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Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.02


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2019 Version 1.02 Released 21 Dec. 2018

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.02

– Last Live Update and Data Pack 3.0 implemented
all Campeonato Brasileiro teams fixed (corrects all DUMMY players)
DLC 3 faces replace patch faces (i.a. Baba, Bentaleb, Maddison, Mount)
Coaches for all European leagues updated (e.g. Hasenhüttl, Solari)
World Classics fake players Batistuta and Denílson are replaced with their “real” versions
– fixed a few OF mistakes (wrong player numbers, shirt names, ..)
– added flocking for Southampton’s second shirt
– added ML press room for 1.FC Nürnberg
– many new tattoos by Sho9_6 and player faces
– newest version of Hawke’s ball pack
– updates for German scoreboards and Europa League scoreboard by 1002MB
– numerous Minifaces (lineup pictures) updated by 1002MB
– correct starters for international competitions (as far as practicable)

The patch always includes two Installers from now on. One for the Main Files where you’ve to select the Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Steam directory as your install directory (same as usual). And one for the OF files where you’ve to choose your save folder which is normally at Documents/KONAMI/…
Now there shouldn’t be any problems with missing OF files any more.

As always there is the possibility that your antivirus program doesn’t like our installers. Deactivate it for a minute or add the installers as exceptions.

Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.02 (install 1.00 and 1.01 before – links inside) :

zippyshare mega



Supported by: 1002MB (Minifaces), Famiy, der_Chrise, Morlock68 (OF work and testing).

Credits: Hajnal30 (Switch), Hawke (NT Kits, Ballpack), Baris, ejogc327, tunizizou (Tools), 1002MB (Minifaces), DJMatt, Angeltorero, Rodrigoportell4, Canen, QFABIVSMAXIMO, EC27 (Kits), Famiy, Ginda, Ivankr (Pressrooms), Sho9_6 (Tattoos), bamabravesfan, Valencia_25, ronystan, maquiavelo40, joel7faces (Face Builds), ctonian, chosefs, majuh (Adboards), Prince Hamiz, Wima_2 (Faces)


  1. Why are the faces from Thailand National Team that were added in datapack 3 not present in this patch?

  2. Los nombres de los equipos y jugadores de bundesliga estan mal,son los q trae x defecto…necesita un fix por favor…

  3. datapack 3 faces are missing ex. thailand player faces and stadium image in many teams also missing but all of stadium image are present in edit mode. i can change them myself but they’re too many of them. can you fix these problems?

  4. Guys, does still shows Bundesliga located in Portugal Competition list in Master League? I hope it got fixed. Thanks for the Patch

  5. That´s not how it supposed to be. I´d suggest to reinstall out patch. Make sure to pick the installation folder yourself, maybe it has been installed into the wrong directory beforehand.

  6. okie lets say like all ran smoothly (setup->patch 1.0->patch 1.01->patch 1.02), and started the game, its all perfect (logo,kits,faces…etc) and when i play the football match randomly (even master league), its freeze and there is a small blue round icon keeps cycling at the bottom left corner, its juz keep cycling and i can do nothing in game. So, anyone faces this issue, plz any solution should be needed, with thanks

  7. Hey guys, juz found a solution in my case jus posted above – THE ISSUE IS THE GAME IS FREEZE BEFORE KICKING OFF…so, the solution is:

    The file named dt80_300E_x64 (data pack 3) within the game folder (will be appearing after the installation of the patch 1.02), so this file will cause FREEZING in game. So, the solution is you have to download an original DATA PACK 3 from online, and then replace that with the old one in your pes19 game folder. Afterwards, game will run normally. I did and i played well.

  8. Okay, I solved it, but I found several problems, for example the logo of chmpions league in bundesliga and the exit to the field always with the AFC can you fix it?

  9. من خواهر زنم شادی رو میخوام بکنم تو کونش پا نمیده کون تپلی داره

  10. Hi. I’ve noted that when you play on Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid’s home), the game always show the ‘Neu Sonne Arena’ stadium. Is it right or is it a mistake to correct?
    Thank you for this great patch.

  11. Sir please fix this patch again after i install this patch is no logos, no kits, and update teams this patch since i installed this patch back to normal again or plain mean no patch

  12. A alguien más le pasa que los nombres de los equipos y las ligas siguen siendo las normales?

    He instalado siempre el mismo parche, no he modificado nunca nada

  13. the game got stuck on loading screen before kick off after I installed the 3 patches. any help?

  14. Can someone upload save file in document after instal pes galaxy?
    In patch 1.01 was great, after i update to 1.02 i got fake logo and dumb kits. Maybe i can replace the edit file for kits and logo team.

  15. OF working with DLC 4 —> https://www.mediafire.com/file/kqxvq4pf8vycyn4/EDIT00000000/file

    @ MfG ZeRoberta

  16. Hey guys, it looks bad at the moment. I found this on pesgalaxy.com from Volun, one of the Patch creators:

    “Unfortunately I currently don’t see myself fixing the patch as it is extremely time-consuming and nothing but a routine piece of work that we’ve to do after every single DLC. It’s a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand we obviously would like to offer a working version but there’s just too much against it. I think the main problem is that it is always the same work that has to be done.
    As well as I know myself this can change any day .. but God knows when this happens.”


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