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Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 v1.21 Full [30.11.2010]


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* Complete 1. Bundesliga replacing PES League with correct kits, emblems, stats and appearances
* 2. Bundesliga complete with correct kits, stats and faces.
* Correct Kits for all unlicensed league teams and brasil
* PSD Stats for Bundesliga
* All fake players and teams renamed
* Duplicate players removed
* All unrelinked faces relinked
* Correct Map position for unlicensed Teams
* About 200 faces inserted and relinked for 1. and 2.Bundesliga
* New national anthems by PrettyMarlon
* Lowercase player and teamnames
* New Adboards
* Own exe
* Compatible with new DLC 1.01 and Patch 1.02

Installation via Installer, extra installer for save.
Readme for installation and features in the download!


MxSoNiC, hio, [email protected], juce and robbie, PrettyMarlon, michi1860, klashman69, Patros46
and all kit and facemakers

If you don’t want any of your works in this patch, tell me and I will remove it.


  1. hello, if i install this patch, will i be able to EDIT 2.budesliga kits/emblems from in game EDIT? i ask this cause i need to edit a team for my MLO team.

  2. Looks fine!

    But if I want to start, game says that it can’t load data because the new data is another not compatible version.

    Emblems etc. are fine, but just the damn edit.bin file causes problems!
    Does anyone know a solution?

    Everthing is installed as it is described…


  3. i can’t change the key bindings , it remains the pass on the ‘x’ button even when i’m changing it to ‘s’ button in the settings file

  4. When i extract the 1.21 file there is an error because the setup require other version in order to extract all the setup in the 1.21 version.

  5. Hi, I have a problem, when I install this patch I get the names but there are not the jersey for the Premier League, and Bundes Liga the names are correct but no jesreys. What is the problem? Please help, it looks very bad!

  6. The sides unlocker does not work in kitserver ??????
    The sides unlocker is present in kitserver but the config does not have it registered ???
    put it in the config but still nothing ?

    Anyone ?

  7. Hello

    There is a error in the name of a team: SL Benefica (wrong) –> SL Benfica (right).


  8. The full screen does not work properly on me and after the install the game is slower. I can not change the controller buttons too.
    The patch seems to be good except these things.

  9. If you want to fix the fullscreen and controller problem here is the fix:

    Go to: My documents -> Konami -> Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 -> and copy “achieve.dat” and “settings.dat”.

    Then paste them to: My documents -> Konami -> Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011.
    After that you should see 3 files : “save” “achieve.dat” and “settings.dat”.

    This fixes also the slow gameplay so it will be smooth again.

  10. Hello,

    When do you fix all these bugs? There is another bug in the name of the GK of Real Madrid FC: Casillas(right)/Cassilas(wrong).



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