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Pesgalaxy Patch 2019 1.00 For PES2019 PC


Pesgalaxy.com PC Patch 2019 V1.00 – released 2 Nov. 2018

Download PES Galaxy Patch 2019

– Completely licensed 1. Bundesliga with correct logos, kits, team settings (coaches, numbers, lineups, stadiums, rivals) and squads
*detailed strip styles for all players (boots, socks, etc.)
*balanced stats on the basis of Football Manager
*numeric team inititials (e.g. SLK -> S04)
*correct team nationalities
*stadium designs adjusted (e.g. seat colours)
– Completely licensed Serie A, La Liga and more with correct team names, logos, kits
– The 2 missing CL Teams and 2 additional EL Teams (Viktoria Plzen, Red Star Belgrade, RB Salzburg, Rapid Wien) with correct logos, kits, team settings and squads
– Fake players of all national teams, the Campeonato Brasileiro and classic teams replaced or correctly renamed
– Numerous teams name updates in every league
– Teams sorted alphabetically in their respective leagues
– Coaches for most and home grounds of many teams corrected (incl. pictures)
– DLC 2.0 national team coach mistakes fixed (old coaches appeared with the update)
– Rivals for all teams added


– Kits for national teams added
– Additional kits added for licensed teams (colour variations)
– Bundesliga kits with correct numbers and fonts


– Updated or newly added faces and/or tattoos for 220 players
– Over 600 new Minifaces (lineup pictures) for Bundesliga teams, Rapid Wien, RB Salzburg and Classic Teams
– Switch incl. DPFileList Editor, 33 ML press rooms and 21 scoreboards
– Ballpack consisting of 41 balls added
– Adboards by ctonian, chosefs and majuh


– Last Live Update and Data Pack 2.00 implemented
– online compatible kits and logos


zippyshare mega



Supported by: 1002MB (Minifaces), Famiy, der_Chrise, Morlock68 (OF work and testing)

Pesgalaxy 2019 Previews For PES2019


Hajnal30 (Switch), Hawke (NT Kits, Ballpack), Baris, ejogc327, tunizizou (Tools), 1002MB (Minifaces), DJMatt, Angeltorero, Rodrigoportell4, Canen, QFABIVSMAXIMO, EC27 (Kits), Famiy, Ginda, Ivankr (Pressrooms), Sho9_6 (Tattoos), bamabravesfan, Valencia_25, ronystan, maquiavelo40, joel7faces (Face Builds), ctonian, chosefs, majuh (Adboards), Prince Hamiz, Wima_2 (Faces)


  1. Thank you very much for your previous work, always happy to use the patch you’re the best of all. You always have the most complete patch, not cut semi-product rather than the real thing. Thanks to the whole team

  2. Just tried and its awsome!! The king of PES patches is BACK!! Thanx PES GALAXY Team!!! :D Keep it up (maybe with more european teams) Thanx again!!!

  3. Thankx,the patch like every year is the best,very simple to use and to install cpk’s files,i hope you putt some more interest in the sudamerican teams,add some face etc…y try it playing whit evoswitcher and run fantastic…you guys are the best!!!

  4. 1. Start the Pesgalaxy Files Installer and select your PES 2019 folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019).
    Wait for the patch content to be extracted, the installer can freeze on the larger files. Don’t close the installer when it freezes. It may take several minutes.
    2. Start the game with PESGalaxySwitch.exe inside your PES 2019 folder.

  5. I installed ur patch but in online mode i can’t see badges and kits, why?! Can I play offline mode in online games?

  6. i can’t open the files with winrar. i get an error message
    “the archiv has an unknown format or is corrupted”
    i have download the files again but it doesn’t help
    same problem with the files. can someone help, please?

  7. Something’s wrong with bundesliga. Emblems are correct but the players are fake and the competition’s name is Germany.

  8. pes galaxy have always been and remain the best pes patch out htere,

    thx a lot for your efforts guys!!

    one point, with juventus 2 out of the 4 outfits seems to be blank

  9. Yeah I noticed that too.. 2nd Juve kit also 4th and 5th are blank and I think this happen in other teams too.. hope they will fix it in update to ass many teams is possible to fix.. other than that, its a great patch with some good cpk files and evoswitcher, its brilliant!!!

  10. ERROR : Cannot open file for writing at C:/Program files…/PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019/lib/scoreboards/…/Pesgalaxy_Scoreboard.cpk

  11. classic player no ronaldiho and maradona?

    and will release the classic team? ex: classic real madrid


  12. Wow..! Pesgalaxy is back. Thanks for the patch. Only Tottenham Hotspurs 1st Kit with missing Number. Pls fix. Tq

  13. Go into your documents -> Konami->PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 and delete all numeric folders you find there. Then reinstall the patch.
    This error mostly happens if you have installed another patch beforehand.

  14. Go into your documents -> Konami->PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 and delete all numeric folders you find there. Then reinstall the patch.
    This error mostly happens if you have installed another patch beforehand.

  15. Somone on facebook hat the same problem. He solved by installing WinRAR 5.61. He could open the archives with this WinRAR version.

  16. I had that, but for some reason if you play a champions league match but don’t go into the stadium menu just before the game starts, the game is played at night

  17. Hi guys.
    I found the problem that bayern and dortmund, in ml are in the Europa League and not the champions … thanks and congratulations

  18. Can any one help me? I installed the patch correctly but at the start of the game, only the symbols of the competitions and the clues are right, the bundesliga teams have not changed and neither the names of the clubs, I do not know what to do

  19. Disable your antivirus. I had the same problem and it help because ativirus removed files for “save” folder :D

  20. Every strip is locked out . I want to add my own European team but can’t change any strips!!

    I don’t see Pes United anywhere as well. :((

  21. There’s no save folder that replaces your old one, you end up creating a new one and non of the changes advertised take affect, even if you delete your save folders.

  22. I dont know why we have used the same name but man this solution works for CHL matches!!! Thanks for posting it!!!

  23. in offline mode all is ok, but in online mode i have real names and fake logos and kits, some solution????

  24. does anyone know when i want to switch from Cypes Patch to this Patch what i have to do?
    Install over the old one or must delete the whole Save Folder?
    Important : i added manually all Klashman Tactics, how can this be saved to not “reinstall”?

  25. Is it possible to add national teams or edit existing ones? If so, then can you please add the national team of India as they have qualified for the Asian Cup. It would add to the realism of the patch and gamers in our country would really appreciate it. :)

  26. How do you play in Champions League???
    I don’t see it in PES 2019 :'(
    There is not in the offline season…

  27. You can activate/play with Live Update.
    Obviously you won’t have Bundesliga squads when you activate it

  28. still doesnt work here, have tried everything, only logos show up, PTE patch always worked without problem

  29. Francesco unzip them all and it will gove you an exe…

    also can we apply live update? as ive just installed pes galaxy, and have all live updates from nov 22… will this mess up the patch

  30. Hi. Thank you for the patch. But whenever i exit the game, my pc will display error messages and auto restart itself. May i ask if it is my pc problem or the patch?

  31. The logo for Independiente appears as the flag of India. Anyone else having this issue?
    Thanks for the great patch.


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