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Well everyone I have finished what I said I would do here are a few instructions on how to install it credit to So Pro They Go Whoa for this:

Please note: There have been some people saying that Trophies have been locked because of downloading an Option File. What I did was delete my own Edit Data before copying over the one from the OF. I can confirm this worked as I got the Last Minute Win trophy after installing the Option File.

1. Download the Option File
2. Unzip it (I unzip it onto my desktop using WinRAR)
3. Insert USB stick into PC
4. Make a new folder on your USB called PS3, then inside that create another folder called SAVEDATA
5. Put the OF into the SAVEDATA folder, so on your USB you will have PS3>SAVEDATA>all the folders from the OF
6. Plug USB stick into PS3
7. Go to Game-Saved Data Utility
8. Find your USB stick
9. All the kits etc should show as single files, along with an Edit Data file, and a System Data file
10. Start at the first kit, press Triangle while you are on it, a Copy option will appear
11. Copy onto your PS3
12. Repeat for all kits (this may take about 10 minutes but it is worth it)
13. Also copy the Edit Data from the OF, but NOT the System Data
14. Unplug your USB stick
15. Load up PES2010
16. Voila!

Another trophies tip from romors

Hey guys i finally found a fix to the trophies problem! Simply boot up your PS3 and create a new account on the XMB i repeat a new account on the actual PS3 itself, once done boot up PES using the new account you just created. Now let the game load all the way to the main menu, once thats up simply exit the game. Now log back into your PS3 with your normal account boot up the game and viola next time you score that late winnner BAM you just won a trophy! Enjoy

Things you can find in the OF
Corrected team names
Corrected Cup and league names
Removed Duplicate player names from national teams
Correct player names
All emblems put in the game for the EPL and La Liga teams
Kits done for the EPL (Thanks to JACKWHOBRA’s excellent template and pngs)
LA Liga kits done thanks to rosh11, umbroboy, and rabaldhino
Werder Bremen and Bayern both created..with emblems and kits, and the formations the best i could. I put all the unlocked players on both squads. for Bayern i made the missing players so they are complete. Werder i left off like 8 younger players due to me not being able to find stats or apperances for them.. Werder’s squad has 23 players in it so it should be ok
Updated EPL squad numbers
Did all the transfers for the MAJOR 5 leagues the other teams i did a couple here and there.

Things not done

National Team Kits…didnt have time to do these not sure if i will
Chants…im adding my own i suggest if you want you guys do the same
Transfers…not gonna touch it until the update if there is a update comes out.


Sorry guys but i had to fix some kit pngs and i lost track of which numbers were the extras so all the kits are in these downloads. I didnt do a partial ADD ON if you will…Secondly my SYSTEM DATA IS CONTAINED IN THESE DOWNLOADS. to my understanding you dont even need to install it but if you do please be aware that your trophies may not work anymore(although the tips may work to fix this). However if you WANT WERDER AND BAYERN you may have to download the system file as they contain the unlocked players renamed and on the squads. Werder and Bayern are in the other team Bs first two slots. Hopefully it works out ok. let me know if it doesnt ill try and help the best i can!


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