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PS3 PES 2015 New Hyper Mod By BlueDiskHaven [30-08]


PES 2015 PS3 New Hyper & Ultra Mod [30-08 Release]

Here I release [PS3] PES 2015 New Hyper & Ultra Mods [MOD BLUS31480 / Duplex / BLES02088] By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven


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By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

Special Thanks @ Sargox

Password: BlueDiskHaven


– Licenced Kits & Logos
– 60+ Real Faces
– Gloves
– 50 Balls
– 100 Boots
– Pitch Mod By Fruits,
– Real Sky HD
– Adboards
– A range of different custom Menus to choose from
– New Season 15/16 Kits *Optional*
– Savedata New Season 2016 or 2015 Season
– Bundesliga, Liga MX, J-League
– Extra Teams
– Licenced Coaches

This Mod is for BLUS31480 / Duplex & BLES02088 game versions.

Download Links: http://ow.ly/Pj3iN

FAQ: http://ow.ly/PjXs8

I am happy if other people post my links on other blogs and site
as long as you dont change my links and keep the credits to me faith genesis raven from bluediskhaven because that can help to get the views up

By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven
Special Thanks @ Sargox

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  1. Did you use my datapack? Or did you already have it installed?
    Did you copy all the files properly double check as if one isnt copied right it can cause issues
    Sorry for my late reply I havent been monitoring or even working much on pes 2015 recently

    Just to say the files inside the datapack are the same so it can work with blus and bles
    The files names are u instead of e in my dpfilelist
    so you must either grab and datapack or rename your datapack files replace e with u

  2. Both the 2016 simply overides the 2015
    the 2016 licence does not have all the kits so thats why 2015 is needed

  3. It’s didn’t work
    what should be in the USRDIR??
    I use DP File from 15-16 season and in my usrdir now :
    All data pack 1-4,licence,menu,two cpk mod(2015 and 2016),patch,pitch,stadium
    and I used the new save data
    is there anything wrong??

  4. Hi……. i’m first commet and i’m first user of ps3 patch…. how to install to ps3 .plz explain to me :(


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