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Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 2.00 AIO


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 v2.00 All In One / 8th Dec. 2016

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 Full 2.00

– 9 new european teams added (Shakhtar, Zenit, Rapid, RB Salzburg, Fenerbahce, OlympiacosPanathinaikos, PAOK, Anderlecht)
– Complete Liga Bancomer MX with correct Kits and squad added (Thanks to Team PES MX)
– Official Liga Bancomer MX Ball added
– All new players and faces from DLC 1.00 and 2.00 included
– Many new national team kits including many third kits (Argentina, Chile…)
– Many new faces, especially for national team players and legends (now a total of over 1500 faces)
– Many headsizes fixed
– Many face texture improvements
– Coaches for all club teams corrected
– Stade Vélodrome replaces Estadio Cornellá-El Prat
– Some stadium bugs fixed (lines etc.)
– Other small bugs fixed (nationalities etc.)

– All fake teams corrected with correct names and logos
– Full Bundes with correct Kits and squad added
– The 5 missing CL Teams (Rostov, Copenhagen, Celtic, Ludogorets, Legia) with correct Kits and squad added
– 9 new european teams added (Shakhtar, Zenit, Rapid, RB Salzburg, Fenerbahce, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, PAOK, Anderlecht)
– Complete Liga Bancomer MX with correct Kits and squad added (Thanks to Team PES MX)
– New 16/17 kits for all european teams and all national teams
– Many new third kits added
– About 1400 new or updated faces added
– Fake players in Brasileiro Série A corrected and transfers updated
– Correct international starters
– New switch (Gameplay switch, Faces switch, Controller switch, SweetFX switch, Visual packs switch, DPFilelist editor completely reworked)
– Stadium pack added (40 stadiums in total)
– Ballpack added
– Adboardpack added
– Fake players of the national teams corrected

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Patchteam: Hajnal30, Borusse92, Volun.

Credits: See credits.txt inside download​

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  1. All in One = no need previus version to work?

    // yes, AIO, (All-In-One) doesn’t need old versions installed.

  2. Hello guys. I cannot open the game after installing the game. Do you know what it could’ve happened or if I have to eliminate a file or so? Thanks

  3. Hello guys. I have a problem. The game doesn’t start now. Do you know if I can do something about it? Do I have to eliminate any files or something? Thanks

  4. Hello people. My game doesn’t start now. Do you know what I can do? I have steam version. Thanks a lot

  5. Yes, will work online as long you play in Online Mode.
    We haven’t done that many manager photos yet (just Bundesliga). We’ll add them with the next version. Manager names are all correct

  6. People, do you know what it can happen that I cannot open the game after installing the patch? It gives an error. Thanks

  7. Volun will this work in a pirate version? because i installed this patch and stopped working … this happened too in 1.11 and 1.12

  8. Why are players the size of a kid and all called dummy :S seriously mate this a joke or something ill stick to smoke patch thanks

  9. Game crash when play against poland and lewandowski looks about 3ft tall hahaha this is ridiculouse man all these dummys xD

  10. when i start the PESGalaxySwitch.exe playing offline mode, why steam launcher appear ??
    can you explain that . . .

  11. We said so many time that we don’t support it. That also means that we don’t test it.
    It doesn’t mean that it won’t work – we just don’t know it

  12. Obviously our patch comes with it’s own saved data (OF). Everybody patch like that. Otherwise it won’t work. There’s nothing to fix about it.

  13. It isn’t our fault that users like you aren’t smart enough to read. Play offline game modes like ML in Patch OFFLINE MODE, MYCLub etc. in ONLINE MODE.
    Might sound a bit harsh but in my opinion it’s totally appropriate here.

  14. Thanks alot guys ! Good Work! If you need support to update the rosters of the 3 Greek Teams please let me know! :)

  15. Somebody Help!!!!!!!!
    now my game doesn’t allow many of my face/facepacks and when i go to game says “DATA IS FROM DIFFRENT VERSION”!!!!

  16. God what happened?!??
    +many new faces from previous Version now Became Konami ones (Like De Rossi and…)!!! even i checked selector and it’s on “new and Updated faces”.

    what should i do??

  17. guys just use their faces and kits with dpfileslist, the work on the patch its great but way to complicated for a noob, cpk files + dpfileslist is the way to go here.

  18. create a folder named tmp inside lib folder and then copy the custom.txt from dpfilelist folder and paste it inside tmp.

  19. great job guys but why pulisic and mor have generic faces?konami made them in dp2 but im sure you know that.also cristiano looks like an algerian lol dark face color and dont match with body colour.put a good face for him or bring the default back which is not bad.also icardi not good face and very small head the default konami icardi is good i dont know why you changed him.also jenkinson is bad put moha pes17 face for him its realy good.i read on your forum that you’ll release soon a small update for fix usa jones that freeze the game so consider also fix the above faces.90% of your faces are great but pay attention a little more and if some konami faces are good dont change them.i hope you release this small fix soon.thanks for all and keep going your patch is the best until now overall!

  20. What do you mean by Original Players?
    Are you sure that you’re choosing the correct Patch modes? (Offline mode for ML, BAL & Co, Online for Myclub)

  21. I’m pretty sure that I changed Jenkinson face and removed Icardi. Don’t know what happened.
    For Ronaldo I made the fault that I only checked him with SweetFX. With the settings I use he looks awesome.
    You may also have noticed that we improved more than 100 face textures on our own. More will be improved with the next major version.

    Thanks for feedback :)
    btw.: When you see more unproportional head sizes feel free to report them. This year it’s extremely difficult to change them since Konami deleted these settings from the ingame editor (we have to do head sizes in PES16 instead)

  22. Hallo ;)

    When I start PESGALAXY.EXE and click on “Play Offline Mode” or “Play Online Mode”, appear error “Unknown error 0x80041002” with other various error message. I install game from nosteam.ro and game starts correcly without Galaxy Patch. Help me!!

  23. I understand … thx for reply and great work guys. Greeting from Argentina.

    PD: i fixed the problem with this :
    www117 zippyshare com/v/xz5lxrJp/file html

  24. Now I know why Jenkinson by Mo Ha is missing. I put Mo Has face in PESGalaxy_New_Faces while the other/old one is in Update_Faces which has higher priority.

  25. es un problema con las graficas, desactiva las graficas con dpfilelist y prueba con otro parche de graficos.

  26. not for me, but you can see people complaining about game freeze or crash, it is just people dont know what they doing, or are using their games with no DLC on dpfilelist, etc.. for example in my case sweetfx crash my pc, i dont mind because i dont use it anyway, but its a pain for most of people.
    The patch is great anyway, best faces on the net, and i tried A LOT of patches, you guys are great, i didnt checked if you put faces on the classic teams, that was my only complain about the last version.

  27. dummy player with high stat in free agent in master league, please fix it man, there are 4-5 player like that

  28. Alguem pode postar o EDIT00000000 em separado por favor? Eu instalei o patch mas não o encontrei na pasta SAVE, obrigado.

  29. Nothing to take away with the other patches, but this is the best for me. complete. Big guys. I wanted to ask a question: In your patch there is the possibility of adding a pack stadium, but also taking into yours?

  30. im using your stupid offline mode via PESGalaxySwitch an its a shame your not smart enough to release the patch with no errors envolved an you released it with a simple click install method so what your saying is i didnt install properly when ive reinstalled game 3x an still same outcome…. i think the problem lies with you spudnik and releasing your patch half completed …so simple method test your patch make sure no bugs or people will share there opinions weather or not you like it mr smart xD

  31. id check your sassuolo kit in edit mode aswell there is a weird white blurred line goin on with certain players peluso has it

  32. Really strange that you’re the only one here that has problems with dummys (Lewandowski, etc.). Isn’t it?!
    Might has something to do with you.

  33. So you want more than 40 stadiums at the same time? That isn’t possible since there aren’t more free slots.

  34. Yes, thanks for responding. One of the Italian players on my team, M. Curto is now named ‘Original Player’.

    I’ve never seen that happen before with your mod. I play offline Master League always.

  35. It lonsk chensono many stadiums r slots are all occupied. I wanted to put lifte Italian stadiums. but if I put the pack stadium Italy I lose vistri Ugh

  36. yeah i noticed the face textures you improved very good job.i also use sweetfx glaucio ultra from selector but in game cristiano face very dark.which sweetfx you use?i saw a moha pes17 face for him and looks very good maybe you should put his.also for next update restore icardi jenkinson pulisic mor etc. for ‘new and updated’ option because if i choose only new then i wont have all the other great update faces.if i see something else i”ll report to help make your great patch even better.its always good to add new good faces especially to generic.also take a look on sassuolo kit it’s buggy with some players in edit mode and i guess in game too and la liga sleeve badge dont have white background like it should but only the letters.also if its possible put leicester,bayern etc. champion sleeve badge.take care those details because some people say that other patch is better because they pay attention in every little detail bla bla so if you fix all those things they wont have anything to say.not that i care what they say but anyway..i know your patch is the best overall but its also good to have all these details realistic because they make the visual aspect even better.anyway thanks for all.

  37. The kits are really strange (not only Sassuolos).
    One the one hand not every player has these glitches and on the other not every user can see them. For Hajnal who does the kits this glitch doesn’t come up

  38. merhaba 2.0 yamayı yükledikten sonra oyun açılmıyor PESGalaxySwitch game exe crash
    arızalı düzeltirseniz sevinirim

  39. what about wrong la liga sleeve badge?can you fix it?there is a sleeve badge pack by cronos with high quality and all correct and even leicester gold champion sleeve badge etc but his description how to install is confusing it’s not just put the cpk in download and regenerate otherwise i would do it myself.please take a look at it and maybe you can insert it in your next version?only problem is with fiorentina’s sleeve badge in every patch i checked it’s in wrong position.it must be a konami kit bug…and why the [email protected] did they not put the option to fix head size?!they always find a way to bust our [email protected] lol..but we gotta give it to them for this year’s excellent gameplay..it’s the best football game ever made..! imagine how pes will be in 8-10 years!! oh man…

  40. I share a issue that occurred at the moment that i wish to edit stats of some Bundesliga players: the faces of, for example, Bobadilla (Ausburg) or Weigl (Borussia Dortmund) turn off to default, but still good on Ramos and Aubameyang. Why this happens?

  41. Nur so nebenbei aber 80 % aller Player haben Pro Evo gedownloaded für 0€ und Ihr wollt mir ernsthaft erzählen ihr wollt keine Piraterie Unterstützen deswegen funzt der Patch nur bei Originalen???
    Euer Patch ist damit unbrauchbar wenn der nur bei gekauftem Pro Evo Spielen funzt.
    R.I.P. PES Galaxy Ihr Schein-heiligen Ihr habt ja noch NIE was illegal gedownloaded?!
    PS : Euer Patch ist eh nur mittelmaß und nie richtig ausgereift nicht mal DAS könnt Ihr :(

  42. Kumpel egal ob du das original Spiel gekauft oder illegal herunterladen hast, ist der PESGalaxy Patch total schrott und unglaublich scheiß !!!

    Nicht nur das die Dateigröße so unverschämt aufgeschwemmt ist, aber das Patch is leicht bearbeitet von Version-nach-Version. Sie nehmen all ihre Fans für Idioten an und bauen so ein Scheiß, es ist lächerlich !!

    Würde niemals irgendwelchen Patches von diesen Wixern runterladen. Zum Empfehlung ist PTE Patch, der langsam bearbeitet ist aber zumindest liefert Qualität mit Sicherheit !!

  43. its because there is an error with your dp file list method if we add are own cpks we then have to add them with your pes galaxy switch which is then making game buggy ive tested your patch about 12 times and im playing offline it just seems to be when i add my brazilin league facepack and other cpk files

  44. see exacly my point dummy players as i said im not the only one nhatttt id check budesliga players in edit mode there millions of players called dummy pathectic example of a patch you need to release a fix pronto

  45. the game starts, but when i try to play, the game never start, the controller just stop responding and i can´t skip the cinematic, and then just before the kickoff, the game sits there loading

  46. Why do you need a video? This is as easy as it gets, for installing a mod.

    Download all the parts. Use WinRAR to extract them. Click on the installation. It installs it for you.

    That’s it. You don’t need a video.

    Just make sure it installs into the correct directory.

    Local Disk/Program Files x86/steam/steamapps/common/pro evolution soccer 2017.

  47. How to install in otherversion:
    goo gl zccFXn

    Replace first space with a dot (.) and second with a bar(/)

  48. Volun visual pack switch dont work? i try fmods and eastern silva HD and got to online mode but dont work,work fine in offline mod..do i need with DpFileList_Generator select files and generate?

  49. Hey Volun-Gollum
    Am ende gehst du weinen wir weinen nicht wegen einem lächerlichen Patch.
    Das war Kritik so wie es zu trifft also brauchst du nicht auf klugscheisser zu machen.
    Geh mit deinem Patch kacken, dafür ist der gut genug :)

  50. So i’m playing Become a Legend but for some reason Borussia Dortmund has completely banished from Bundesliga, i wonder where they went… can’t seem to find the league that represents Bundesliga 2nd Division and i really wanna ask them to sign me :(

  51. All cpks except kits and logos are disabled for online mode. As you said you have to generate a new DPFilelist and then start the steam application

  52. Same thing happens to me. I tried every stadium and it happens no matter what team I try. The patch is applied and I can see changes in the team names-player names-controller but when I go to play an exhibition match, no matter what is the stadium it starts, the guy starts talking and introducing the team but then it gets stuck just before the kickoff with a circle in the bottom loading forever..Any solution?

  53. When I try to edit the appearance or the statistics of some players (for example, the classic players Desailly, Aldair, J. Campos, ), they again have the face of “DUMMY” even though I save the change.
    Could you (or somebody) let me know how can I fix that, please?

  54. hey volun
    why everytime I install new patch. there always “original player” player names in master league advanced search??
    the only way to fix that just play a new game master league.
    Im tired to start over and over again. I already start over 4 times.
    I read at some blog not just me who experienced this.
    can you explain this??? just search “original player” in your master league advanced search.

  55. in ML there are some players like calvancanti, godwin,…they have same high stat and mini face as ronaldo delima and michael owen… please fix it

  56. so after everytime Install new update which have face updates I should restart new ML ?? is there any solution to fix that and use old ML save files?? Or just leave it and problem automatically will be fixed in next update patch??

  57. The gane show blank black screen after installing the patch 2.0…. It is not starting at all… Please help me

  58. very good patch please remove a duplecate players and add all other europe teams to make perfect pach

  59. Hey Volun-Gollum!
    Am ende gehst du weinen wir weinen nicht wegen einem lächerlichen Patch.
    Das war Kritik so wie es zu trifft also brauchst du nicht auf klugscheisser zu machen.
    Geh mit deinem Patch kacken, dafür ist der gut genug

  60. any help please (An application error occurred. please contact the adminstrator with the following information: ?

  61. HI,
    how are you ?

    I want to play by using 4 players ( game controllers same company F310 ), the problem I Cant not play by 4, Only 2 or 1, I think from settings.dat problem
    I deleted same problem, I restored same problem
    for pes 16 it’s ok
    what should I doo ??????? please Help

  62. when you want to release the new version of pesGalaxy ????
    this patch honestly my favorite patch.
    could you create the chants,crowd voice,club song file for most important teams

    i would appreciate if you replay for my comment

  63. I’ve the same problem in ML. One of my “Original Player” is Chilavert (goalkeeper of paraguay), and probably all of the classic player. I’m with the 2.0 patch. What can i do? There is a solution, except restart a new ML?


  64. Sorry but still with my problem of names “Classic Players”, I remember that i can’t find Zidane or Xavi (classics players). Is it normal?

  65. I’ve never had problems with Galaxy patches before. But this patch, after patching 2.00, my game just shows a black screen on startup. I have purchased through Steam and have an actual copy, not pirated. I patch it thru .exe and go to start, steam overlay shows, but the game is just a black screen.

    Any thoughts?

  66. Alright I’ve got it to work. I have a dilemma that I create a Custom Player and each time I patch this, it ruins him. His name becomes “Original Player” and his features are stock. Is there any way to edit this Original Player from a save file?


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