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PS3 PES 2015 File Edit Mod By FGR


[PS3] PES 2015 File Edit Mod By FGR [MOD BLUS31480 / Duplex / BLES02088] [BDH]

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Note for changelogs and download links you’ll see them on the pastebin page

Included instructions with each download and if you need more help check out the faq

Also that I’ll updating the pastebin pages so remember to check regularly

Edit Option Save File Data:

Extract the ps3 folder to the root of a usb then copy the save file to the ps3



dt15.cpk Mod (Official Logos)

Replaces the dt15.cpk in the USRDIR of the PES 2015 game



dt34.cpk Mod (Official Kits)

Replaces the dt34.cpk in the USRDIR of the PES 2015 game



[BDH] PES 2015 DpFileList Mod

*Replaces the one in the datapack copy this one last*



PES 2015 Official Datapacks, Updates & Backup dt cpk files


(Unofficial Updates and Mod Pack requires latest datapack and update from link above)

BDH Unofficial Update Data Pack

(to install same as datapack)



BDH Console Pitch & Graphics Mod Pack By PESMONKEY Pack:

(to install same as datapack)






By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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I’ll continue to work on this and will release regular updates

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  1. and again…. what about the BLES version of

    Pesmonkey_PES2015_Pitch&GraphicsMod_V1 ?????????

    in the file there is only the BLUS version with the dpfilelist.bin….

  2. Hello,have problem,follow to instruction,download Official DataPack 1.0-2.0,Copy the folder to a usb,use mm file manager,copy folder BLUS31480_DATAPACK to hdd/game,install update pkg,ps3 recovery menu,me not working :(

  3. did you move the cpk files into the USRDIR folder of the datapack?
    and also get the dpfilelist file and copied it over in the USRDIR of the datapack?

  4. cpk files and dpfilelist work the same i just havent updated yet and no use of reuploading just to add the folder when the files would be the exact same
    so for now just copy the cpk file and get the dpfilelist file

  5. It affects the pitch the turf etc…

    for more info you can search PESMONKEY – PITCH & WEATHER MOD V1.0
    to find out more about that project

  6. Ok, i have finally downloaded all mirrors today without any problem. I have done as readme and Abstract said(Data Pack – Patch – Recovery Rebuild – Optionfile), but now i have new problem. After booting “VERY PAKETI”(New name of Disc PES 2015) in multiman, i have “Unsupported Data”in xmb menu. I can’t run this game. Any solutions?

  7. Bundesliga is completely wrong. Most of the teamnames suit to their emblem. But the players are always in the team before. Would be nice, if there would come an update. thx, very good work

  8. i have some problem,when I start a game, with Serie A, i see both team with black shirt,and trasparent pants…i see only the face…what is this??? how can I solve???

  9. Nice work my friend and we appreciate the effort but again I have to say that Pesmonkey’s graphics mod looks terrible on the PS3! It’s a complete jagged grainy mess compared to the original which while wasn’t perfect by any means at least looked OK and much better in my opinion. Cheers!

  10. I am currently working on a new version, it will have those issues fixed
    and other improvements can’t give an exact release but it will be a couple of days next week at some point

  11. there are 2 datapack.one from the datapack itself and one from the graphics mode.Should i merge them or keepthem seperately?


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