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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Apocaze Patch v.4.0.0


Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Apocaze Ultimate Patch 4.0.0

Download PES 2017 Apocaze Patch Update 4.0.0

1. Changelog 4.0.0

– Include Data Pack 3
– Add Other American Team (Kits & Emblem) Squad Not Ready
– New Database
– Fix Previous Bugs : – Classic Player on ML
– ML Formations

– Include All Winter Transfer
– Ready For 2016/2017 Season + Winter Transfer !!!
– Main League :
France : Ligue 1 , Ligue 2
Italy : Serie A, Serie B
Spain: La Liga Satander , La Liga 1|2|3
Portugal : Premiera Liga NOS
Germany : Fußball-Bundes
Brazil : Campeonato Brasileiro
Argentina : Primera División
Chile : Campeonato Nacional Scotiabank
Mexico : Liga BBVA Bancomer
China : China Super League
– Additional European Other Club
– Additional Other American Club (Squadi is not ready)
– Additional FC Barcelona Classic Teams
– More

– License All Main clubs logo
– Correct All Main league kits
– Update squads (Latest Live Update)
– Add real manager photo
– Add real player miniface

– Add a lot of new faces (+3100)
– Remove Duplicate Players
– Add Classic Barcelona Players
– Realistic Player Stats & Overral Ratings
– Include Some new Young Player

– Correct stadium name
– Add New Stadium (41)
– Add Apocaze UHD Pitch (Basepitch)
– Add brand New Adboard
– Add Animated Coach

– Add 51 Ball
– Add 51 Glove
– Add 100 Boot
– Add Menu Red-Black Style
– Add New Graphic Menu
– Add New Fonts
– Add All Main League Reffere Kits
– Add BeinSport Scoreboard


COMPATIBLE : with v.1.04.00

Gallery: screenshots

2. LICENSE, Guys, Just some info to you all

This Apocaze Patch was Copyright by Author, so if you want to share this patch to another or personal website, include the the original download link Please Respect us! .

If you have Some problem when installing or in the game contact me on
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/adminapocaze
Website : http://www.apocazepatch.wordpress.com
Phone : (+)6286272419332
Admin Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Drughi.Alfi
Google mail : [email protected]
Outlook Mail : [email protected]

I’m Alfi, the creator of Apocaze Team! . Thanks For you all ,who have been download and using my patch . I’m sorry guys if you get/see a lot of annoying ads when download my patch .
Your help is very valuable to us. You can donate me some money here : Donate us



1. Download All files (20) Part of Apocaze Patch v.4.0.0

2. Make Sure you have already installed Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, And Keep it Original (No Moods Installed Before)

3. Extract all Rar Files, then Copy to your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Directory Ex : C:\Program Files\Konami\PES 2017\Here

4. Download Dpfilelist Generator DLC3 , Link Below (MEGA Part20)

5. Open Dpfilelist Generator DLC3 ,Follow this pic (HIGHLY RECOMENDED! FOLLOW THIS STEPS)


6. Then, Click Generate DpFilelist.bin (on the red button)

7. Play!

Info :
* apocaze_ace = Boot, Ball, Gloves
* apocaze_kit.cpk = Jersey, Badge, Reff Kit
* apocaze_symbol = Emblem, Manager Photo, Boot, Ball, Graphic Menu
* apocaze_face.cpk = Face, Miniface
* apocaze_tatto.cpk = Tatto
* apocaze_stadium.cpk = Stadium Pack
* apocaze_adboard.cpk = Adboard
* apocaze_pitch.cpk = Apocaze UHD Pitch
* apocaze_sound = Chants, Songs
* apocaze_update.cpk = Other European Kits & Emblem
* apocaze_database.cpk = Game Database
* apocaze_classic.cpk = Game Database + Classic Team


Apocaze Team :
– Apocaze111 (Alfi) – Lanaya89 (Fakhri) – Ashyunayukki (Tito)

Special Thanks :
Irvanlana, PES Team MIX, Muhammad Jana, PesLover, Oxarapesedit,Various, Sofyan Andri, KONAMI, Allah SWT, Muhammad SAW, Cronos, jet_da, WER Facemaker, Sameh Momen, Jonathan Facemaker, Autentiko, 1002MB, Brilyan, Mo Ha, Andrey Pol, Ahmed Elshenawy,Nemanja, Hawke, GGBlues, RTPES, Pribowo Subekti, Txax, DrDoooMuk, DonnyAvia, FarelJuncak, , juniorsantos021, PantelG7, InMortal, FastEagle, Various, Sarjono, Tisera09, Lagun-2, Volun, Estarlen Silva, Fathurrohman Alief , Yogi’s, sxsxsx, PesScreen.


  1. Sorry, this patch contain 500 mb in all 20 parts…
    We want a simple patch with 200 mb and 4 parts not 20.. too much..

  2. Umm i know this problem, In every patch (Exept they edit the system). For Neymar, Users can’t edit his Part of his body. Iknow Neymar has skinny Body. that caused by Tatto

  3. maybe you should add some pictures ? because before download that hudge patch (quality and also size 20gb ) i think it’s better if yous share tons of pictures and after that you’ll see a lot of people will download your patch.
    Anyway it seems to be a great patch ! bravo !

  4. the best patch at the moment!!! the faces and tatoos fantastics…complete totally but, someone can fix the skin textures in arm and legs for all the players??

  5. No what? 20GB ? Its only 9 GB . I was already share 170+ Pictures that maybe enough to describe my patch what is look like. And thank you Bro (y)

  6. Yeah. The Tatto And Faces Is not sync Correctly. Thanks Bro
    I think i will do some update . to fix this problem

  7. Thanks, and another thing, when you try to edit a player (Pull out shirt for example) disappears his face and tattoo, why?
    Can you fix that too??

  8. Of couse yes. We using our own Gameplay patch : Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Apocaze Gameplay Patch Return v.1.0

  9. After You Edit The Palyers like : Ability and etc..
    You need to Reset Player Apparance. I know this is a big problem for us . Sorry For this annoying problem .

  10. After You Edit The Palyers like : Ability and etc..
    You need to Reset Player Apparance. I know this is a big problem for us . Sorry For this annoying problem . Sorry

  11. thanks!!
    I appreciate your work and I hope you solve the problems of skin texture, it is the best patch I’ve ever seen

  12. Can anyone upload the tattoo cpk of this patch only ? :D I only want the tattoo part they done a great job, lot of tattoos and the quality is really amazing.

  13. Osmmm patch sir great job…next time please add India ISL league “indian super league”….Its a request sir please

  14. yes i just saw on your website :) . It looks amazing , i’m downloading it and will share a review.

  15. when you correct the errors you can insert the new bootpack oxarapesedit or Wens (next week) please??

  16. How to fix the Dpfilelist generator has stopped working error whenever i click Generate DpFileList.bin.??

  17. How to fix the Dpfilelist generator has stopped working error whenever i click Generate DpFileList.bin.?
    Please help

  18. In Apocaze_tatto.cpk 350 archives, some players only have tattoos (with konami face) and other players tattoos and face …
    In apocaze_face.cpk a lot of players with original konami cpk face… like A. Moody, Denis Suarez, C. Pulisic, J. Risdon, Carles Aleña, Nili, Marc Cardona… You are counting original faces of konami

    2379 + 350 = 2729

  19. Thanks for the patch, and what players stats and overalls was changed here? And when you plan to fix problem with player appearance when you edit it?

  20. And please add next time Indian Club “Bengaluru FC” in AFC please it’s a small request for you

  21. Great patch, the best i ever found but have some bugs. i can´t play at emirates stadium and san paolo, the game crashes.

  22. I love the patch, except for the fact that I can’t actually complete a game without it crashing. If I try and make any substitute at any point in the game it just hangs. Tried it 8 times with the same results each time. Followed instructions exactly as laid out on this page. If I can play through a game this patch would be perfect. Thanks for all the hard work on this and hopefully you can give me some instructions as to what might be wrong.

  23. Why bitest you torrent at …wenn you the password do not move out?… then kannste keep your patch for you and need in not offer downloadable …so a Kindergartenscheise

  24. In the Dpfilelist Generator DLC3, add apocaze_tatto.cpk file to the bottom to fix the hand skin.

  25. Hi admin after following these step i have no change at all. In “tools menu ” i bound patch selector with my old pes.exein pes folder, is there something wrong with that? anyway, looking forward to your response i’m starving to start playing with real teams

  26. Hi!
    My screen goes dark at the end of a career mode match and I cannot seem to continue. Please let me know how to fix this! :)

  27. I saw a youtube video. Looks very nice. BUT it doesnt work online….

    “Unable to find opponent” ….
    I tried some different options in the Patch Selector, but I cant get it working.
    (And I cant open the exe. “unable to initialize steam API.” only through steam directly.)

    and if I uncheck all mods in the Generator I cant generate the file:
    “No CPK files are checked.”


  28. Error d3d11 and when I close the windows the game starts but it doesnt recognize the ps4 controller. I tried reinstalling the game and putting d3d11.dll in the game folder,what can i do?

  29. Hello
    After copying 2 folders and one file to the main game folder and then copying the “KONES” folder to the documents and generating the Dpfilelist Generator DLC3 I can not run the “settings” application to set the xbox 360 pc controller. Please help


  31. First of all, GREAT PATCH but, I cant play online games with it (Unable to find opponent)
    If I uncheck all Mods in Dpfilelist Generator like you said, Game wont be license mode???
    Can I play online License mode??

  32. Why not appears adboards for barcelona, real madrid, bayern, psg, national teams…and yes appears adboard for borussia dortmund, its an error?? can you fix it please??

  33. AdminApocaze, please reply to ‘titi’ because i have the same problem. Do you know how to fix it? Great patch btw, keep up the good work! :)

  34. This FIX Database v.4.0.1 didn’t fix the San Paolo problem, still the game crashes. I tried it in Exhibition Match… do you have any solution for this problem? :/

  35. The game crashes a lot of times…

    Sometimes, during a single match, on pause moments, the game freezes on loading… :\
    Also, starting a match, when the teams are entering the field, freezed there a few times too .


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