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Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.2


NOTE: Compatible with Konami DLC 1.0

Added in this version:

* Completed Serie B including player stats
* All 24 Npower Championship teams(23 are completed with stats, all 18 FL temas are completed)
* Added new 2nd Division Switch with
* Completed Bate Borisov and Apoel wit all players
* Added HD game-plan icon switch
* Added Cinematic Selector by cave as a switch

2nd Divisions avalibe and completed now:

Npower Championship
Liga Adelante
Serie Bwin (NEW)

Other Features:

– All teams licensed
– All transfers updated
– 31 teams in Champions League Mode
– New faces
– New Ballpack
– Original Sponsors
– New supporter banners for all teams
– Original Referee kits


1.Unninstall any previous patches
2.Install the “Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.2 Installer”
3.Install the “O.F. Installer”
4.Run “Pro-Evo-Pes.exe”, chose a 2nd Division
5.Enjoy your game


– PupaPowlo (bhos0344) with who we created together the Npower -Championship 24 teams and also helped creating the 2nd Division switch,Ron 69, cave(Cinematic Selector tool),zioborgo
– All face and kit makers.

Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.2 Download Link :

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download

Pro-Evo-Pes 1.2.1 Juve Stabia fix : new

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download filejungle pes-patch.com download

Pro-Evo-Pes C directory working exe : new

filesonic pes-patch.com download wupload pes-patch.com download filejungle pes-patch.com download


  1. @Frank What Windows are you using, also try running the program from D:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\obj\x86\Release and the kitserver should already be attached to pes2012.exe after you install the patch.

  2. @Sotirakis You must have installed the latest NET FRAMEWORK and C+++2008 or 2005 and you must install the patch to D directory and also pes2012 must be installed in that directory also.

  3. Pro-Evo-Pes.. This patch has good potential. But there are some problems to be solved with a fix. First of the selector, it does not work, because the patch as a directory (D:) and if you try to change it, then the switch does not work. I made the switch manually, by choosing the Italian Serie B, but the game crashes if you play with Juve Stabia. I also found another crash, which happens if you try to change the edit players of the game. Solve these problems and become Pro-Evo, the best patches of PES.

  4. Marek… How do you switch manually I’d like to know? Maybe it might work for me…
    Too bad… What’s that stuff I gotta download… it seems like arabic to me, still I’ll give it a try… cheers…

  5. Allright I did it, thanks, I barely know how… still you guys didn’t change face right (I guess it’s too early for that, and if I want I can change them myself, right…) , what I’ve found inseryting bootpacks is that they come with a c.img file and an f.img file… now can you tell me how to insert the bootpack properly without harming the great patch of yours… for instance on other patches I’d only insert the c.img file, but then premiership would be all screwed up with blue uniforms… I hope you don’t feel like castrating me… but any tips?

  6. @Frank Well you should not have problems with the bootpack, try inserting the files in D:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012\kitserver\Pro-Evo-PesCh\img\dt0f.img and dt0c.img. Tnq by the way

  7. nice work for this patch guys. Keep up the good work , your patch now is the best around!! Only please add a new Suarez face in next version

  8. How can i help pes-evo?
    I dont have experience but i can thousand of infos.
    I can get site to site and get every player name-age-and others / faces from every player for new teams or leagues.

    I have at least 2-3 hours every day free. Add me on [email protected] (msn) or kingofh3ll (skype) i would like to help this perfect patch

  9. Hello prefer patch .
    There is a silly mistake i think
    Check REGINA CALCIO kits. Two times the same

  10. unhandled exception has occurred in your application.if you click Continue,the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.if you click Quit,the application will close immediately……..wtf is this???

  11. I did not understand what is the fix “Pro-Evo-Pes C directory working exe”. Is required to use it? how to install it?

  12. @Changi You need that if you have installed pes 2012 in C:. Otherwise if you have installed pes 2012 in D: you don’t need that.

  13. I’ve installed the patch in my portion of hard disk, it’s not D or C. It’s the same? he told me an error with framework 4.0

  14. You have to install Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 first and as i said the program will work only to those directories(Other directories may cost framewok errors).

  15. I run windows 7 64x. Installed both *.exe included. The directory of installation was changed correctly. The shortcut provided does not work and gives the same message with the previous guy. The game starts correctly with the patch installed if i run it with the normal exe of pes. However, when i start a new masterleague it stops without any CTD or error during loading, nd stays there, stuck loading.

  16. I would be most grateful and full support if you can make the patch suitable for C drive installation without any fix patch, and do not require us to install any .NetFramework(?) and visual C+++ (???). It really stop ppl to chose your patch even it is gd one. Most ppl NEED easy installation.

  17. @Ken I agree with you, but every patch that has a selector needs net.framewotk and c++. For next version there won’t be a fix for C drive installation it will be all in 1.

  18. @Mido For now we aren’t sure when will it be released, probably for a week, or maybe sooner, we can’t garante anything now, were working hard to make Toto Super Lig (Turkish) and we’re updating player stats of Serie B players. TNQ

  19. Thank you for your positive reply. I know that you have already paid a great effort on the patch and ‘we’ just use it for FREE. Just to reflect some idea and pls don’t have hard feeling. Hope to see your next version very soon. BTW, how can I obtain the net.framewotk and c++?

  20. @Mido If you haven’t installed net.framework 4.0 it wont work also the game has to be installed in D:Program FilesKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2012 its not compatible with Program Files(x86) (if you have Windows 7 86bit) also try to run “Pro-Evo-Pes.exe” from D:Program FilesKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2012objx86Release .

  21. @Pro-Evo-Pes,
    I have installed the Game in D directory,but all program files are in C directory,so there is no D:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer, the game is just installed in D:\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012,so what i have to do???
    Please advise

  22. You can install the game in C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
    after that install the patch in that directory and just download “Pro-Evo-Pes C directory working exe” and the patch will work just fine. :)

  23. Great Work!
    But I can’t use Pro-Evo-Pes.exe
    I can open it, but when I try to switch 2nd divisions (and so on), it will show me an error.
    I think because I installed the game in “C:\Program Files (x86)\” and the exe tries to read “C:\Program Files\”…

  24. Hey, looks like a great download, but unfortunately, it won’t work for me. I don’t know what I did wrong, can you please help?

  25. I installed the Pro-Evo-Pes 2012 Patch 1.2 and copied it to my game folder. Afterwards I did the same with the OF-installer file.
    But when I open the game, only club logos in Premier League – not the kits, is done.

  26. Try coping config.txt from kitserverPro-Evo-PesCh to kitserver folder, also attach the kitserver and if you haven’t installed DLC 1.0 you have to do that first. If still it doesn’t work copy EDIT and OPTION from
    My DocumentsKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2012save-filesNpower Ch
    My DocumentsKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2012save

  27. Thanks for all the time, you’re using on me – it’s not your problem, that I am a complete PC-jerk! I can’t get it to work, but it’s not your fault.

  28. @Mido try changing leagues manually for example if you want to set Npower Championship copy config.txt from kitserver\Pro-Eve-PesCh to kitserver and also copy EDIT.bin and OPTION.bin from save-files\Npower Ch to save
    Pro-Evo-PesLGAd is Liga Addelante
    Pro-Evo-Pes2.B is 2.Bundesliga
    Pro-Evo-PesSbw is Serie Bwin

  29. @Pro-Evo-Pes
    I have the same Mido’s problem, i try to changing manually the league Serie Bwin, and now the patch work great! An answer, the faces are not correct, it’s an error or you have to add soon? Many compliments, this patch it’s great! Thanks!

  30. @Pro-Evo-Pes, Thanks but it seems very exhausting to do such loop,anyway, please resale another patch,avoiding users to get in such loop, by installing it with just a click.

  31. @Cooter76 we’re updating player stats and faces in serie b so you can expect that in next versions.
    @Mido, seems like we found the problem why many of you have this error, so it will take a while to fix it.
    Tnq by the way.

  32. There is a problem with the promotion and demotion of 3 teams in master league every year !!! After starting a new session the 3 last teams they play in same league !!!

  33. I have a problem.When i try to run Pro-Evo-Pes i get an error :Unhandled exception has occured in your application….and i can’t start the game.I used the fix for working exe but nothing..Also,i installed Net.Framework 4 and Visual C++ but the same error!
    Can anyone help me?Please!!!

  34. i’ve installed visual studio…net framework…c++2008 and i still have problems…what i do???

  35. But when you’ll make the stadium too?
    In this moment Borussia is one of the most spectacullar teams in Europe..and i think it deserves a stadium in PES!:D
    Also..Signal Iduna is one of the most beautiful stadiums from our continent!:)


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