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ProEvo Original Patch 1.1 by NightWish


You like a gameplay, physics of game in PES 2010, but are not pleasant not licenced teams, wrong kits, logos, names as Lancashire, Nort London etc.?
Fadedness of turfs and other “falsity” which postpones pleasant feels of absorption in football game, and thus keeping the house in a comfortable armchair?
We have corrected it. No changed skills. Only the improved and licensed original of game.

You can play present licensed PES 2010 in online and offline!

The list of possibilities of ProEvo Original Patch 1.1:

Works on last Konami patch (1.03) and DLC update (1.05)
* Own separate exe (exe/save/kitserver/dt0f.img)
* All transfers on 18.02.2010.
* Real names of national teams and clubs.
* Real logos of national teams and clubs.
* Real logos of the championships and cups.
* Real kits of national teams and clubs (Including training kits).
* New kits and logos for teams in Second division in ML.
* Correct register for names of players and names of clubs/national teams
* New kits for the referee.
* Real sponsors in Master-League.
* Real cups (WC 2010, Euro 2012, etc).
* Real faces of coaches on match play.
* New menu by ProEvo Original + cursor menu.
* New stars of loading.
* New position icons of players
* New condition icons of players.
* New previews in editing zone
* New logo-replays for all leagues and cups.
* New calendar for ML and BaL.
* New “special ability” cards.
* New photos of the managers in ML and BaL.
* New balls.
* News cursors of landing of ball.
* New turfs for all stadiums.
* New previews and intros for stadiums.
* New nets
* New adboards.
* New banners for teams.
* New tunnel logos.
* New weather conditions (Heavy-rain, snow)
* New sounds in games
* Music in match game
* Many new scoreboards.
* Team ProEvo United instead of Team А.
* New musical compositions: Blur – Yahoo (Song 2), Keep Hope Alive – The Crystal Method, Busy Child – The Crystal Method “.
* Comfortable automatic installer with complete freedom of choice.
* P.S. The patch works in 7 languages (Russian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German)
– Online while only for 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German)


Jerboa, Vlades, Ken 32, Anger Huver, Black_Gate, NightWish, CSKAFANATIK, Jorres, kab4ok

Other authors, without whom this patch would not be (thanks to them!):
Juce and Robbie for Kitserver!
MxSoniC, Tottimas, starmann65, boonaun, AB7, Amir and Reza, verde, arquero7171, buzzyhead, FrenkieSP, MSK, Slayer67, mmaster_po, onur551, Ninuzzu, foreveryp, OniX, MODY 99, ax972, Ba2s, diNo, Owen_Hargreaves, Diego Martiniello, Nagyi2pac, M.I.T.C.H, galernik1908, PES_GAMER, Jason_Y, Müller Bento, andruxXxa, Ruslan, Asiat, mcbull67 and another kit and bootmakers.


ProEvo Original Patch 1.1 including 15.03.2010 update by NightCaller3: renamed all players from Classic teams and from Master League Hide sections with their real names. I’ve finished this some time ago, just for me, but then I realized it could ease things for the guys who made this patch. I sent this OF to NightWish and he told me I could also post it here. So here you go:


  1. really great patch, awesome job!!! i have question can U make face of zidane I can’t find it … plz reply be very greatfull !!!!


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