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Pesgalaxy Patch 2018 0.50 AIO


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2018 0.50 All-In-One + Fix

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2018

– 10 new completely licensed Bundesliga teams with correct logos, kits (Beta) and squads
– All other Bundesliga teams with correct logos, kits and ingame players
– Completely licensed Serie A, LIGA NOS, La Liga and more with correct team names, logos and kits
– Serie B and La Liga 123 with correct team names and logos
– Fake players of all national teams, the Campeonato Brasileiro and classic teams replaced or correctly renamed
– Kits for all national teams added (some PES2017 Kits)
– Coaches and Homestadiums of all european teams corrected incl. pictures for coaches and stadiums for all european first division teams
– Rivals for all european teams
– Stadium banner labelings for all Bundesliga teams and some european Topclubs added
– Minifaces (Formation pictures) for Bundesliga and more, with Classic Teams added
– Switch incl. DPFileList Editor, 21 ML press rooms, Replay wipes and controller button graphics (XBOX, PS)
– 12 new player tattoos incl. the return of Neymar’s tattoos
– Teams sorted alphabetically in their respective leagues
– Last Live Update and Data Pack 1.0 implemented
– online compatible

0.50 AIO


0.50 Online Fix

Copy and paste the file inside the rar archive into your pes download folder and overwrite the existing file.


Patchteam: Hajnal30, Borusse92, Volun and P.K.Charmant

Credits: See credits.txt inside download.

Download Pesgalaxy Patch PES2018 Update 0.50 AIO


  1. Will you add Liga MX and J League later? Or maybe I could import those leagues from Option Files over this patch? Thank you

  2. Work fine, but with small fix, after instal this patch, download the newest PES2018 fixed 1.02 by NRG, and replace PES.exe with this fix PES.exe, WORK PERFECT

  3. No one make Sule’s face at PES 2018.
    You can’t use PES 2017 face for PES 2018.
    It’s sad but true :(

  4. sir…my CPU was unable, what should i do…i still can running this game but i don’t like it because of lag problem

  5. Hi, i’m playing a Máster League with Torino FC , and the Parma Team emblem in screen is not real.
    Celtic Glascow is not in the game, pls add.
    Thanks for this patch , I think is the best in this moment.

  6. Repleace your pes2018.exe with fix from NRG .. searching google bro..this work fine..and so far so good this is just costum Patch from galaxy

  7. Its really nice.. thank you so much.

    But it locked my game to 50 fps.. I don’t know why.
    Can this be fixed?

  8. pinche parche de mierda anda solo con la version original hijo de su puta madre ojala se te muera tu gfa pinche puto

  9. Thanks. We noticed the mistake with the Parma logo already.

    Celtic and the other missing CL teams will be added for next version

  10. In case if i want to add cpk files on your patch how should i proceed? because i want to add faces and tattoo on it

  11. Put them in the download folder, start PESGalaxy.com Switch, go to ‘DpFileList’ tab and add your cpks.


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