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PESVN patch 2011 v3.0.3 – International Version


PESVN patch 2011 v3.0.3 - International Version

PESVN patch 2011 v3.0.3 Features :

– Compatible with Patch 1.02 (KOMANI)
– Use the default Database of KONAMI + Football Manager

– New TEAMS :

* Full Team AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 :Malaysia , Indonesia , Thailand , Singapore , Myanmar , Laos , Philippine , Vietnam .
* Full Team UEFA Champion League
* Add Youth Teams : U21 England , U21 France , U21 Italia , U21 Germany , U21 Spain , U21 Nertherland , U20 Brazil , U20 Argentina , Olympic VietNam.
* Add Americas Team : LA galaxy, Santos Fc , NY Redbull.

– Unlock Other Americas Teams.
– Full Location for all Teams.
– Correct name for all (Football Team – Players – League …)
– Kit for All TEAM.
– Update 32 Background.
– New ballpack.
– New 60 Bootpack.
– New Face, relink a lot of Face. ( add some tatoo )
– Updated national anthem for some Team.
– New Electronic adboards for all stadiums.
– HD Turf for some Stadium.
– Real companies for Master league sponsors.
– Add New gameplay by KOMU ( 2 selected for gameplay )
– I can’t say all here, let play and enjoy your-self…

Version 3.0.3:

Fix : Delete file unnamed_275.bin from
\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\pvnserver\pesvn\img\dt0c.img

Update OF Full : (copy to My Documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011 )

NEW Add-on Logo TV new :

Buggy ( Background )

Thanks to:
juce & Robbie : kitserver
goldorakiller : Pro-evo Editing Studio
[email protected] : PES2011 Editor 1.0
barcafan : PES 2011 Ultimate Editor
DK Hernandez : Bootpack
All Facemaker , Kitmaker ….

– Remove PESVN patch v3.0.2
– Extract files using Winrar
– Install Patch with file Pesvnpatchupdate.exe
-> Play game and enjoy life…. .


  1. hello, if I apply this patch, will i be able to EDIT the teams’ strip and emblem? i am using a generic team for my MLO team and I need to be able to edit it myself.

  2. why him not make PESVN 3.03 as a update for PESVN 3.02??
    thats hard for me to change PESVN from 3.02 to 3.03

  3. hey all guy
    you Delete file unnamed_275.bin from
    \KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011\pvnserver\pesvn\img\dt0c.img
    to fix errors

  4. download d3dx9_43.dll search in google ! copy to C; / windows / win32 if u use win32 .. and start / run / type regsvr32 d3dx9_43 enter … play :P

  5. the data pack wont install , i mean i installed it but other teams are missing like la galaxy chelsea etc. how will i fix this thanks

  6. Same problem here. I can’t even choose a team in Exibition. Teams of Eredivise, Ligue 1 and some of Premier League have PSD stats. Can put Konami stats for them?

  7. im so frustrated the first time i installed it. it worked perfectly but when i re-installed it wont work..i can open it but its messed up! pls HEL!PPPP

  8. Thankx!
    but, i select the NewYork RedBulls, out of game..
    some teams selected…also out of game.
    plx fix…

  9. @IDOP

    i found the sysWOW64 folder how come its still not working. what specific file is needed to run this patch. for me this is the best patch so pls help me in this one.. thanks thanks..

  10. @idop

    it somehow worked.. but the other problem is when im choosing international teams the game crashes.. well, most of the people here are experiencing it. wahaha… im almost there!!

  11. wahaha… calling the attention of the maker of the patch. pls help us. your patch is the best thats why were still here figuring it out how to fix it. thanks

  12. @IDOP

    Philippines.. here’s the thing, when i go to an exhibition match the game crashes..tsk tsk tsk

  13. @sdsd

    I can use philippines against malaysia team for 90 minutes without crash..still wonder how it won’t work on you..wanna know the match result??hehehe

  14. @andrepranata

    1.download the(update OF FUll)from this patch
    2 download d3dx9_43..
    3.delete the unnamed_275.bin from dt0c.img folder
    that’s all..and everything will work..

  15. @kamen
    aku just try smua problem yg diorg post kt sni..so far tkde mslh pn utk ak..bes gak arr patch nih..

  16. @dsds
    hurmmm..do you still have the previous PESVN patch v3.0.2?delete it first then install the latest one..

  17. I have the same problem. And i already have the d3dx9_43 in System32 and deleted the unnamed_275.bin but continues to crash when i choose any teams created (AFC Suzuki teams, Santos…).

  18. @Giba13

    have you download the update for this patch??and make sure you already remove the prevoius PESVN patch v3.0.2..than install the latest one..

  19. @Giba13
    maybe you can make a second check if you put the d3dx9_43 in the correct folder..system32 for 32bit os,sysWOW64 for 64 bit os..

  20. @IDOp_pes_malaya
    Since before the installation i had the d3dx9_43 in system32 folder. I’ll try to install one more time.

  21. ok then..delete all konami file in the program file and my document..and make sure u have attach the kitserver after finish install..t.q..just want to help..

  22. IDOp_pes_malaya, no success… I don’t know, i think that the problem is the OF. Without it the game runs normally.

  23. ok guys…here’s the deal…
    1st step…update dlc konami patch 1.01…
    (when u load ur pes2011,at the loading screen it’ll show data 1.01 version 1.01)
    2nd step…install pesvn version 3.02..copy update full into konami folder at ur my document..delete unnamed 275 at dtc0.img(as instructed above)
    3rd step…run pesvn komu exe…(if crash..download d3dx9_43.copy and paste into windows system 32)
    4th step…run the game normally

    i’d successfully installed it..no crash for new team..enjoy guys

  24. version 3.0.3 is the lastest one…it adds many new squad…such as la galaxy…aff suzuki cup…new glove…face with tatoo…& more…try it.

  25. have u deleted unnamed 275 from pesvn img folder(dt0c.img)??_this usually make ur game not responding…

  26. I’ve already copy d3dx9_43 to system32.. but when I run the pesvn komu exe , it said ” d3dx9_43 is missing “.. can anyone help me? thx before..

  27. download it again..copy d3dx9_43 to destination path..my computer..local disk c..wndows..system32..paste..ur good to go..

  28. kamen rider…aku ni baru je nak update dan ni baru first patch aku….kena ikut step yg ko bg 2 ke..yg patch v3.02 tu..or aku just install je…

  29. @xion

    have u follow all the instruction above?
    if u r using 64 instead of 32 windows system, it is different..

    cannot understand u dicky..wats ur prob wif the game?

  30. @ kamen
    no, it`s not about d3dx.
    when i choose asia oceania… it crash everytime!
    i have deleted unnamed bin, and copy d3dx9_43 to my windows 32!
    what should i do again???? please help me…

    what about ur pesvn?

  31. when i won the afc cup using malaysia team some of the players became vietnam players.can u fix this?overall this is a good patch ;)


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