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PESVN Patch 2011 – UPDATE 3.3b


pes 2011 PESVN Patch 2011 UPDATE 3.3b


– Include new DLC 7.00
– Update new Kit for some National Team .
– Fix all small problem


– Copy “download” folder to
Win 7 : C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011\
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011\
– Copy “save” folder to
Win 7 : C:\Users\Your_User_Name\Documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011
Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Your_User_Name\My Documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011
– Copy “pvnserver” folder to your game install folder (defaul is C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011)


* you need installed before: PESVN Patch 2011 All In One Version 3.3 + UPDATE 3.3a

PESVN Editor Team:

Thanks to : Mr.Tititu92 , DK Hernandez , mcthanh , Buggy , PAT , MaskHiep , metay , Tottimas, julioclaudio ,nguyenanhtuan_mu , tienn0j , So_h4nd , CarLosiK89 , Mehoo , Txak , Flavioggl , StranXk , jason_y , da_cott, all Face makers , Kit makers , Stadium makers.

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc
juce & Robbie : Kitserver
goldorakiller : Pro-evo Editing Studio
[email protected] : PES2011 Editor 1.0
barcafan : PES 2011 Ultimate Editor
Yair : Gameplay mới và ý tưởng Net Shape


  1. @PESVN staff

    Is the problem with all players match ratings being 3.0 in master league fixed ?

  2. @user : you should run game with selector tool

    @ATZ : recommend > play with default gameplay : no bug 3.0 rating

  3. I installed the original patch and update to version 3.3a and was experiencing incorrect kits when changing the 2nd division leagues. i.e. English Championship. I thought that the 3.3b update would resolve this problem. However after installing the update all that was available was national teams. I would like to re-install this patch because it is really interesting to play the Vietnam Leagues and learn about the teams. The Problem is that i cannot be bothered to re-install because of all the messing about deleting files in the 3.3a update. Do you have any plans to release a all in patch with the updates all ready included.
    Best Regards

  4. as always, the update patch doesnot work…..this patch is great…but ur update is not working
    sorry to post this comment

  5. the game crashes at the match menu using tool selector and default gameplay!!!!!(ofcourse using mode “run as administrator” otherwise it does not work anyway)

  6. name’s team in the english league wasn’t edited

    almost team in bundesliega isn’t tream

  7. seems that NPower have wrong teams. I only got some classic teams there, when I wanted simply Npower teams.

  8. My bad! It was only in edit mode, perfect in Master League :P

    Then one very important question! I had FirePatch which crashed after a few seasons of MasterLeague.

    Have you certainly fixed this bug to this VN-patch? It was simply so disappointing as my Masterleague was rolling very well. Then it got stuck on Transfer Window open date (after the last match of season).
    Can you verify this as fixed? Pretty please? :)

  9. heyy where do i have to copy the “download” folder because i don’t have this folder in my pc.. “Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese ” Please Help meee… =( and if there’s another way to update the data pack please tell me taht… Thanks for it =)

  10. when i try to run pesvn2011, i run the selector, i choose menu icons, replay icon, stadium, and scoreboard, but when i choose the second division i want it comes up an error saying that i can’t access the pesvn2011.exe because i don’t have the authorization, but i always ran everything as administrator! what to do???

  11. @ILFede istalla l’update 3,3a così riuscirai a completare il selector, altrimenti non ci sono gli scoreboard, il logo replay e quindi non ti parte il gioco grazie a quella scritta che ti dice sostanzialmente “accesso negato”.. Bye.. ;)

  12. @Master of Pes @Leprechaun Can u tell me how you did install the whole patch?

    When I istalled the last update 3.3b the game had dummy players in all second divisions and with the dcl those teams went in ruin.

  13. @Cristian
    ho re-installato tutta la patch almeno 3 volte, e cmq non da’ problemi perchè non trova le cose, cioè nel selector m dice success per icone del menu, logo replay, stadio, scoreboard, poi quando arrivo alla seconda divisione, scelgo serie B, e mi da’ l’errore che non può accedere al file pesvn2011.exe perchè non ho le autorizzazioni necessarie, posso fare quit e si chiude tutto o continue e resta aperto il selector come se funzionasse tutto, poi quando scelgo il gameplay che voglio, default, il gioco non parte. anche se lo avvio direttamente dall’exe come administrator mi dice che non posso perchè non ho le autorizzazioni…..non so che fare….io avevo la 3.1 e funzionava alla grande ma la 3.3 non vuole proprio funzionare….

  14. Does PESVN affect gameplay? It feels that crosses are going differently than in default gameplay..?

  15. Had 3.2 previously.
    – Uninstalled it, uninstalled the game
    – Deleted all related folders
    – Reinstalled the game
    – Installed 3.3
    – Applied 3.3a
    – Applied 3.3b
    Following all steps described.

    Now the names of the English teams are now not edited and a lot of kits are swapped incorrectly (Blackpool has Reading kits etc.). In Edit Mode it’s a total mess, but I wouldn’t care if ML was correct, but it’s not.
    Same happening under default gameplay and enhanced gameplay.
    What’s wrong?

  16. I edited the existing bundesliga 2 switch to have the latest formations and transfers in the leagues… I didnt change the skills of ANY PLAYERS!!!!

    to use the edit: change to bundesliga 2 add on switch and then go into my documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011\save

    and then paste this file in there:


    its a Edit.bin . It has got edited by me to include latest formation and transfers.

    Other things I have done: The 2nd Bundesliga formations have not been updated but instead they got players from the English coca cola league in the teams to strenghen them!, SECOND i did NOT! change any national teams, the italian serie A team OR the champions league and European league teams!
    I tried my best and hopefully people will like it.



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