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Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 v1.20 [19.11.2010]


Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 1.20 # 19.11.2010

Complete 2. Bundesliga with all faces and all kits
Kits for all national teams
Some faces added
Some other things fixed

Installation via Installer, extra installer for save.
Readme for installation and features in the download!

Version 1.00 and 1.10 has to be installed!


MxSoNiC, hio, [email protected], juce and robbie, PrettyMarlon, michi1860, klashman69, Patros46 and all kit and facemakers

update : delete unnamed_1826 in dt0f to fix the ML Bug.
Here also a fixed OF (Fixes PES Liga to Bundesliga and Mujdza Bug): download.

* Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 v1.00
* Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 1.10


  1. finally this wonderfull patch!!!!!
    only two things to be corrected :
    – edit.bin has to be saved with copa libertadores unlooked : i have do it manually.
    – add names of some players with the same surname, please : for example in a.s. bari : masiello

    thank you
    a question why in some teams like juventus has been added other players like very young guys ?
    please answer

  2. – why in some teams like juventus there are new young players ?
    – please add the name of some players that habe the same surmane like masiello in as bari
    – save edit.bin with copa libertatadores unlooked : i do it manually

  3. he men i delete the unnamed_1826 in dt0f file so its run good in ML but if you go to tranfer update in ML it crash . or am i the only one

  4. there is a problem with some kits of africain teams(puma )like tunisia and marroc ;;please help and try do correct africain Player face ;thx and good work

  5. can anyone help me for libertadores’ teams unlocker with this version?
    i can’t play with them since i updated the patch to 1.20 version.
    please help me!!!


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