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[PS2] Gooders V3.7 Option File (.max .xps and bin/cue) by chrispele


This is my latest option file. It is fully compatible with all previous versions so you can upgrade from previous versions without messing up your BAL or Master League games. There may be some players missing in the German / Spanish / French / Dutch and Other teams as I have not looked at these, except to work on unlicenced kits.

V3.0 – 22/11/08

My focus as before has been on the Premier League, here are all the main changes:

  • Team names still in CAPS (I quite like it), player names all lowercase.
  • League / Cup / Stadium names corrected.
  • Some player apps adjusted (but no stats altered).
  • Changed all premier league captains armbands to black/white/black stripes as in real life (except Man United & Liverpool).
  • Added and changed / arranged sponsor logo’s where appropriate.
  • Done back name / number colours to appear more realistic in-game.
  • Redone some emblems – Most are now 128 colour and better quality.
  • Given all national teams their logo’s and updated kits.
  • Edited premier league club flags to team colours / assigned suitable designs.
  • Checked all premier league and national team kits, redone many – too many to list here.
  • All premiership player names have been checked / corrected and properly spaced on the back of their kits (post any errors, I will try and fix any errors you find!).
  • Classic players have real names and back names correctly spaced, and nice retro kits (inc old french / dutch logo’s).
  • Bayern Munich / Werder Bremen over PES and WE United, kits corrected.
  • About 80,000-ish PES Points and all shop items unlocked.

V3.1 Update – 28/11/08

  • Fixed Blackburn Rovers home kit number / name colour error.
  • New Stoke City home kit, keepers kits and redone kit sponsor / font.
  • Changed Chelsea’s Boswinga position to SB (registered) WB, SMF.
  • Fixed 2 stadium names (La Bombonera and Estadio Nacional).
  • Added Classic Germany kit logo.
  • Fixed Chelsea away kit sponsor colour error.
  • Tweaked Osasuna’s kits.
  • Slightly updated boot designs.
  • New 128-colour emblem for Sunderland.
  • All premiership keepers now have long sleeves (except Bolton’s Jaaskeleinen who has usually has short ones in real life).

V3.2 Update – 30/11/08

  • Fixed Bolton Wanderers home shorts error – now navy not white.
  • A few more minor fixes / kit tweaks & here and there.
  • Reassigned some stadiums to premiership teams for added realism.
  • 99999 PES points, all shop items unlocked as before.

V3.5 Update – 15/12/08

  • All “Umbro” premiership keeper kits have been updated, now look far more realistic in-game.
  • Added SBOBET logo and text for West Ham (without the big box). Small change to home shirt collar too – now correct.
  • Newcastle keeper kits redone / home shirt now has blue stripe on collar.
  • Boylesports logo redone and home / away kits tweaked for Sunderland.
  • Pompey keeper shorts adjusted.
  • LG logo redone for Fulham.
  • New Osasuna kit logo / adjustment and back sponsor.
  • Almeria’s “obrascampo” logo now in colour / kit adjusted.
  • Wilmslow Albion and Bamber Bridge are now the BAL starting teams (reason: where I grew up… and where I now live!) Includes kits / logo’s but not the players (except my brother captaining Albion), but it won’t affect your current BAL or ML in any way.

V3.6 Update – 23/12/08

  • New keeper kits for Boro (both) and Spurs (away / 3rd to avoid clash).
  • Adjusted SBOBET logo and text for West Ham for better appearance.
  • Tweaks to Arsenal / Everton home kits. Hull away kit now correct.
  • WBA and Fulham emblems tweaked, some flags tweaked.
  • Almeria’s kit sponsor corrected (credit Jono).
  • Improved premiership captain’s armbands.
  • Senderos now spelt correctly (spotted that one in JoeH’s thread – cheers!)
  • Suitable boots assigned to premiership team players, except Hull, Stoke and WBA (not on Barcio’s thread lists – to do for V3.7).

V3.7 Update – 31/12/08 **Last Update until the close of the Transfer Window**

  • Some minor kit tweaks, eg Boro Away.
  • Allocated boots for Hull, Stoke and WBA.
  • A few apps done: L Young, and a few Man United players (Credit to PESFAN for the info).

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