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PESVN Patch 2011 – Update v3.1b


Update v3.1b:

->run “Updatev3.1b.exe”, select the same paths as the first installation of the patch .

Update NEW Tool Selector:

-> Unrar copy and paste to Patch Directories

Finally, you DOWNLOAD:

-> Unrar,copy Folder “save” to My Documents\KONAMI\PES Vietnamese Patch 2011



  1. mình thấy chỉ số cầu thủ việt nam mình hơi điêu thì phải
    mình bé hơn cả quata cơ mà,sao lại to hơn thái lan đc =.=

  2. Update v3.1b:
    – Patch Running on 1:03 and 2:00 of KONAMI DLC
    – Update a few new Face
    – Some Scoreboard Update for Selector Tool
    – Update to add functional Selector Tool.
    – Update Ballpack standard for all competitions.

    Update NEW Tool Selector:
    – Add a few small features.
    – Fixed selection Stadium.

  3. El equipo de River e3sta mal la numeracion y el de los L.A. Galaxy esta mal se ve la manga atras de la camisa cuando juegan

  4. I install this update and —– Edit Data-Unable to load because data is from the different version.Download new concents to update data….this happen when i install Update v3.1b …please help

  5. this update just messes up the balls.. they don’t correspond to the preview..for example in la lig u get adidas terapas instead of nike tracer….in copa del ray ..u get the champions league ball and in champions league u get nike tracer….please fix this if u can

  6. You see I install your update. then I install again DLC 2.00 and becaouse the edit file is overwriten i paste the old one (wich is said to work with dlc 2.00) but no if I do that it sais it isn’t compatible. I wonder if I do something wrong. Before the update and without dlc 2 everything was OK. Great patch by the way.

  7. when i won the asian cup using malaysia’s team, some of the subs players appears to be vietnam players…does this update fix this problem???


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