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Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.01


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2019 Update 1.01 Released 9 Nov. 2018

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 V1.01

– kits fixed for several teams (e.g. Juventus FC, Real Madrid, FC Porto)
– fixed online compatibility for logos and kits

There’s also a new EDIT in the fix. Backup your EDIT or uncheck the “OF” checkbox in the installation process if you want to keep your own changes.
In this case a few kit bugs won’t be fixed though.

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Unfortunately the file size is relatively big again because in order to fix the online compatibility we had to include the latest DLC again.

* 1.01 is an update. You need installed first Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.00.


  1. I don’t understand what the fuss is about this patch when all it does is just keep resetting itself everytime you start it up again it never creates an option file properly.

  2. Can you add in next update the serie A sleeve badges on kits? As other leagues as Premier, LaLiga, Bundesliga and others have it. :)

  3. Hi. Noticed a couple of errors; Brighton & Hove Albion home kit needs to have red font and numbers (not the black that it currently has). Also Crystal Palace are missing their yellow 3rd kit. Please could you put this right?

  4. Same problem here that many seem to have, problem installing, have uninstalled the games once and then installed the patch and then deleted the patch again and installed and delete the numbers folder and then installed again, but always just logos and just Nistelroy in euro classic team.

  5. I faced the same problem. Here’s what I did. Uninstall the patch completely. Open the game once go into the main menu. Make sure a folder with numbers is created in your documents/Konami folder. Inside the numbers folder, only SYSTEM00000 file should be present. Delete all other files if present. Install the patch now. You should see everything.

  6. Started a Master League with Bayern and they are not in the Champions League, but the Europa League. What’s the problem???

  7. How do I make Evoswitcher display the bundesliga scorecard when I play with bundesliga teams? Anyone has any idea?

  8. serie a badges are simply turned of, but you can do it very simply:
    in game menu go to tab extra,then press edit, from there select italy, serie a and you will find the option “detailed settings”. you’ll see option badge is truned of and you can simply switch it to badge left or right or on both shoulders

  9. The Coach/Stadium files and EDIT have to be installed somewhere.
    Check if there’s a folder named “OFFiles” after installation. If yes, move it’s content to your save folder

  10. And they are? After the fix only two little problems were reported..
    Seems like you’re just here to generate bad press.

  11. Very good patch! Nice work guys!
    Do you have an idea why Serge Gnabry can’t be nominated for Germany national team?

  12. ive only just installed pes galaxy so I have all the konami live updates to nov 22. will the galaxy still work?

  13. juz followed the instructions properly and i also saw that during the installation of two ver (1.0 and 1.01), there was a part of installing like EDIT,COACH,STADIUM… at the end of the installation and its supposed to be in save folder but when i went there, there is nothing found except a system file.
    i did reinstall the game either patches but there is no change. So, where can i find the OFFiles or juz any possible solution in this case. Thanks guys and much appreciated

  14. Hi can u explain me why all’ clubs and league names didn’t change? I notice only the new kits and some faces

  15. I did download and put where it should be. It works perfectly bro, thanks for your sharing and im really appreciated by this action. Once again, thank you bro.

  16. this patch don’t install OF files in documents and callnames eng commentary by predator002 don’t work,adboards it’s same for much stadium ,team are updated i download Aleksander OF files but this patch NEED A FIX.

  17. the same happened in ver 1.01 also bro, there is a lacking of OFFiles even though it showed during the installation that OFFiles are well installed in C:\\……
    So, the solution is juz setup ur PES19, then use the patch from PESGALAXY, after installing all patch, juz get into the game that aimed to create a save folder (always put within a numeric folder). So now, juz quit the game, download the OFFiles from Alexander (that i was asking for help before). Download that Offiles, and drag them to ur save folder…and then enjoy. There is also some issues with the 3rd kits of some clubs, but its fine that we can ignore and wait till the next update from PESGALAXY.

  18. Anyone who has installed and played well Pesgalaxy patch 1.01 (kits fixed for several teams..) plz can you guys share us an OF Files of the patch 1.01 (edit, coach…etc) coz the patch 1.0 has many problems related to Kits in club and national team then… and myself still is struggling with the installation of pesgalaxy (eventhough now, im using the OF Files from Aleksander well), but i would need a hand from you guys. with thanks and much appreciated ;)

  19. Creo que tu problema es que tienes varios parches a la vez puestos, necesitas borrarlo todo y instalar el juego desde el principio y luego añadir pesgalaxy

  20. nah, im only installing the original pes2019 1stly, and then juz start setuping the pesgalaxy 1.0 and 1.01, but there is no OF Files then…thats installed somewhere else but i dont know where and how. So, i think i will be wating for the next update from Pesgalaxy then xD

  21. nah, im only installing the original pes2019 1stly, and then juz start setuping the pesgalaxy 1.0 and 1.01, but there is no OF Files then…thats installed somewhere else but i dont know where and how. So, i think i will be wating for the next update from Pesgalaxy then xD

  22. Thanks for the great patch! After I installed it, a really odd problem started happening: independiente logo is appraring as the flag of india! The most weird is that even if I remove logos.cpk, it still shows like that. Any guess about what can be done to solve it?

  23. Do we know when pesgalaxy will release a new version with more european teams? some of europa league for example.. thanks btw! :D

  24. 3rd kits serie A team udinese still dummy version. I want to change, but i can’t. How to edit strips? Can u fix it please…


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