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[PS2] PES2012 OMAWA Complete Season


Omawa patch PES2012 PS2 SLES_556.58 Spanish version with English Language

– Original kits for Premier League, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04
– 100% all club & national team original emblems
– Original national kits with logos team
– Original club names, stadium names, league names
– Transferes cheked and missing transfers done
– Unlocked shop without shop players
– New Players Added like: Ronaldinho, Diego, Insúa, Hargreaves etc.
– Added Colored Boots like Originals

SLES_556.58 PES2012 OMAWA PATCH + OPTION FILE( Total Size = 1.34Gb )

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Password : tgaleksport

Note : You must use the option file to perfect game.

Credit & special thanx to:
– 4Ghina WE10 Lovers
– Omawa
– Loofytrap
– Dany’s (for the option file)
– Kratos82 (for the option file)

several models of new jersey

Translated 100% from Spanish to English text.

New team and three major countries in the region southeast asia


  1. to use option file: u can copy (uncrush) with armax

    part 6:

    how to extract it and instal:
    just extrat with rar, you will get an iso file. burning it with DVD Decrypter or can also be played directly using OPL

    @irfan ajr:
    seeepp kang thanx atas supportnya. lapangan karangan?? hehe ada deeeehhh…

  2. update yg buat versi english kang….. di tunggu ya… hehe
    wah sama ky 4ghina nich rahasia2an hehehe

  3. hi omawa how can i patch pes2011 i hv the original dvd it will n’t damage it.plzzzzz help me email me the step thxxxxxxxxx

  4. omawa , it need part 2 , and i dont understand how i get the complet game in dvd i must just burned optionfile (iso) or optionfile (iso) + the files of the game pes 2012 ? thanx

  5. Hebat juga ente Gan…
    Mantap postingnya.

    Kalau boleh, ane minta diberi tau di mana letak (direktori) background dan adboard PES 2012, supaya bisa edit menggunakan software GGS.

    Kalau bisa mohon kasih juga cara rip bahasa, supaya file jadi lebih kecil.


  6. gan caranya gmana caranya option file nya bisa langsung di pakai di ps2?
    coz ane udah googling katanya bisanya dipakai di emulator doang

    pliss cpat balas y

  7. alguem me explica em detalhes como eu faço os procedimentos pra gravar o OF em um cd pra passar pro ps2?

    someone explain to me in detail how I do the procedures to record a cd in the OF to pass pro ps2?

  8. @rebelose
    Install option file harus pake cd maxdrive…banyak koq di toko game ps…nanti file .max nya omawa dicopy ke flashdisk trus colok ke slot usb ps2…pasang cd maxdrive pilih device nanti file .max di uncrush ke memory card psnya agan…demikian penjelasan nubi moga2 bener.

    btw gokil abis setelah cari muter2 danny ama kratos ga ada uk version ternyata malah wong jowo yang bikin…salut agan omawa :thumbup

  9. Como hiciste para cambiar las selecciones y poner a Indonesia y Tailandia?, yo quiero editar el Pes 2012 para hacer algo parecido, si pudieras pasame un tuto de como hacerlo, gracias

    How do you change National Teams and put Indonesia and Thailand? i want to edit pes 2012 to do something like that, can you pass a tutorial of to do that, thanks.


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