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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 FOOTBALL LIFE EDITOR


Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 FOOTBALL LIFE EDITOR v2014.02.16

all the Features and usage is like 2013FLEditor

1. The icon on the left of Match State icon has no effect to your FL club. I tried, but it does’t work

2. Negotitations max count is 36, which include your self club players.

3. I have no idea about the growth type value.

The nation is coming from PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2014 V0.3.0.0, thanks very much.

Thanks all! Enjoy it !

Special thanks: John Forman(ept), Mecedez(baidu)

by QiuY from EPT-Team

uploaded zippyshare


  1. I k’now anything about that , this program does not work right , also there have some other mistakes , if you try get some players and you to confirm inside the game than you can’t confirm because all value in transfers says zero !!! Better this program to be delated from pes-patch because peoples can kick off them games with program wich not work right !!!

  2. man the growth style is much messed up,some players grow so fast like 10 points in 5 matches some other are normal and some others become messi in few matches :) any solutions?

  3. for anyone still having trouble with the read file error, you have to click on the “Open EDIT.bin” button in the top left corner and select the edit.bin file on your computer, then after click “Open Football Life Bin” button and select the bin file you want to edit (EG BAL or ML).

  4. for people who asking about defaylt faces after fnish negotiations ..
    1- wait for transfer market to open
    2- do a negotiation with any players
    3- save the ML and exit the game
    4- go to FL editor and set all negotiations ( i will apporve ) mode .
    5- open the game , go to ur ML team and finish your negotations .


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