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[PS2] TPS Extreme 09 v1 by TuttoPes



  • Here are its features:

    * Premier League and La Liga redundant 100% with the real Kit
    * Create all the national currencies of non redundant with their true LOGO
    * Submitted ballpack an alternative, much better than ballpack of Konami

    * Inserted original 3D logos for all competitions and for all leagues
    * Cori original for many national, Serie A, Premier League, and other teams
    * Created and incorporated new stadiums, here’s the list:

    Stade Louis II, Monaco (FRA) -> Stamford Bridge, London (ENG)
    Busan Asiade Main Stadium (KOR) -> San Paolo, Napoli (ITA)
    Vodacom Park, circuit (SAF) -> Allianz Arena, Monaco (FRA)
    Stade Velodrome, Marsille (FRA) -> Friuli, Udine (ITA)
    Råsunda Stadion, Stockholm (SWE) -> Emirates Stadium, London (ENG)
    Schuco Arena, Bielefeld (DEU) -> Renzo Barbera, Palermo (ITA)
    Newlands Stadium, Cape Town (ZAF) -> Marassi, Genoa (ITA)
    World Cup Stadium, Seoul (KOR) -> Capital Indoor Arena, Beijing (CHI)
    Amerigo Atlantis -> maracana, Rio (BRA)

    * New series of Nike shoes and adidas Mercurial Adipure
    * Adboards completely revised and amended
    * Enter the currencies of referees for Serie A and UEFA
    * Created new faces for players of Serie A, very similar to the real players (try to believe)
    * Enter Bayer Monaco and Werder Bremen in “Other Leagues C”

    Here here Download the TPS Extreme 09:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Here is the Option File to be applied to the Patch:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    For those who want the PHO as XPS There he is here: Download FO XPS
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    For those who want the FO format BIN / CUE There he is here: Download FOR BIN / CUE
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Instead here you can download the FIX to fastidiosissimo bug “Mccolluch” of comentary in Italian:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    For all those who have no desire to play at Delle Alpi, here’s the Olimpico di Torino (provisional version) made from black mamba (files are included in O_TEXT):
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    and this is the OF to correctly view the name of the stadium:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The patch, after you download all packages must be applied as follows:

    1. Decompress the ISO of the original game in a folder
    2. Open Studio with DKZ TPS_Extreme_09.dkz the file and click the “Apply Patch folder”; you select the folder with files inside the game PES 2009
    3. Once applied to open with the file DKZ Studio
    4. FIX_Telecronaca.dkz and click the “Apply Patch at filters, as before
    5. Regenerate the ISO (see Section tutorial)
    6. Burn with DVD Decrypter the ISO to 4x
    7. With this guide (or other in the tutorial) enter in FO PS2.

    If the inclusion of the patch gave problems (some might do the bizz O_TEXT) will be necessary to apply it manually:

    1. Normally the patches open with DKZ study.
    2. Click Export all the files and save it wherever you want (even on the desktop) and you’re 3 files (I_TEXT, O_TEXT and O_SOUND) and the file SLES_55.406
    3. Copy SLES_55.406 the file in the folder where you decompattato the ISO

  • game as a regular file, overwriting the original.
    4. Then open the O_TEXT with DKZ studio window and drag the files in the folder O_TEXT. Save with the name (eg O_TEXT2).
    5. Delete the original O_TEXT this folder where you decompattato ISO and renamed O_TEXT2 as O_TEXT.
    6. Repeat this step for I_TEXT and O_SOUND

    If you have any doubts that followed videotutorial; the patch is different, but the method is the same.

    Perfect. Now you can fully enjoy the first version of TPS Extreme 09.

    Even if we are armed with little hope and trust and continue to make patches for the pleasure of doing so.


    * Special thanks to all editer that through their instruments and materials, have enabled us to modify and adapt to PES2009
    * A great praise for Buri, which alone has made all the kit not fired and the national team, helping to arrange kits Italians who did not sponsor it is not difficult, but it takes lots of patience and he was great By placing every detail;
    * Without him the patch was poor: BLACK-MAMBA, took a job I would call exemplary, creating all the new stadiums, shoes, and adboards new ballpack, in short was great, and without him the patch was mediocre;
    * Finally, thanks to me, POLPY87, which I created and revised many of the KIT Premier and Liga, arranging the many bugs that were, placed all original songs for the series and other alloys, as well as for national and created all MINIKIT for Premier Liga and, in short, na stuff for nothing …



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