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PESJP Patch 2013 version 1.00 by jenkey1002


PESJP Patch 2013 version 1.00 by jenkey1002

Features :

Support : PES2013 fullversion + DLC 2.00 (automatic installation)
Update real name & kits for : EPL, Liga Zon Sagres, …
Add : Bundesliga
2nd Division : Npower Championship
Completed all UEFA CL teams
Update transfer
Scoreboard server : 5 scoreboards ingame selectable
Camera tool : camera tunner & camera switcher support hidden camera
Kitserver 13 : support GDB kit
Gameplay tool 2013 v1.02
New turfs for all stadiums

Patch team :

Option file edit : Ishikawa
Kit collect & edit : Kentaro
Graphic : Buggy
Program, design : Jenkey1002

Credits : http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=c12957hr

Screenshots :

Download PESJP Patch 2013 version 1.00 by jenkey1002 :

Password (no space) : jenkey1002

How to install :

Extract with WINRAR
Install Patch to PES2013 folder
Play game via “PESJP Patch Launcher” in Desltop or “PesJP 2013.exe” in game folder

Preview :


  1. maaaan…can u please explain to me….whyyyy…when i`m installing the patch…and i want to acces the executable file…it says…..pes 2013 it has not been installed???????????????????????

  2. I got the same situation.
    “PES 2013 it has not been installed”.
    What’s wrong with my installation?

  3. The patch is really good. You and pesgalaxy are my favourites. Nice job. Only one bad thing after few playing, in game is coming error,must close game. One player like head is blown,graphics when he is in camera are going wild. And one thing more,many patch’s are different,someone has npower,somebody Bundes liga 2… why you don’t make agreement you make a switch (example you and (pesgalaxy) you give them npower lige,they give you Bundesliga 2… and with someone else you make another switch SeriaB,ligua 2… if you understand me :)

  4. A fix is needed…this patch has some glitches…Some guys like Marcelo,De Gea,Jordi Alba,have no faces..all you see is hair and just a pair of eyes balancing in space..very disgusting.Good patch though….

  5. Jenkey, in every club one face is bugged, and on that player sometimes is a black line, could you please fix that? Thanx, Jelke

  6. Why my pes 13 chrases after I run PESJP exeor PESJP launcher, it says pes13.exe has stoped working but when i run pes13.exe all normal, but kitserver dont work in pes13.exe can you help me I really wanna have real club jersesy, but i have all transers and club names, but no club badaga :/ can you help me please

  7. I really like it but it strangly as most patches which ad faces makes my game stutter at the moment that players with a custom face touch the ball…
    i have a hp dv7 i7 6 gb ram and radeon 6770m 1gb video card which should be good or ???? anybody else having these problems ??
    Otherwise great work !l

  8. Hey guys, I installed PESJP Patch 2013 version 1.00. But its not working for me. On clicking PESJP.exe icon it says PES 20123 is not installed but normal pes.exe workis fine but on ataching kitserver or manager.exe it also says same pes 2012 not installed. Plz plz plz help me out guys. Thanks in advance….

  9. nice patch.. thanks jenkey but some face are blank such marcelo, sagna, khedira and other face.. pliz fix it..

  10. jenkey we want only the gameplay tools so we can i play it with other patches
    like your other gameplay be reel

  11. i first installed pes 2013 and when i installed this patch,i try to start game and then they show me “pes 2013 has been not installed” ,what was that? please help,thanks

  12. installed this patch,i try to start game and then they show me “pes 2013 has been not installed” ,what was that? please help,thanks


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