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Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 1.10


Many new EPL kits, Levante and Malaga
Many kitfixes (e.g. Leverkusen)
Trainingkits fixed
Copa Libertadores unlocked in friendly
Lowercase player and teamnames (look at Screenshot)
New Faces (Carroll, Deac, Defour, Hazard, Javier Hernandez (Chicarito), Lukaku, Misimovic, Plestan, Rafinha, Rincon, Valdez, Wolfswinkel)
Many other fixes like wrong linked faces

Installation via Installer, save has to be copied manually.
Readme for installation and features in the download!

Version 1.00 has to be installed!


MxSoNiC, hio, [email protected], juce and robbie, PrettyMarlon, michi1860, klashman69, Patros46 and all kit and facemakers

Link : Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011 Version 1.00


  1. Awesome patch guys keep the good work
    Its the best patch that i have seen until now
    I agree with one above in 2 budesliga put another like greek champion if u can plz.or anything because i dont have the badges of budesliga 2 :(

  2. in the next patch please insert logo of league competition on players shirts.
    only bundesliga players have it.


  3. @ patch creators : i’ve most of nationals team kits compatible with pes2011 if you want i can send them, but tell me how.

  4. Good start! The patch still need national teams kits, some champions league teams (bursaspor, partizan etc…), to open real champions league groups in master league mode, chants & stuff like that :D

  5. Nice patch. Congratz. But i already install another one before and now dont want to lose the things i have.

    One question. Can i install only the faces? How?

  6. Hi,

    I can`t get it work. In README it says that i have to Copy “Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011” from save to Users\”User”\Documents\KONAMI. Do I need to change folder “Pesgalaxy.tk Patch 2011” name to save? or what?

  7. Sid your game must be messed up. Everything’s fine for me. Love the patch guys, keep it up ;)
    It’s a new patch so keep it up =)

  8. I installed it properly, Liverpool’s Jovanovich is a black player, he doesnt even exist.. Standard liege doesn’t exist. Ive installed it properly, how hard is it to install this? its simple . The logos of the bundesliga are nice..but the new Bundesliga logos we see in some of the latest patches are the best ones. The all red logos with that white figure. The ligue is logo color is dark and cant be seen against the background.

  9. Hi guys, please someone tell me which is the .bin number of the oberhausen kits! i see the training kits in the game and i want to replace it. sory for my bad english i’m italian

  10. This is truly an amazing patch. Really great work. Thanx for offering it! one or two details to be considered: Jurado is missing from Schalke 04 and some of the new stadiums appear half done.meaybe they indeed are half done. other than that the whole thing is really awesome. Again thank you!!!

  11. very good patch but ı saw some small problems about face. robertocarlos face missed and some faces changed wrongly.
    thank you very much.


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