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Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 1.11


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 Update 1.11 Released 27.10.2016

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 v1.11

– Updates to newest pes2017 datapack 1.00
– Online compatible
– Includes fullscreen / controller settings fix


Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 1.11 it’s an update so Pesgalaxy Patch 1.10 and 1.00 has to be installed before! – all links inside.

– All fake teams corrected with correct names and logos
– Full Bundesliga with correct Kits and squad added
– The 5 missing CL Teams (Rostov, Copenhagen, Celtic, Ludogorets, Legia) with correct Kits and squad added
– New 16/17 kits for all european teams and all national teams
– Many new third kits added
– About 1400 new or updated faces added
– Fake players in Brasileiro Série A corrected and transfers updated
– Correct international starters
– New switch (Gameplay switch, Faces switch, Controller switch, SweetFX switch, Visual packs switch, DPFilelist editor completely reworked)
– Stadium pack added (40 stadiums in total)
– Ballpack added
– Adboardpack added
– Fake players of the national teams corrected

Patchteam: Hajnal30, Borusse92, PantelG7 and Volun.

Credits: See credits.txt inside download​.


  1. Hello, I who have already installed Pesgalaxy Patch 1.10 and 1.00, can directly install this new update?

  2. Ok, so I have to do before 1.2 official update of Konami and then reinstall, patches pesgalaxy 1:00 1.10 and 1.11

  3. callteam are corrected or no? like byer munich mu juve and all team have callteam if not is so ugly

  4. In the posts it clearly says that you need 1.00 and 1.10 as well.

    “It’s compatible online?” Please take a look at the feature list.

  5. thank you
    A stunning work for more beautiful game

    My question is this patch is compatible with the latest update 1.0.2 of the game from Konami

  6. please remove esten silva’s pitch from this and include a better turf pack. i so wanna install this patch but the awful turf included in this patch holds me back. pls take a look into this.

  7. Barcelona stadium has its problems in the ground and Unknown white lines. We hope you resolve it as soon as

  8. yeah man this awful pitch is really bad!i cant understand how more people dont complain for that.the lines are really [email protected] up!if you want delete the stadium cpk and download nikoliberty.unfortunately he has 22 stadiums but very good pitch.this what i did.overall this patch is great and with niko’s pitch even better.this silva guy made his stadiumpack with his awful pitch all in one cpk so i dont know if galaxy team can separate it and put the option to have other pitches but i really hope that they can so we can keep 40 stadiums but with a good pitch.i hope other people mention this too so the team will consider it and do something about it because besides of that really bad pitch their work is really great!

  9. Hi, Do you know how to back to version data pack 1.00? now i have 1.02 but i don’t want it :(

  10. Hello! I have installed the patches, but I have a problem running it. When i click on the Play Offline button in the PESGalaxySwitch it takes me to Steam instead of running it directly. Can you help?

  11. Player shoes do not fit (ibra, ribery and and and..), Player malli not in Mainz, why…,
    Nr. Hummels 2 (Hummels have Nr. 5)

  12. Dear Editors,

    Great work, I’m so excited and grateful. I want to say thank you for your hard work. One problem is the Barcelona’s stadium and red players. Other boots and numbers aren’t important for me. You are great!

    Greetings from Poland!

  13. The size of PES on PC is just extremely small because Konami doesn’t care about PC players (stadiums etc.). It isn’t really difficult to make something bigger than that..
    Biggest part are the faces. Since their structure didn’t change since PES2014 we can use them every time again. Back in the days faces always changed and facemakers had to create them again. So there were less

  14. I have a weird problem, players do not celebrate after scoring. The player just runs to the sideline and stays standing. Help?

  15. It opens Steam and that’s all.
    I tried running the PES2017.exe, but it just gives me an error: “Sorry, something went wrong…”. Before the patch, i could have opened PES2017.exe and play the game.
    What do i need to do to work?

  16. steam appearing ! how I play bc I dont ve the game in the steam ?! Admin pls many of us ve this problem pls help us

  17. yo he podido perfectamente bro, lo que tienes que hacer es volver a pegar el Pes2017 (ejecutable) que pesa 107 KB

  18. man the sweetfx is not the problem i also use sweetfx.the problem is the ridiculous lines that look very big and very bright and unrealistic and has nothing in common with real football pitch lines.and also this grass looks very long if you look it from near in replay.overall this pitch is a mess and really bad and i hope galaxy team will find a way so we can change pitch but keep the stadiums.

  19. if i choose new and updated faces it overwrites the latest konami dlc faces.please make it compatible so we can have your faces and latest konami too.and please if you can do something about this super ugly pitch and stupid big lines…man i hate this estarlen silva guy…he made the stadiumpack with his awful pitch all in one and now we cant separate it and we stuck in this $hit…!!!

  20. man pesolicious how on earth did u make it work ?!!!!!!!!!!!!! bc Steam always appear and the game dont start !

  21. when I install to version 1.10 is ok
    when I install the version 1.11 is all wrong,
    when using dpfilegenerator the game starts normal
    More calls for subistituir the data to the original pes 2017
    2.0 data packet.

    can anyone answer please?
      I hope a solution

  22. This fix is only here to make the patch compatible with 1.02. Obviously we’ll delete the faces for the next version.

  23. lol u cant be u need origianl game, my advice download another patch bc there are many better than galaxy patch

  24. I have a problem,i installed all patches but the stadium and kits and some other feature not showing in the game,only the teams names and players are correct,but now not stadiums and i installed it on the correct directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. i tried to use the Cpks in dpn generator it shows all features but data pack shows 2.00 which is weird should be 1.00 and compatible online ,please your help is needed?

  25. man u ve original game or pirated ?! bc at me doesnt work to start the game only shows me the video of pes 2017 in steam ! pls answer

  26. Guys, I have a problem: the pitch of the Santiago Bernabeu in the Master League is totally white, unplayable … but in friendly matches, it is normal … the problem is only in the Master League. Does anyone know any solution?
    Thank you!

  27. If you use generator by Baris, just unselect(dont select) the visuals cpk and your problem is going ro resolve.

  28. I will try, my friend, thank you! Could you, however, tell me what changes with the deactivation of cpk?

  29. v1.11 cause the game cannot run. It goes to the error message “something went wrong..”. There’s no workaround for this so please fix this as soon as u can. :(

  30. If you dont use generator by Baris you can delete the cpk from the download folder in pro evolution soccer 2017 folder. Go to windows (c:)-program files (x86)-steam-steamapps-common-pro evolution soccer 2017-download.

  31. People, this is a great patch!!! If you do not like the stadiums, I recommend downloading the pesredux stadiums. Those are great in their visual work. You add that pack of stadiums and the patch becomes great!!! Thanks

  32. Where can i have the PESGalaxySwitch.exe file with completed necessary files? I already have all of 2017 update patch 1.0 1.10 1.11 but i cannot run because it’s need PESGalaxySwitch.exe file.
    Please help… sorry for my poor english.. thanks all…

  33. Barcelona stadium has red track and red players can’t play with it i lose matches in myclub because of this problem any solution????

  34. i discover that this error because of Graphics HD By Estarlen Silva after DLC 1 and he already make the fix ,this Problem doesn’t belong to pesgalaxy patch sorry

  35. Hi, everyting it’s playing ok except a bug in celebrations after goal, but it may be a Konami bug

  36. Hi mates… are you sure that the “celebration bug” it’s a Konami problem, not concerning the patch?
    I have reported it to Konami but they seem to be not aware of it, and in Evo-Web we are 3 of us “Galaxy boyz” experiencing the Bug with our patch.
    Thank you in advance

  37. Hi
    PLEASE HELP…….. after i installed patch 1.10 and 1.11 the game cannot start. a dialogue box appear and send me to a website!!!! what’s the problem???????

  38. You must have the original steam version of PES 2017 to install this patch.


  39. when i installed 1.00 and 1.10, its running well
    but i tried to install 1.11, pesgalaxy selector just opens Steam and not open the game.
    I tried running the PES2017.exe, but it just gives me an error: “Sorry, something went wrong…”.
    What should i do?

  40. Where did u download this game’s Steam? Bcs fr me v1.11 does not work, there’s an error message. T_T

  41. I have this error
    we couldent load data because data is not for this version
    please download and install new updates

  42. Hi , why my switch not worked? Its said ‘You need a new app for this steam. what steam ? and I update to patch 1.10 the stadium still bug, the field like a hockey , Please help me . TQ

  43. Alguien tiene el problema que los joystick’s ya sea de xbox 360 o de ps2 con adaptador no funciones y en el teclado funcionan ciertas teclas pero nada jugable, y si alguien lo soluciono que comente como?

  44. could you please reupload the 6th part of patch 1.10 it gave me error every time….thank you so very much

  45. So this is for original PES 2017? I wasted so much data for download this patch. I hope this is just mistake because you don’t note “THIS IS FOR ORIGINAL GAME”, and hope you give the solution for this error.

  46. Why every stadium have same turf pattern? Even when I change in EDIT Teams and select different turf pattern it is always the same

  47. I alreadyninstalled 1.00 and 1.10 everything is ok except pitches at night.all the stadiums are dark green and not acceptable,why is that?!

  48. Hi, sorry for my stupid question but what should I do with ‘pesgalaxy switch fix.exe’ file after extracting? Copy to my installation folder? And just run?

  49. hello after install this update i can’t play in offline mode …i already switch offline in galaxy switch but it say something when wrong about server…please fix it

  50. Hi , one error for the future in Liga 1|2|3 Team C. D Reus first clothes dont have player names in the shirt .
    Hola un error para mejorar en el futuro en la Liga 1|2|3 equipo C. D Reus la primera equipacion no tiene los nombres de los jugadores en la camiseta.
    Patch version 1.10

  51. That’s correct. We’ll add a few EL teams in 2.0
    The other teams weill be needed for second Bundesliga

  52. ” Cannot open the installer file to read the contained data. Please check the file permissions and try again” . I see this notification when I start setup . Please help me to solve


  54. you have TT Arena in stadiums but you do not have the owner of the stadium Galatasaray.
    pls add more Turkish teams.

  55. To install the last version 1.11 you need version of datapack (with exe modified)…
    If not uninstall the 1.11 and overwrite with the 1.10.. after downgrade remember to remove the system0000 from the documents folder

  56. Hello, I install the patch but I no see the pesgalaxyswitch.exe in the main folder. Please Help. And excuse me my english

  57. Ok.. i have a big problem here!! Every time i try to start the game, enters the administrator’s question if i wanna run the program, i press ‘yes’ and then this error appears on the screen “you’ll need a new app to open this steam. Look for an app in the Store” in an appStore window. What should i do?

  58. Installed – but there is no PESGalaxySwitch.exe in my folder… can’t start game – pes 2018.exe won’t work.


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