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(PS2 PES2011) TPS xtreme 11 PATCH


PS2 PES2011 TPS xtreme 11 PATCH

TPS xtreme 11 PATCH, the patch 100% Italian’s most comprehensive web!


* Added many new teams, including the missing Champions League many of Europe, 10 German, 12 Serie B (for a complete all-Italian master).
* Under-21 instead of the traditional national
* Created many missing players
* PES Stats Database maintained by the values of Lazio, Udinese and Napoli to make them stronger and thus close to reality
* All player names in lower case without loss of call (exclusive TPS)
* Two teams in several leagues in C
* Transfers, training and numbers of mesh-date for all teams in the game
* Boca, River and moved Internacional Libertadores (exclusive TPS)
* Teams Libertadores Champions and unlocked mode friendly
* Teams Libertadores added in the menu change (exclusive TPS)
* Updated some transfers Libertadores (Camoranesi, Ronaldinho, etc. – exclusive TPS)
* 6 Multiscoreboard HD (RAI, Mediaset, SKY, European League, Champions League, Libertadores, generic) selectable choice
* HD Logos for all teams and competitions
* HD Kit with patches of competitions for all teams licensed game
* New uniforms and adidas Diadora for referees
* New adidas shoes, nike and puma
* New banners
* All the bags used in major competitions.
* Relink included new songs and more important for all teams
* ALL the club (excluding 12 of Serie B) and major national fully licensed
* Kit editable modified (including fonts), never to feel the lack of licenses (exclusive TPS)
* New Wallpapers

CITAZIONE File the game already patched (download and apply all)

* NEW * File Options 03/03/11 (Multiformat – choose whichever you prefer)


1) Copy the contents of the original dvd in a folder named for example PES 2011 Patch TPS
2) Delete from PES 2011 Patch TPS folder PPS
2) Download all parts of the patch
3) We need to unpack the file you just downloaded. If the file is to unzip or 0_SOUND 0_text PPS or follow step 3.a, otherwise, all other files follow step 3.b
3rd) Run the file of the first part (which is an executable file) and click Browse and select the destination folder to the folder where you copied the contents of the original DVD (ie our example folder PES 2010 Patch TPS )
3.b) Open the RAR archive and drag the entire archive in the folder where you copied the contents of the original DVD (ie our example folder PES 2010 Patch TPS)
4) You will be asked a question that says to overwrite the files: You must respond to all
5) Wait for end to extract the contents
NB. In Windows 7 at the end of extraction will say that the program was not instalalto correctly select the option “This program has been installed correctly”
6) Once you have extracted all the files necessary to rebuild the ISO (see Help from the point where it says ISO Rebuild or Videotutorial)
7) Burn the ISO with DVD Decrypter newly regenerated (recommended) to 4x
8.) Insert the option file on the Memory Card (see Guide)


All participants in the life of the forum and in particular section TPS PS2

slovacchiamania2 for being an important and decisive contribution to the realization of FOR
Iaquinta96 for giving a hand with the FOR and have created the mini-kits
Barça players for some of the FOR and his precious advice
pc_house for some players FO
natarizza for choirs
Death Stalker for backgrounds
matrix-computing for the video intro
] [Alex] [for his facepack
Enzoka for shoes
Solo Star Team for the balloons
Nembok for the valuable reports on the FO

If someone has not been included in the credits is simple forgetfulness: so tell us the error and will include it once!

In particular we thank:

polpy87, now a reference point for four of the community regards the HEX editing, which has literally turned the game inside out and without it this patch would never see the light

filcri for the enormous work on the kit and fired for having placed so much trouble with numbers and the font of all teams

bons, for creating from scratch with painstaking care and the FOR, moving teams, creating players, logos and kits editable modified, as well as having taken the trouble to jump on facemaking in the absence of external aid …

A special thanks to our friend BlackMamba, that problems at work this year could not be part of the team and we very much hope that you come back on board to make a decisive contribution to V2.


  1. cmon,can you tell us how to patch pes…… ?,video tutorial….?. Dont work just black screen!

  2. necesito que me ayuden a resolver eso con el asunto del parche por que no hacen un video tutorial de como parchar


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