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Peskolik.net Turkey League and El Clasico Mod Patch v2



**Patch Features**

* 5 Turkey League Team
* Beşiktaş
* Galatasaray
* Fenerbahçe
* Trabzonspor
* Bursaspor
* Euro 2012 Qualifying A Group
* Turkey
* Germany
* Belgium
* Austria
* Azerbaijan
* Kazakhstan
* Special El Clasico Mode
* Barcelona
* Real Madrid

* The last logos,kits,line-ups of teams.
* Current hair styles of players
Lig TV and NtvSpor with together 5 another scoreboard added.
* Quaresma, Simao, Alex, Selçuk İnan, Burak Yılmaz, Messi ve C.Ronaldo faces added.
* New Menus
The Language of Menu Icons have been changed to Turkish and El Classico icon is added specially.
* New adboards added.

NOT: “PESKolik’12 Demo V2.0 patch has not been done on any patches. While doing the patch “PES2012 demo – unlock teams 2.0” has been used. But all teams have been added by us.
Setup has been done as exe.


Before install the patch Delete ” PES 2012 DEMO” and reinstall.
This patch doesn’t run with another patches.
Ener the game with “PESKolik’12 DEMO Yaması” icon. If you enter orginal exe you don’t run “PESKolik’12”

Inonu and Nou Camp stadium has been added as main stadiums. If you want to change these you must delete the files which has not been named “noucamp_xxxx.bin ” in dt07 img. Then Enter ” Ekstralar” folder and copy the stadium which you want and paste dt07.img.

In this patch you can separate national teams and club teams at the side slecting.
In this patch you can change scoreboard at the side slecting.

– Selecting Side;

* If you press 1 you will have all teams
* If you press 2 you will have clubs.
* If you press 3 you will have national teams.

– Changing Scoreboard;

* Number 0 konami
* Number 1 ESPN
* Number 2 Premier Lig
* Number 3 NtvSpor
* Number 4 Lig Tv
* Number 4 Bundes Liga Score Board

After you installed teh patch ” Kitserver Manager” will be openned automaticly. You must press “Atach” button and play game !
Have nice games !

Download Links

PESKolik’12 Demo v.2


*Thanks To*

– Jenkey, juce, barcafan, KO, Tunizizou, Tottimas, Hasan Aktaş, Mert Çelik, Sefa Çelebi


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