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PESVN Patch 2011 – version 3.3 – [#04/03/2011]


PESVN Patch 2011 - version 3.3 - [#04/03/2011]

PESVN Patch v3.3Accumulated Confidence Value

NEW features PESVN patch v3.3:

* 448 Team in Exhibition Mode :
– National Team (Full Team of KONAMI defaul + A lot of Team another )
– ALL League in One : English Premier League – England Npower Championship – Serie A – Serie B – La Liga – Liga Adelante – 1.Bundesliga – 2.Bundesliga – Eredivisie – Ligue1 – Vietnam V_League and Vietnam Championship (only on Vietnam Football Mode)
– Europa League (Full team for UEFA Championleague and Europa League and much more with dozens of other strong teams in Europe)
– Americas League (FUll team for Libertadores , and much more with dozens of other strong teams in Americas )
– Add 5-best club in Asia .
– The Best Young Teams in the World .
– All Star Team (Asia , Europa , Americas , Africa , World)
– Reconstruct all Final Match of UEFA Champion League in nearly 10 years (2001-2010) by simulating the teams in the past honestly and accurately.

* 280 Team in Master League MODE
* Update Transfer (add alot of new player)
* New selector for Net Shape (3 style)
* Update new Gameplay by Yair (select from Tool Selector)
* Update formation for some team.
* Update new Kit for a lot of teams.
* Update new Face for many player.
* Update Vietnam MAP and Germany Map .
* Correct boot for ALL Player ( more than 10.200 player )
* PESVN Tool Selector continue with easy to use and most intuitive .
* Ensure stability (no crash ,no error )
* Note small in Exhibition mode : The club’s D2 will be sort the position with higher League
(eg nPower Championship will be in common with the EPL)
[however be assured that BAL and Master League always perfect ]


Download UPDATE 3.3a:

– Fixed all errors in PESVN Patch 3.3, namely:
+ Fixed wrong kit for some teams (correct kit for ALL Team right now)
+ Fixed dummy player and not setting (due to lack of files in the installation process PESVN Patch 3.3)
+ Fixed Black ball.
+ Fixed Face for some players.
– Update League structure.

– Remove PESVN patch v3.2
– Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4
– Run File PESVNPatchv3.3.exe to install Patch select the directory path to install your PES
(default is C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 )

* remember to Right Click -> Run as Administrator


– Delete the Following Files: (click image to see original size)


– Copy “download” folder to
Win 7 : C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011\
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011\
– Copy “save” folder to
Win 7 : C:\Users\Your_User_Name\Documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Your_User_Name\My Documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011
– Copy “KONAMI” folder to your game install folder (defaul is C:\Program Files\KONAMI)


PESVN Editor Team:

Thanks to : Mr.Tititu92 , DK Hernandez , mcthanh , Buggy , PAT , MaskHiep , metay , julioclaudio ,  nguyenanhtuan_mu ,tienn0j , So_h4nd , CarLosiK89 , Mehoo , Txak , Flavioggl , StranXk , jason_y , da_cott. All Face makers, Kit makers , Stadium makers.

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc
juce & Robbie : Kitserver
goldorakiller : Pro-evo Editing Studio
[email protected] : PES2011 Editor 1.0
barcafan : PES 2011 Ultimate Editor
Yair : Gameplay mới và ý tưởng Net Shape


  1. Will u release update after konami dlc and pls add al ahly egypt and zamalek egypt pls answer

  2. Why I can’t change the ball! I have all balls,but I can’t change it! Why??? Can someone pls tell me! :=)

  3. I have problem with the balls,how I can change the ball,it’s always one ball,black ball and I don’t like it Can someone pls tell me did anybody have these problems??? Or I just have this problem?!:)

  4. :) plz wait for next update (soon)
    We have mistake when pack the install (lack some importain files).

  5. plz wait for next update (soon) We have mistake when pack the install (lack some importain files).

    // jenkey1002, we received your post. Update is integrated in full patch description, I hope is OK now… thanks.

    – Delete the Following Files: (click image to see original size)

    – Copy “download” folder to
    Win 7 : C:ProgramDataKONAMIPES Vietnamese Patch 2011
    Win XP: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataKONAMIPES Vietnamese Patch 2011
    – Copy “save” folder to
    Win 7 : C:UsersYour_User_NameDocumentsKONAMIPES Vietnamese Patch 2011
    Win XP: C:Documents and SettingsYour_User_NameMy DocumentsKONAMIPES Vietnamese Patch 2011
    – Copy “KONAMI” folder to your game install folder (defaul is C:Program FilesKONAMI)

  7. when will it release pls ????????????? because that’s the best patch

    // update is released. look above.

  8. I have any questions about this patch:
    1-This patch update the DlC 2.0?
    2-This patch doesn’t compromise other patches that I have ?

  9. can someone who install it whrite on skype: niki_gurmanov !PLS i can’t install it … pls ;(

  10. – wrong kits and fonts for PALERMO (serie A)
    – wrong kits and fonts for ASCOLI, LIVORNO (serie Bwin)
    – crash with MATRI (juventus,serie A)

  11. it doesn´t work the fix, i follow the instructuions ,but nothing ??????????

    // did you run as administrator ?

  12. The fix doesn’t changes the problem of black ball:( please take a second look at it …it would very nice if you could fix this problem. Thanks and looking forward to see it solved:) (Anyway is the best patch for PES 2011)

  13. another thing is that i can´t change the screen resolution, why?

    PD: i Recently download the patch

  14. I instal this patch and resume my old Become a Legend..But when match finishes coach give me 3.0 rating all time and because of that now i cant playing in starting line up.My manager rating is too low!!! P.S SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH

  15. is this new patch using default stats for all player?
    in my opinion i just need some improvement n changing in ability stats for this year cos the last one PESVN 3.2 uses default konami stats n i think too many players are not having the same ability compared to reality.

  16. it shows “The file is either damaged or was not installed correctly. Please uninstall then installing it again.”, I already install so many times but it still doesn’t work, anyone help me, please?

  17. kako ubaciti GDB na ovaj patch nijedan mi klub nema dresova ima mozda neki u italijanskoj ligi ali u engleskoj nema ni jedan klub dresa pravog sezone 2010/11

  18. GDB how to put this patch on any club we have no uniforms maybe some in the Italian league but in England there is not a real club jersey season 2010/11

  19. when i choice a 2 division there are some diferent club like Arsenal 2002,,Milan 2010…. why that???

  20. can you fix in the next version ALL TRANSFERS and players numbers????????? PLEASE this is far BEST patch I have ever played,just fix that.

  21. please help me enable the other national team such as malaysia, philippines etc team to be able to play it on BAL. like what you did to the vietnam team..

    I cant use the pro evo editor, which it can be used to swap team (id)

  22. please help me enable the other national team such as malaysia, philippines etc team to be able to play it on BAL. like what you did to the vietnam team..

    I cant use the pro evo editor, which it can be used to swap team (id)…….

  23. it doesen’t work
    when it’s loading the game, it saiys data pack from a different version, unable to load modified data-
    so when i go to choose team they r all messed up, with wrong names, wrong division and all with the austria flag….how do i fix it??

  24. Pozdrav sta je sa Partizanom i Zvezdom transveri nista njih negledate inace je patch ok…Samo one nuz lige 2 Engleska,Adelante,2 Bundes t6o nece da radi,kada bi to upotbunili sa svim transverima kako valja, ida mi objasnite kako pokrenut Championship,Adelante,2 Bundes bio bi vrh…Pozdrav iz Novog Sada.Molim da mi neko objasni unapred hvala?

  25. hey,
    i have a short question.
    i just installed the pesvn patch v3.3 and when i want to start the patch, my computer says, the the pespatch.exe doesn’t work. i tried so much possibilities but i couldn’t find any solution:(
    i hope that one of you can help me, please


  27. This patch doesnt work i tried everything….but when i choose an add-on its fine..then when i click PesVN patch-Default it says (The file is either damaged was not installed correctly. Please uninstall then installing it again). Can someone please tell me wtf is this error and how to fix it.?

  28. Hi,

    Thanks for the patch, but have a problem, I can’t change the keyboard buttons configurations. It is remaining as default when I run the game, even if I changed them in the settings. Can anybody advise please?

  29. 12345, you don’t know to install it, this is your problem. read instructions above, is not hard at all.

    thanks for the patch. ;)


    * remember to Right Click -> Run as Administrator when you start the game.

  30. helow . went i install the games i want to play it . but it cant work . hey say the games not install correctly . but i have no idea what to do . please help me !

  31. when I set my keyboard to D shoot, A long pass S short pass……still is short pass X how i change it…….becouse it cannot change it from X to S…..it doesnt work…..

  32. I have installed correctly as instructed both the main program and the subsequent update but still experience problems when selecting the Championship or any other 2nd Division. Although the selector confirms that change has been made in game nothing has changed as to the selected team

  33. @suveika what the hell r u talking about,i told u i tried everything…i followed step by step and i clicked run as admininstration and its the same error when i start the game from the selector??? it says (The file is either damaged was not installed correctly. Please uninstall then installing it again)

  34. Can you fix the problem at Master League when i wan to start a game it gives me error and back to desctop?

  35. @12345 did you use PES2011-rip version ? cause new kitserver cant not use with rip’s one !

    @wsd : what’s your problem ? plz more detail

  36. I used the update 3.3a and found the italian serie a teams without kits can someone please help me? thanks you…

  37. @jenkey1002: what do you means PES2011-rip version? what’s that? Beacause I have the same problem(The file is either damaged was not installed correctly. Please uninstall then installing it again).

  38. hola me podes decir como cambiar la resolucion? en español
    hi can you tell me how to change the resolution? in english

  39. alguien que me diga como cambiar la resolucion y la calidad del video plis :))))))))

  40. you must download update and run “pesvn – settings.exe” can find in PES2011 installed folder
    like “C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011”

    report your error & bugs you found, we will fix in next update (release after next KONAMI’s DLC, maybe :D ).

  41. Hello everyone! I have a problem .. when I open pesvn patch gives me error net framework 4.. but I followed the ‘how to install patch’ and installed net framework 4.. someone has a solution?

    the error is: to run the application you must install one of the following versions of Net Framework: v4.030319

    // update your Net Framework to v4.030319. restart PC. try again.

  42. When i run the patch on win xp it worked fine with no error and great patch
    But…… in win 7 i got the error message :”the file is either damaged…….”
    what`s wrong ? i installed 3.3 and 3.3a as well , but why i got error in win 7 ?

    anybody help ? or maybe the mistake come from kitserver ?

  43. If people had problem about”the file is either damaged…….”, you can try to remove the files in the “..\pvnserver\log\”. I remove that and upgrade to krun-11.0.3 can run the game. But still have problem about D2 League.

  44. Hello PESVN Team,
    this patch is perfect…everything is working correctly, I did not face any problem from above, I think the problem with all respected players who commetted here are bad users, they couldn’t install the game correctly.
    But I faced only one problem I have explained it as steps below:
    1- In ML I have started from Segunda Liga (Liga Adelante), and I choose ALBACETE BALOMPIE.
    2- I have qualified to go to Liga BBVA.
    3- When I have reached transfer window in (Jul Wk1: 1/2) the game freeze and don’t move to next step.
    please tell me if I have to reinstall the game or it is bug from the patch.
    Thank you for your perfect patch, and waiting for your answer.

  45. to correct ( the file is either damaged …) problem
    1- install game to defult directory :c:\program files …..
    2- run the shortcut as administrator
    it will run correctly on Win 7
    @shafeimw :
    choose another team from division 1 .
    just think a little (ALBACETE BALOMPIE ???!!!!!!)

  46. i instal ur patch & the game work perfectly….but when i go to game plan, pes11 will crash automatically….i’ve update my direct x, net.frame, my graphic driver n my rig is way above the requirement needed to play pes 11….i juz dunno wat to do n plz help me…gud job m8!!

  47. Dear almaaaleklek,
    I don’t see any wrong if I choose any team, it is a game, are you from PES VN Team?

  48. This bug in giving. exe file Run the game administrator, but still giving this bug in the exe. Is to fix it?

  49. @shafeimw :
    u can choose any team , i didnd deride from u , my ur game crashed `coz u has choosed ur team from 2nd division.
    the problem is from kitserver and not from respected players, Win xp users must run the game perfectly.

  50. i have a problem. My rezolution is 1920×1080 but when i start the game change to 1280×1080.How can i fix it

  51. why seria a team don’t have kit???everything is perfect except seria a kit…one more question…what the password for administor??and which file i must run??

  52. why seria a team don’t have kit???everything is perfect except seria a kit…one more question…what the password for administor??and which file i must run???

  53. Change the Yair F*** patch to patch from early ver. jezzzz!!!!!.. And everything else great!! :D

  54. PESVN is my favorite patch but in this version there are a lot of bugs to fixed.
    I really hope that there is gonna be an update really soon.
    Because there is gonna be one, right?

  55. Lame patch!!!!!!!!! I can’t change control for keyboard (resulation for monitor too)… Oh my God, fix or delete it.

  56. @kaaleth
    Just copy the Settings from your Konami Folder (C:Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011) there’s a File called “settings.dat”. Just Copy it to your PSVN Folder (C:Documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011). Done.

  57. 1 more question: How can i delete a Milan 2007, 2005, Liverpool 2007 etc. from Championship League?

  58. i have this problem
    access to the path C:\Program Files(x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Socer 2011\vi\config.txt
    i dont know what to do. can someone pls help me
    thanks a lot

  59. I Love This Patch!

    But I Have A Small Problem.
    I Installed Pes 2011.
    I Installed Pes VN 2011 3.3 PATCH.
    I Clicked PesVN Patch 2011 Selector.
    I Clicked PesVN Patch 2011-Default.
    I Can Play The Game In Full Screen.
    But How Do I Play It In Window Mode?

  60. Hi!

    I’m new at this forum,and I’ve got a question:

    I want to use pesvn 3.3 ,and the 3.2 has worked me perfectly, but I had these two problems with the 3.2 version,too:

    -I can’t play with Xfire.the Xfire don’t know the game
    -The U21 teams are in the BaL mode,too,and they play for the european cup,etc..etc…

    pls help me, I wanna play with the best patch in the world(PESVN 3.3:))

    and sorry for my sh*t english..

  61. i have controller problem with this patch.
    both keys L1 and R1 was exchanged by L2 and R2.
    i usually run with R1, but after i use this patch it’s exchanged to R2.
    i’ve tried to change it in game setting.exe, but it’s useless.

    can you help me?
    thank you :)

  62. help me plz
    the game when i open it show me a mesage don’t send
    when i open Tool Selector

    show me a mesage the file either damaged or was not installed correctly please uninstall then inislltaing it again
    i do that
    what can i do??

  63. where the latest Transfer
    and alomost name in bundesliega isn’t correct also player’s

    name team in english liega isn’t correct

  64. How to change ball type? I only have “black” ball, it not nice ;/ i dont like it. How to change it? In game i changed but it dont work

  65. and 1 problem: I found one bug. Why always my team or player (become a legend mode) has note 3 after match?

  66. Does PesVN affect gameplay in some way? It feels that crosses are going a bit better. (and the gameplay would be a bit easier than default, might be that I’ve just gotten better ;)

  67. Does PESVN Patch affect gameplay, like crosses? It felt like all my crosses are going way too GOOD compared to PES default :).

    Started a new ML and the game seems a bit easier than I recalled.. is the gameplay affected in anyway? (I did NOT use the Yair Exe).

  68. ciao potete aiutarmi?? ho scaricato questa patch solo che quando comincio il campionato master alla prima giornata esce scritto pro evolution soccer 2011 ha smesso di funzionare e si chiude potete aiutarmi??


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