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Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 1.10


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 1.10 Released 18.10.2016

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2017 1.10

– Stadium bugs fixed
– Ballpack corrected and relinked
– Several kit bugs fixed (Celta Vigo, Russia..)
– Some new national team kits added (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay..)
– More controller switch options (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360)
– 4k enabler added
– Other bugs fixed

21.10: New links and switch update added.

– All fake teams corrected with correct names and logos
– Full Bundesliga with correct Kits and squad added
– The 5 missing CL Teams (Rostov, Copenhagen, Celtic, Ludogorets, Legia) with correct Kits and squad added
– New 16/17 kits for all european teams and all national teams
– Many new third kits added
– About 1400 new or updated faces added
– Fake players in Brasileiro Série A corrected and transfers updated
– Correct international starters
– New switch (Gameplay switch, Faces switch, Controller switch, SweetFX switch, Visual packs switch, DPFilelist editor completely reworked)
– Stadium pack added (40 stadiums in total)
– Ballpack added
– Adboardpack added
– Fake players of the national teams corrected

zippyshare mega

Patchteam: Hajnal30, Borusse92, PantelG7 and Volun.

Credits: See credits.txt inside download​.

Bundesliga v1.10
CL Teams v1.10
Faces v1.10


  1. after install 1.10 in setings i make to open game in full screen but when i lunch game is open in windowed mode

  2. Ok got it now, you have to start the game with the 4k enabler now to get it into full screen. If you just start it with the switch it keeps reverting to windows.

  3. I can’t play on full screen mode always windows mode.i’ve selected 4k enabler but still back to windows mode,what a bug.

  4. Info: We’re correctly looking into the problems.
    We have issues with full screen mode as well but we don’t have any problems with controllers

  5. I cant play because when i switch settings or 4k settings
    THE SCREEN is always white and then crasched to windows !!!

  6. – controller doesn’t work
    – full screen doesn’t work even changing in the settings of PESGalaxySwitch.exe
    – i didn’t go further

  7. What I still don’t understand: How do I activate the stadium? I always have 16 stadiums, also in your last patch.

  8. Besides, in this patch I don’t have audience in the stadiums.

    Nevertheless, thank you very much for your work. Without your work, PES would be half the fun.

  9. Did you choose the correct directory while installing?
    Did you start the game in Offline mode? In online mode there are only 16 stadiums

  10. hola!!! muy bueno el parche, lastima que tengo muchos problemas ya que hay veces que entro a un partido de LM y no arranca como tambien cuando voy al editor de jugadores no se ven las caras.

  11. hola!!! muy bueno el parche, lastima que tengo muchos problemas ya que hay veces que entro a un partido de LM y no arranca como tambien cuando voy al editor de jugadores no se ven las caras.
    y no me aparece la bombonera como el mudomental

  12. What are you f talking about? What whistle?
    Fans and ref are still whistling like before. We haven’t touched any sounds.

  13. never corrected callteam commentary?
    juventus call torino?
    munchen call munich ?
    you must see PTE Patch are correct all callteam names..
    juventus call juventus
    munchen call bayer munich
    … if you do it im go to use galaxy patch. LOL

  14. Please, how to disable Estarlen Silva’s advertissement adboard when pitch hd selected? It’s very ridiculous.

  15. No,i can’t play on full screen mode always windows mode.I’ve selected 4k enabler but still back to windows mode,is a big bug.

  16. I have a serious bug. If you choose, for example, the Santiago Bernabeu stadium and you choose to play in winter while it is raining, the grass disappears. 1.10 patch did not fix this. It is the only bug I find, good job!

  17. Yes, that is bad. I refuse to use his mod because of that.

    Also can’t use the added stadiums. Because I watch the games using Live Broadcast camera. And like last year the different camera angles get blocked by stadium objects.

    This is still a nice mod, though. I do like Smoke Patch’s adboard variety better.

  18. Hi! Nice work, but the patch breack my game and can´t find any rival on online mode, only solution are unistalling the patch, sad thing ! :C

  19. crash crash and crash…. In Liga Master for example, always.
    Also when i play a match, there is lag….

    i recognize the big work in the path but this is not my version ;) i hope in future, a version without bugs. Until now, for me PTE patch is the best ;) 0 fails

  20. Did you delete the settings.dat in Documents folder?
    After that you can re-do the settings and it should work fine

  21. Did you start the patch in Online Mode?
    Yesterday I played a whole myClub league/season without any problems

  22. Is the estarlen silva pitch are working online ?
    Because it wasn t work with the 1.0.
    Thank you in advance !

  23. I’m using bootpack of WENS in pes 2017!
    some more boots like cristiano ronaldo is in trouble, with a small white flaw in both boots …

  24. Your work is great Guys, don’t worry about some bad ass that reports bugs as if they paid for your Patch… i think that once you will fix the Selector 4k “window” bug (maybe adding also a “DISABLE” button to disable it), and some other bugs, your patch would be absolutely the most complete.
    I would like also the MLS on the patch, at least the “stars” of MLS, because some of that players would be possible National Team players (as Sebastian Giovinco, for example).
    Thank you for your precious work again!!!

  25. Hey @volun

    I love the patch but im getting no pitch sounds?!?!

    no ball sounds or whistles

    what can i do to fix this?

  26. I don’t know as we didn’t change any sounds.
    There is a audio setting in settings.exe. Maybe this one was also affected like the window and controller issues. But then every ingame sound should be affected.
    When did you download/install 1.10? Did you already install the fix for 1.10?

  27. You call people ‘bass ass’ for reporting bugs, and then you tell them to fix issues and bugs yourself.

    Makes no sense.

    Great work guys! Pesgalaxy, Smoke Patch, and Laim forever!!!!!!!!!

  28. I have the most recent version. However, i’ve been getting no pitch sounds ever since the initial download and install. Im going to reinstall and see what happens. If you have any further thoughts that would be greatly appreciated. :)

  29. Thank you guys!!! Everything is working perfectly fine!!! You are making this game a great one!

  30. Hello Im install galaxy 1.00 and 1.10 and play online mode You were unable to join the Session CODE:UQQW169 Help me ..

  31. Hi

    Errors I can confirm:
    Cant get more than one controller working in Offline mode, even when 360 controller is selected from game settings for both players.
    Also, game is always in wonded mode and if I choose to have it in 4k, et expands over 2 screens not one.

    Thanks for the effort though. I hope the controller thing gets fixed as I only play offline PvP and for me this is a major hurdle.

  32. ! C:\Users\user\Downloads\Compressed\Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 1.10.part15.rar: CRC failed in Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 1.10\Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 1.10 Patch Installer.exe. The file is corrupt

    // check if your files are completely downloaded and retry. patch files are ok. just needs to have them all.

  33. my download complete part 1 – part 15
    but part15.rar: CRC failed in Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 1.10\Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2017 1.10 Patch Installer.exe. The file is corrupt

    // redownload part 15.

  34. please release new version of pes galaxy . steam update game and now patch not work fine . thanks

  35. I do not know what is in this patch, but for sure it ain’t complete !!!!

    >Juventus FC is called “Torino” in the commentary
    >Chiellini’s face/icon in the game-plan settings menu is missing
    >Juventus’ kits are TOTALLY wrong

    And the biggest problem is when I checked the “download” folder for the cpk files, the following files are missing:

    Since these cpk files are missing, PESGalaxySwitch.exe says “cpk files NOT FOUND” and then it aborts giving THIS error: http://oi65.tinypicold.com/10py552.jpg

    Can you comment on this, OP ??

  36. please, I can’t install the patch. “unhandled exception” error. plus some files are also missing.

  37. Hola, la parte 3 del 1.10 bajada de mega me da error al descomprimir. Ya la baje varias veces y nada. Por favor ayuda! gracias

  38. Hi , one error for the future in Liga 1|2|3 Team C. D Reus first clothes dont have player names in the shirt .
    Hola un error para mejorar en el futuro en la Liga 1|2|3 equipo C. D Reus la primera equipacion no tiene los nombres de los jugadores en la camiseta.
    Patch version 1.10


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