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[PS2] & [PSP] JoeH’s PES 2009 Option File – V3.6 (inc. CL & UEFA Cup)


New in V3.6:

-Re-instated Boca Juniors, River Plate and Internacional.
-All new transfers such as Defoe, Etherington, Rodallega and more.
-Completed Liverpool appearences and stats meaning the England League is now 100% complete.
-Moved Hamburg, Schalke and Wolfsburg to replace Heracles, Willem and Utrect.
-Won all cups and England League and International League trophies.
-Added all accents for England League teams
-Made sure all squad numbers are correct such as Glauber and Kaboul which were wrong etc.
-More missing players such as Lee Martin and Anthony McMahon etc.

And more…

The things I have edited as a continuation of Smoki’s OF are:

-More special hairstyles than any other PS2 option file. Such as Robinho longer on top than around the sides, Pienaar/R. Gardner dreadlocks and much, much more.
-Great stats update so you can enjoy the here and now, as well as the master league experience.
-Revised PL names, so they are shorter. (e.g. Cesc Fabregas is now Fabregas etc.)
-Revised many commentary call names.
-Revised team names to make them shorter. Don’t see the point in lengthy team names, so now (e.g.) Glasgow Celtic is now Celtic etc.
-Completely revised the boots so they go with my old OF.
-Shop fully unlocked, including on PSP version.
-Fully updated 19 PL teams complete with new players, full physique/face/accessories updates as well as stats revamp for realism. Still a work in progress though.
-More high quality emblems. Replaced Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Tottenham, Newcastle, Aston Villa and more.
-Revised stadium, league and cup names.
-Re-assigned loads of stadiums for teams for realism. This is for all leagues.
-Some new transfers done like Wayne Bridge signing for Manchester City, Ben Sahar joining De Graafschap on loan and Zoran Tosic signing for Manchester United.

Welcome to use anything on this file as long as credit is given for my, or Smoki’s work.

PSP version now available, see download link.

Downloads All Versions ES-EN-IT-PT-DE-FR-PSP inc PAL, XPS and MAX:

(In Zip format, so download and then extract the correct file you need)
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