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Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 v1.00


Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 1.00

* Complete 1. Bundesliga replacing PES League with correct kits, emblems, stats and appearances
* 2. Bundesliga with correct kits and emblems but wrong players in D2 League (will be correct in future versions)
* Correct Kits for all unlicensed league teams and brasil
* PSD Stats for Bundesliga
* All fake players and teams renamed
* Duplicate players removed
* All unrelinked faces relinked
* Over 100 faces inserted and relinked for 1. Bundesliga
* New national anthems by PrettyMarlon
* Own exe

Installation :
Installation via Installer, save has to be copied manually.
Readme for installation and features in the download!


MxSoNiC, hio, [email protected], juce and robbie, PrettyMarlon, michi1860 and all kit and facemakers

If you don’t want any of your works in this patch, tell me and I will remove it.

Download ( includes: patch + new save + stadiums add-on)


  1. what makes this the best patch?? someone please tell me?? i dont want to move from PESEdit 0.3 …but if your saying its perfect.. its making me tempted. I have seen many guys in the past say patches are perfect like smoke 2.6 and it turns out to be no way near some of the other patches. So please , the experience guys let me know.

  2. I have the same as Adipor: Only the emblems of the competitions.
    I run the installer on my PeS 2011 directory. I think i make a
    mistake. Can something tell me how to install it corretcly?

  3. To Sid important answer!
    I also got Pesedit 0.3 and this. You can have both as this uses different exe & option files (Perfect!). I’m still evaluating both..

    And I like this more than Pesedit 0.3 as it has PSD stats only in Bundesleague not in every league, which is just what I wanted!

    Please developers if you read this, if you make new versions of this, please give us in future as well a chance to keep Original NON-PSD stats. Don’t replace all teams, or provide us with a choice in 2 option files because this is the reason for at least to me to have your patch over others :)


  4. is it possible to dismiss the 2. bundesliga from the patch?
    if yes…how?

    ps. i prefer D2 default for now….i wouldn’t play against herta berlino in Serie A =)

  5. i can’t make it work. i installed it and put the save as they say in the readme but there is no deference. could somebody explain in noob language

  6. I have the same as Shade. I can’t make it work. I have installed the pesgalaxy.tk 1.0.0 patch.exe on my pes 2011 directory, but when i start the game the team buttons are correct but not the kits.
    He start also the game without de cd, so i can’t load any save.
    What do i wrong. Can something explain how to install the patch

  7. I also have the same problem. In the Game it says cant load edit date because its a different version. i tried everything, please help us.
    I really like to lpay the patch because it seems like a great one.
    THank you


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