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PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2014 v0.1.0.0


PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2014 v0.1.0.0 by goldorakiller

Hi guys ! The new PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2014 v0.1.0.0 is released !
I worked hard to share a full beta version but don’t forget is still a beta ! Hope you enjoy it !


– This tool allow you to edit the PES2014 Option File [OF].


– PC only



1. Editing Players
– Name
– Basics Settings
– Positions
– Abilities
– Player Index (Special Cards)
– Motions
– Remove Fakes Players Names
– Remove Duplicate Players

2. Editing Teams
– Name
– Home Stadiums
– Homeground Names
– Team Squad
– Formation
– Tactics
– Team Style
– Remove Fakes Teams Names

3. Easy Transfers Players (Drag & Drop system)
– Drag and Drop System
– Players compare method

4. Global Editing
– Stats adjust
– Method Adjust
– Special Function

5. Editing Stadiums
– Names

6. Editing Leagues/Cups
– Names
– Leagues and Cups Details
– Leagues Structures
– Remove Fakes Leagues and Cups Names

7. Import / Export Functions
– Players : .player files (2014 only)
– Teams
– Formations


1. Konami Players and Teams Database (Since PES 2008)
2. Auto Update

For those how wants to help me or thx me here the Paypal donation :


uploaded zippyshare multiupload author home



– Fix bugs
– Fix overall rating

You need to install the Microsoft Framework .NET 4

Make a save of your OF before use this tool ! (we don’t know what will hapened !)
THIS IS A BETA VERSION FOR TEST : Report bugs, problem, questions and suggestions.


1. Be sure that you have NET Framework 4.0
2. For those with powerpacks 10.0 pb : try this http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?Link…27&clcid=0x804
or put this dll in PEES2013 folder : http://www.pees.pro-evo.fr/Microsoft…erPacks.Vs.dll
3. Try to run Editor as administrator


Programer : GoLDoRaKiLLeR©
Programer assistant: Bouquenom
DLL Decrypt/Encrypt/Checksums for OF 2013: Neogoe64 from EPT Team
DLL Decrypt/Encrypt/Checksums for OF 2014: cabry from evo-web
DLL Players 2008 : Skip-Br
DLL Checksum : Mosu90
DLL Zlib : Jean Loup Gailly, Mark Adler and skunk
DLL DevIL.NET : Marco Mastropaolo
DLL ListViewEX : mav.northwind
DLL Bass, Bass.net ans add-ons : www.un4seen.com
DLL Bass ADX : MichaelSDL : www.un4seen.com
DLL VFButtons : TigerFab
DLL XPExplorerBar : Mattew Hall
DLL Be.HexBox : Bernhard Elbl
DLL Kripton Toolkit : Component Factory – http://www.componentfactory.com/
DLL Split Button : wyDay – http://wyday.com/
Sticky Window code : Corneliu Tusnea
PES Chants map and research : Tommsen and gigimarulla
PES Commentaries map : gabe.paul.logan from evo-web
PES Faces map : Damian, tYphO, bartek-br, albertocp and others from evo-web
PES Callnames map : EPT Team
FM To PES Converter (Excel) and stats pack : Steven McCutcheon
FM Genie Scout : Eugene Tarabanovsky http://www.genie.fm/
FM 08 database : Gortop
FM 09 database : GoLDoRaKiLLeR©
Legend Editor : whivel
Increase number of players : zioborgo
Players Reputation : hio
Link between nationalities and nationals Teams : zioborgo and ninuzzu
Original idea for expand logos bin : ninuzzu
Relink Leagues Flags : Razib_46 and zioborgo
Logos design : Angelone
Icons : FamFamFam Silk icons – Mark James – http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/
Icons : Fugue Icons – Yusuke Kamiyamane – http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/
Import appearence from PES 2010 : Tottimas
Combinated Ability Formulas : pescato and vialli82
Beta-testing: members and guests of Evo-Web and PRO-EVO forums
Piggyback Interactive for Abilities Tool Tips
Master Rinaldo for inspired me with Creation Master (Fifa) – http://www.fifa-master.com/
ADX is a proprietary audio storage and compression format developed by CRI Middleware
Any others names mentioned are property of their companies

And special thanks to [email protected], Mosu90, skip-br, skunk, juce, Ariel, ninuzzu, pouetounet, Angelone, Bouquenom, jenkey1002, barcafan and the members of pro-evo.fr, evo-web forum and ModdingWay!

Thanks to my wife and my 2 babies to let me spend time on this program !
Dedicated to the memory of my father José and my grandfathers Raymond and Mario which are gone too soon.

Website : http://www.pro-evo.fr/

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  1. This a great jobb making this tool possible, for next update please try to include chants options or maybe unlock crowd support if it´s there…thanx!!!

  2. @mario
    Try run it as administrator (right click on the exe and choose option “run as administrator”), it might help.

  3. Very Nice Friend. I’m still waiting to change the player development setting. I’ do hope you can make it. Cheers!


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