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Pesgalaxy Patch 2015 4.00


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2015 version 4.00 released 17 march 2015

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2015 ver 4.00 Download PES 2015 Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2015v 4.00

– Datapack 4.00 included
– All transfers and new players from datapack 4.00
– Complete MLS added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Complete J-League added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Many new faces added
– PS3 buttons updated
– Many other bugs corrected

– Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Complete 2. Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Complete MLS added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Complete J-League added with correct kits, logos, squads
– 6 new teams added (Malmö FF, Red Bull Salzburg, FC Dynamo Moskva, Celtic FC, BSC Young Boys, Fenerbahce S.K.)
– Premier League team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Skybet Championship team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Serie B team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Liga ZON Sagres team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Correct player names for Brasileirao Serie A
– All fake national and classic teams corrected and kits for all fake national teams
– League and Cup logos and names corrected
– All coaches and stadium names corrected
– Sleevepatches by chronoshack for all leagues added
– Correct Rivalries
– Correct stadiumnames for Bundesliga
– Player names in Lowercase
– New Bootpack (100 boots)
– New Ballpack by Ron69
– New Glovepack
– New referee kits
– Stadium Pack V2 by Estarlen Silva added and stdiums relinked to their teams
– Chantpack 1.4 by Secun added
– Lots of faces for all leagues added
– Adboards by Randerscheinung and more added
– Team callnames for english teams corrected
– PesMonkey Pitch and Weather Mod available via switch
– DLC 4.00 included
– 1.03 exe included
– Online compatible
– New Switch(de/activate faces, switch between no steam and steam exe)
– ML Switch added for a full Bundesliga ML (1. and 2. Bundesliga will switch with Ligue 1 and Ligue 2)
– Faceswitch improved (Switch between no faces, new faces and new and updated Konami faces)
– Controller Switch added (Xbox/PS3 buttons)
– Free Side select Switch added
– Entrance Cutscene Switch added
– Sider options available without sider.exe
– Second Division teams in Other Europe removable via switch
– Wave Glossy Logos added to the switch
– DpFileList Editor added to the switch
– Fruits Graphic Mods available via switch (replaces Pesmonkey mod)



Credits: See credits.txt inside download


  1. i have a windows 7 ultimate. (64 bit ) how do you play it because i cant play nesa.exe not compatible with my 64 bit …pkease help

  2. Melhor patch do momento sem sombra de duvidas. so espero q tenham dado um carinho a mais ao BRASILEIRAO. pois. com a dlc 4.0 melhorou um pouco pois certos jogadores ja estao licenciados e da pra por faces neles obrigado.

  3. salut s’il vous plait aidez moi je n’arrive pas à extraire les fichiers j’utilise winrar que dois-je faire ?aidez moi s’il vous plait ou s’il y a un autre logiciel pour extraire ce genre de fichiers donnez le moi je vous en prie

  4. hi ! please help me I can not extract the files I use winrar what should I do? Help me please, or if there is other software to extract such files give me please

  5. salut Amarlin Makita
    Quelle est ta version de winrar ?
    il faut au minimum la version 5.0 pour extraire les fichiers..!

  6. my dear jackbrink I winrar 5.01 and when I extract the files I’m told I do not have enough volume I do not understand but there are other files that work but not the majority I do not know what to do …

  7. yeah i tried that it still doesnt work…i d/l from the website of pesgalaxy forum…maybe thats the reason…does this update contain the usa version because the one i have it has only the european version

  8. Do you have PES2015 – Modern – nesa24 exe file inside game folder? Try to start the game with it, not pes2015.exe

  9. but it doesnt contain the U version ..only the E version of the cpk file…..and i tried renaming the file ..to dt80_400E to dt80_400U but no luck ….does anybody have any solution to this ?

  10. but do you have the “””””dt80_400U”””””
    i only have this dt80_400E ?

  11. ty for this update but it does not work for me. same issue above, windows 7 64bits issue

  12. download nesa24 first.then copy nesa24 .exe to ur game folder. ( after extracting nesa.rar).after that you can run nesa24 .exe in ur game folder by “run as admin.” i used that tool a few moonths ago. but i have now deleted the exe. i don’t think it makes any difference. seems to me all the same.

  13. is there any way to add new team by myself?
    i want to add dynamo kiev because there’s just shakthar from ukraine.

  14. I had a same problem but I did exactly what you said, it was solved.
    However I have another problem now that the name of club teams are now correctly shown. For example, still MAN BLUE/London sth…
    how can I fix this problem?

  15. I m running with Windows 7 64 Bits..
    I have deleted the folder “download” from the game then
    I have installed the patch following the README.txt :
    1. Start the Pesgalaxy DLC Installer and select your PES 2015 folder.
    2. Start the Pesgalaxy Files Installer and select your PES 2015 folder
    3. Start the game with PESGalaxySwitch.exe inside your PES 2015 folder or use the shortcut on your desktop.
    If you see an error message when you start the game: Switch to no steam exe and try again.
    To play online you need to switch to online mode via the switch.
    No Steam can be selected with the Switch.
    I even installed the big patch PES 2015 Adboard AIO Pack v.2 by Kenshin Himura
    Everything’s working fine…!

  16. how to install if i have pesgalaxy 3.01 ??? should i delete the 3.01 first and install this one or overwrite it ?

  17. Bonjour, j’ai un souci ! Quand je lance pes15 apres avoir installé se patch ca me met Pes2015 à céssé de fonctionné..

    J’ai vérifier l’intégralité du cache et pes2015 remarchais mais sans le patch activé..

    Du coup j’aimerais savoir si quelqu’un aurais une solution ?

  18. Is it normal that Bundesliga player’s stats are not the same as the original DLC 4.00 update ?

  19. Bonjour,

    Il faut choisir (No STEAM EXE) sur le pes galaxy switch.

    ça marchera a coup sur
    Bon MatchS.



  21. Hajnal30 said :

    There is a fix in the download thread that should fix the exe problem of the switch. Most other problems seem to come from a corrupted exe that the new Datapack created. I am also not happy with the current result. Most problems went unnoticed because of the lack of time we had in the past weeks. We will take a look at everything and come back with a fixed new version, but this time we will take a deeper look at everything. Thanks for the patience.

    // download fix added in post.

  22. esta malo, no me abre despues el juego cuand intalo ete parche, tengo windos 8.1 y nd

  23. is this one have the liverpool 3rd away kit!!!! and i mean the black and red kit
    or honestly i wont waste my time downloading thigs

  24. hi bro can you help me i am trying to select to play online the game is starting but is crashing in both default exe and no steam.i have the game on steam can you help me thanks alot!!

  25. never mind i now realize that it is an all in one installation…. so i’m guessing i’ll have to do a fresh installation for this again.

  26. Ho avuto sempre problemi con questa patch…qualcuno può aiutarmi?? Installato il gioco mille volte, installata la patch, swichato da default exe a NO STEAM ma nulla da fare!!! Si apre il gioco, schermata nera infinita e non parte mai nulla…

  27. ouvre “pesgalaxyswitch.exe” ensuite clic sur “général” puis sur “Exe switch” déroule et choisis “nosteam” ensuite tu valides en appuyant sur “change”. et c’est fait.

  28. help me. someone told me to play online, I have to remove LIVE00000000 files in the folder “documents” and “data program.” the problem is that, when I delete the files and LIVE00000000 I open the games pes2015 write error updating online. I want to play online and I have no solution. help me please. I do not speak English well, I hope you understand what I write.

  29. aider moi. quelqu’un m’a dit que pour jouer en ligne, je dois supprimer les fichiers LIVE00000000 dans le dossier “documents” et dans “programme data” . le probléme en est que , quand je supprime les fichiers LIVE00000000 et que j’ouvre pes2015 le jeux écris erreur de la mise à jour en ligne. je veux pouvoir jouer en ligne et que je n’ai aucune solution. aidez-moi s’il vous plait.

  30. Does anyone know why retired players in ML sometimes go to “Other” and sometimes to “Free agents”?

  31. are the kits back to KONAMI default too? i mean the team does not use the correct jersey? what patch are u using now? i’m now using pesgalaxy. if u use the same patch like i do, just “check” pesgalaxy files,pes galaxy logos and pes galaxy kits in ur dpfilelist generator and then generate.hopefully that helps.

  32. When I click on play online or offline mode nothing happens. Please reply me. Anxiously waiting for your reply.

  33. Every time I start a Master League, there is a copy of Arsenal at the end of Premier League, AND the original at position 1. That means a 21-teams Premier League. Could you fix that? Or give some instructions to change the structure my self… Thank you in advance.

  34. hmmm…is some new player and new faces in patch 3 is disappear in patch 4??
    such as martin odegaard or hector bellerin face…
    or is it just error in my pes??

  35. As cenas de entrada nao funcionam no meu patch aqui, mesmo depois de colocar o fix. Se alguem puder ajudar eu agradeço.tirando isso o patch esta sensacional obrigado.

  36. Questa patch da errore qualcuno la fatta funzionare ?…avete individuato il problema? non è possibile che la versione precedente andava è questa non va …..Da una vita che installo queste patch per pes e non mi venite a dire che funziona ,ripeto questa non va.

  37. i start the game and it shows me black screen and the game doesn t starts … please someone help me ….

  38. Claudio vc conseguiu instalar o patch 4.00? aqui instalou mas o jogo fecha quando vai carregar.. como vc fez?

  39. adamec99, consegui meu amigo. Primeiro istalei a DLC, depois istalei o game ai quando fui iniciar o game deu uma zica aqui mas se o seu for pirata(que e o meu caso)vc tem tem ir nas configuraçoes e colocar stean no exe ai o meu rodou de boa. Ha e nao esqueça de executar como administrador boa sorte. tambem to precisando de ajuda, as cenas de entradas nao estao funcionando no meu se vc souber algum jeito de uma força ae pro irmao vlw.caso o seu jogo nao funcione depoi do q eu disse ai deve ser o seu pc nao sei. OBS:antes de istalar esteja com seu pes 2015 limpo sem nenhum outro patch istalado.


  41. help me. someone told me to play online, I have to remove LIVE00000000 files in the folder “documents” and “data program.” the problem is that, when I delete the files and LIVE00000000 I open the games pes2015 write error updating online. I want to play online and I have no solution. help me please. I do not speak English well, I hope you understand what I write.

  42. A Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2015 4.00.part03 esta corrompida, o download é feito mas vem num tamanho pequeno.

  43. When I tried to start the game with “PES2015 – Modern – nesa24” the screen became black for 1 sec.
    How do I play the game?

  44. Eae…. blz, o meu jogo é original steam há um bom tempo uso esses patchs pelo que vi é bug mesmo… a versão 3.0 estava de boa.. essa esta com pau.. vlw a parceiro.

  45. Please someone read and reply. Every time I start a Master League, there is a copy of Arsenal at the end of Premier League, AND the original at position 1. That means a 21-teams Premier League. Could you fix that? Or give some instructions to change the structure my self… Thank you in advance.

  46. why when i play in master league there are two players of arsenal: two Ozil, two Santi Cazorla etc?

  47. O melhor é mesmo desinstalar o patch e esperar pela próxima versão do PTE, que é bem melhor que esta merda

  48. Is it necessary to install the 3.00 and the 3.01 version before of installation of the 4.00 version?

    Thank you for all

  49. Same here. Pes 2015 crashes when i start the match. I even tried clean installation but didn’t work.

  50. in which os are you playing pes? doesn’t it crashes if you continue playing the same match (rematch) for more than 1 time?

  51. this version is full of bug
    two Arsenal in ML
    too many Dummy ppl
    plz fix it before release

  52. One question….I have Pesgalaxy 1.51…can I upgrade to this 4.00 or do I have to go in secuence download 2.0 3.0 and install all of them ?


  54. A face do GABRIEL do SANTOS ainda e a antiga, corrijam isso tambem por favor. eu gosto muito de jogar com os times do brasil contra os europeus.fix 4.01 urgente!!!!

  55. Este parqche no sirve ok. instalando fix siguen los mismos problemas. voy a borrar por completo el pes 2015 e instalarlo tal y como lo tenia antes en galaxy 3.01 con adboards digitale hd y todo en hd. este galaxy 4.0 se ve quien lo subio,lo hizo de mala gana. es una mierda no se ocupen en bajarlo. funciona mejor el pte 4.0.

  56. Una pregunta….yo tengo el parche pes galaxy 1.51..si quiero el 3.01 debo instalar primero el 2.0 2.01 y asi…o puedo de una vez instalar el 3.01 por encima del 1.51 ?

  57. Hi,

    first of all, you don’t need to install the prior versions oft pes galaxy (2.0, 3.1…). It’s enough and better to start with a clean pse-installation and then install the version 4.0.

    1) Sider does not work, because in this package the sider.ini file has an error. Remove the slash from the exe-name!
    change from : exe.name = “PES2015.exe” into-> exe.name = “PES2015.exe”
    That’s because sider.exe is extracted in the main gamefolder and not in a subfolder.

    2) Then don’t start the game with the switch. Start first sider.exe manually and then PES2015.exe directly. If you want to play the nesa 24.exe then rename it to PES2015.exe.

    3) After that, when the game hast started, don’t use your controller! You have first to use the keyboard. Press ENTER (When game says “continue”) and select your Teams and start the match (all with the keyboard!).

    Then you should see the cutscenes. After this match, you can use your controller normaly for choose and begin other matches. The keyboard is only nescesery for the first match.

    Good luck!

  58. if you want to install pesgalaxy must install of version 1 or directly to the latest version

    comment please

  59. Once again thanks for the great patch! :)
    But If allowed, I have critics especially for the boots appearance of the player. Adidas Predators Instinct is the old ones, it should be boots number 1, not 3. As well as Adidas Adizero F50, all of them wear Adidas Messi Mirosar10 (boots number 9, it should be number 7). For Nike Mercurial Superfly, all of them wear Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7.
    But I think you should update the bootpack, many new boots was launch, like Messi Pibe de Barr10, CR7 Silver, F50 Tatto (for Suarez), Many New Balance boots, Adidas X15, and many others. The National team Jersey also should be update, like Argentina, Columbia, Portugal, France etc. Last but not least The Nike Mercurial Vapor and Nike Magista Opus is always missing in bootpack. I hope you can make them itself if you can :)
    Other bug like Dummy players, and 2 Arsenal team in ML is also found.
    But once again very big thanks for your great patch, especially you grant for adding JLeague and MLS in your patch. My critics here is just to make your patch become better and better, or maybe become the perfect ones. I hope you can fix it! Good Job! Thank you! :)

  60. Game wont open when I put online mode…only opens offline mode……I want to play online…..help.

  61. I found a mistake !!! other Latin American team !! There is an English ARSENAL 2 error other clubs asia !! English is 2 times ARSENAL please improve

  62. Buongiorno, scusate se insisto ancora questa versione 4.00 va in crash …..
    Ora io non capisco per quale motivo avete lasciato tutto perdere senza correggere
    l’errore!Prima di Pasqua è possibile riscaricarla funzionante? Grazie mille.

  63. Hi, how can i remove/reset chants from only a team (Villareal)?
    Or eventually reset it all as in the original game?
    Thank you

  64. In the 3rd master league, at 2nd match the game crashes after the end of the match (view result only or play the match, it’s the same), returning to windows. I can’t continue…please help me. I’ve downloaded your latest patch on windows 8.1

  65. The patch is awesome however when i started the game there is no sound what so ever no soundtracks no anything even button sounds !! plz help


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