you can, but we understand completely if you go now. I definitely wouldn’t have been doing this for as long as you man, with all the stupido questions and whining babies complaining who are too lazy and/or retardo to bother reading the “README-TUTORIAL.txt” file!

    BUT at the same time, please remember my friend that at least half of the mooronic questions you get are very likely to be KONAMI and SONY employees trolling you! KONAMI and SONY employees are deliberately trying to annoy you into stopping your work! Please don’t let them win so easily! Remember THAT my friend before you stop doing this. The true real fans have always loved and appreciated your outstanding mad skillz and kindness to share your work and time! Take care mon ami and peace, bro. Much respect man!!!!

  3. подскажите пожалуйста,а какой код,когда пытаешься разархивировать вылазит пароль…..

  4. Man if it is your last patch, i think you should teach some one how to convert faces
    i hope you do in order to the ps3 scene don´t die.

  5. For what does I need the Datapacks from Konami? Are that originial DLC which can I also download or are they modified?

    And can I also play multiplayer with this patch?

    Thanks for your work men!

  6. your patch is great, shame q you fire her, thanks to you our your pes estubo a brilliant level

  7. I was going to ask released some teams, about 5 to at least sudamerica to edit with some kits I have a friend here

  8. Wird es auch bald einen Patch für die physische Variante von Uefa Euro 2016 geben( Bless02228)??? Gibt sich bitte jemand die Mühe??!!
    Der Patch für Pes2016 mit Bless02187 funktioniert leider nicht!

  9. Hey Sargox, any chance you can show us how to get real faces into the game? I would love to add more of my own if you are no longer going to be releasing any patches.

  10. Greatest PS3 PES patch ever dude, thanks so much for doing it!!!! It’s a shame though that the main realisation one gets after playing through the EURO 2016 DLC is the sad fact that this game is quite terrible on PS3 compared with the PC version. Wow, so many cutscenes removed and “cut” out… its quite a pointless joke really. So empty and lifeless. So, after all your hard work, all I will be doing is hooking my PC up to my TV to play PES 2016 instead, ha! :| Take it easy, bro :)

  11. Hi, and dont have package manager in my ps3…. is there any version that uses gamedata/savedata like in pes 2015? Thank you

  12. Hi , the instructuions of the screenshots is in palestine o arabian , please can you help me about the instruccion in spanish or english ????
    Hola las instrucciones estan en arabe o palestino , podrias darmelas en español o ingles ?
    Muchas gracias , Thanks !

  13. i already have installed data pack 1,2, and 3 on my ps3… must i delete them and reinstall these 3 files from usb as tutorial says or no??

  14. i did everything like in the tutorial but got that ” 80010514 error”
    by the way i am on cobra ode with fw4.55, any help will be appreciate ,

  15. can any one plz tell how to use this patch in pes2016 ps3 after downloading and putting it in usb drive which is in FAT32 format????plzzz
    want updated kits


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