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Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.5


Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.5

Compatible with Konami DLC 1.0 and Konami Patch 1.02

Added in this version: 

* Fixed all unhanded errors
* Easier league switch (only one programs)
* New 81 Boot-pack
* New 44 Ball-pack
* New Manager faces (Pep Guardiola, Kenny Dalglish, Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsen Wenger, Jose Murinho, Roberto Mancini)
* Added new and more In-game edit stadiums
* 44 Ball-pack
* Fixed some small bugs and crushes 

2nd Divisions available and completed now:

* Npower Championship (Only 18 teams)
* 2.Bundesliga
* Liga Adelante
* Serie Bwin 

Other Features:

– Apoel and Bate Borisov completed
– Added and completed Bundesliga including player stats
– All teams licensed
– All transfers updated
– 31 teams in Champions League Mode
– New faces
– Electonic adboards
– HD calendar
– Original Sponsors
– New supporter banners for all teams
– Original Referee kits
– New 3D grass


1. Unninstall any previous patches
2. Install the “Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.5 Installer”
3. Install the “O.F. Installer”
4. Run “Pro-Evo-Pes.exe”, chose a 2nd Division
5. Enjoy your game

Pro-Evo-Pes Edit Team:

– bojanzvezdak

– marekhamsik


– PupaPowlo (bhos0344) with who we created together the Npower Championship 24 teams and also helped creating the 2nd Division switch,Ron 69,zioborgo,onny,pesrevolution

– All face and kit makers

Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.5 Download:

filesonic pes-patch.com download filesonic pes-patch.com download
wupload pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download


  1. How can you not add team like Steaua Bucharest or Red Star Belgrade and they have made ​​a page especially important in the history of football in East
    amazing i will wait a complete patch

  2. hi I have installed my original PES 2012 PC game and with ur patch. But when i try to run Pro-evo-pes.exe or even the original pes 2012.exe, nothing happens. can someone help?

    When i initally first install my game, it is working, but with this patch, the whole game is not running

  3. tks peeps for addressing my issue. its working ok now. but i have another problem now

    i have a lot of dummy players in many of the teams and many of the key players are missing. is there anything i can do abt thhis?

    example is that for liverpool. pepe reina and carragher is missing

  4. Hi guys!I have Pro-evo-pes patch 1,3 and i want to change the turf,but i dont know where to paste dt07.img,because in kitserver folder there are 5 folders containing dt07.img:Pro-Evo-Pes2.B;Pro-Evo-Pes.ad;Pro-Evo-PesCh;Pro-Evo-PesLGAd;Pro-Evo-PesSbw…where do i have to paste it?Thanks!

  5. @JG go to Pro-Evo-Pes.exe and re-select a league.

    @Milen you have to paste it in all the dto7.img folders in : Pro-Evo-Pes2.B;Pro-Evo-Pes.ad;Pro-Evo-PesCh;Pro-Evo-PesLGAd;Pro-Evo-PesSbw

    @razvan delete unnamed_51 and unnamed_53 in dt07.img folder.

    Support our facebook page: Pro-Evo-Pes Patch

  6. @Roob we had to make that because of the unhanded errors. We will reconstruct Npower Championship by adding Southempton , Portsmouth and West Ham United instead of some weaker teams.

  7. Great work guys!:D
    I also see that in CL, for example Napoli has the kit of Sampdoria, but in exhibition the kits are cool. Also, 2 teams have the “wrong” name, like APOEL and Bate Borisov.Btw great work!To some team,it miss the sponsor on the shirt like Udinese=)When do you’ll release the next patch, with some fixes?and will the Bwin have 22 teams?Thank you for your time.
    Greetings from italy xD

  8. @FiL11 TNQ , We will release next patch soon with some fixes and new things , also we won’t have the Serie B with 22 teams , we will have only 18 teams in each 2nd league. :)

  9. Hi guys, great job as usual,thank you! I’m using this patch since the beginning and i never had a single problem. I see you fixed some fonts/numbers in Italian Serie B, would you please check them all? Because some have still wrong colour. Thank you again :)

  10. In next releasee..pleaseee add LA galaxy and red bullss.. pleaseeeeeee!!
    and 3d logos also please :)

  11. patched go but if I choose serie b win the steaua bucuresti disappear y will wait a full and complete patch with some more est europe teams and a 2nd division complete

  12. Info: New patch coming tomorrow with all kits fixed , added some new features and also added Southempton, West ham United and Portsmouth in NPower Championship (we have replaced some weaker teams for them).

  13. @ pro evo pes…work on the kits..chelsea white socks!!…n in chmpns league marsielle had real zarargoga’s kit..fix it plz..thnx

  14. Agreed with Mido. The Master Patch Vietnam has great patch, but are they the same company from PESVN Patch Vietnam?

  15. Please add steaua bucarest and red star belgrad,and go to Serie B for that before a conflict with another does not know how. Thanks


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