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Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2016 1.00


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2016 1.00 Released 16/11/2015 31 New Teams

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2016 1.00


– Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads
– All missing Champions League Teams added (BATE Borisov, Malmö FF, Shakhtar Donetsk, FC Astana, Dinamo Zagreb, ZSKA Moskva)
– 10 more teams added (SK Rapid Wien, FC Sion, Fenerbahce S.K., Besiktas J.K., FC Midtjylland, Celtic FC, PAOK, FK Krasnodar, FC Viktoria Plzen, Legia Warszawa)
– Missing transfers and many players done for Premier League, Championship, Liba BBVA, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Liga NOS
– Premier League team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Skybet Championship team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Serie B team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Brescia added to Serie B
– Sassuolo Calcio team name corrected and logo and kits added
– Liga ZON Sagres team names corrected and logos and kits added
– All fake national and classic teams corrected and kits for all fake national teams
– League and Cup logos and names corrected
– Many coaches and stadium names corrected
– Many correct Rivalries
– Correct callnames for german and english teams
– New Bootpack
– New Ballpack
– 561 new or updated faces for all leagues added. PES 2015 faces have been updated for PES 2016
– Adboards by Majuh
– DLC 1.00 included
– 1.02.01 exe included
– Online compatible
– Turf Switch incl. Fruits’, Tunizizou’s and Estarlen Silva’s turfs
– Exe Switch(switch between no steam, steam exe and yair gameplay exe)
– Faceswitch(Switch between no faces and new faces)
– Controller switch(Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS3/PS4 buttons)
– Scoreboard switcher with 14 scoreboards preinstalled (more can be added using the switch)
– Sider 2.3 by juce
– Sider options available using the switch
– DpFileList Editor via switch
– Crowd Switch (Default and River Jin’s crowds)

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Credits: See credits.txt inside download.

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  1. Amazing patch PES Galaxy team. Many missing players, correct squads, CL teams. Simply great. With Estarlen Silva Stadiums is almost perfect. Keep the good work guys!!!

  2. Another year, again the same thing, QUANTITY instead of quality.

    – Some faces are relly bad
    – BATE, PAOK, PLZEN, KRASNODAR & MALMO kits are from last year or even from 2 years ago

    – Bad qaulity kits for some Bundesliga and Liga NOS kits (some teams in liga nos and championship have kits from last year)

    – Old fonts for Liga NOS kits

    – Wrong colars for a lot of team kits

    Another year for PTE in the top without rivals

  3. If you want to play with 2. Bundesliga in the future Pes Galaxy

    If you prefer quality instead of quantity PTE for sure

  4. Pesgalaxy have more content but PTE have more quality and in the future they will include what Galaxy have included so, PTE PATCH for sure.

    Smoke dont have anouth quality to compete with PTE and Galaxy

  5. but smoke have many real faces that pte and pes galaxy doesnt have.. its so hard to choose man ! -_-

  6. And finally all the best patch has already released. This year will better than the last because PESGalaxy, PTE, Pesprofesional, Smoke and new comer VirtuaRED etc

  7. comparing with other patch is okay ! but please DO NOT underestimate one’s to other’s . They had worked hard to give their best for us. Minus or Plus is normal. Nobody’s Perfect, Dud.

    Let’s support them to make better Patch. NEVER CRITICS !! except you contribute to this site by making your own patch.

    GOOD WORK PESGALAXY – PTE – SMOKE – TUGA – etc. Do Your Best !!

  8. hello guys im test pte patch galaxy patch smoke patch ieg patch im can say best patch for now ieg patch and after ieg can saye pte patch

  9. how to add more file cpk…?
    using selector for add file cpk but DLC not detect..
    using DpFileList generator but not work, no current changes in the game.
    help.. im sorry my bad english..

  10. pes galaxy tiene caras deformes y no tiene actualizado los kits de sudamerica example : colombia… el pte es la voz

  11. i’m looking for C.Rnaldo Face guys. a good face of current ronaldo. if someone got it please share.

  12. 1.)many stadiums are missing and sleeve badges for EPL teams are missing and Sleeve badges for bayern munich is incorrect(winners badge is missing).

    2) After Goal music should be there.

    3)Real madrid WC winner badge is also missing.

    4)Many face needed to be modified (for eg Fernando Torres)

    5)Adboards and kits for all the laegue cups(DFB POKAL,copa del rey,FA cup,italian cup etc) should be included.

  13. Yair gameplay on this patch doesn’t work with Estarlen Silva stadium pack – different version error. Please tell me how to fix it?

  14. please türkish full lig
    abi buna birde türkiye birinci ikinci ve alman ikinci lig eklerseniz dünya patch kralisiniz emeklere tsk

  15. Wow, the big patch is here. Guess everyone is happy now. So I guess Smoke Patch and PESGalaxy dominate the planet this year. They BOTH look great! Nice work, boys. Laim’s Day One Patch is great, too.

  16. I’ve Downloaded the patch and it’s ok but not really really good !!
    The gameplay is not very good and i feel that the game got more heavy than it was before. it’s not running smoothly.
    The [Establishing Communication] still annoying me even in the offline mode
    many faces are not good even though there is a lot of good faces on the internet
    some teams have kits from old seasons
    Barcelona and Real Madrid without their 3rd kit
    and many more problems, but even though it still a nice patch after all
    looking for update from you ;)

  17. Hi, when I click on “Play Offline Mode”, the game starts but black screen appears. I have tried also “NoSteam Exe” and “Yair Gameplay” but nothing happens.

  18. 1.catania and Teramo are not in Serie B , while there Ascoli
    2. Missing the first uniform of Vicenza
    3. European league there is no Ganzoraccio
    4. Update the uniform of Belgium .
    Thank you!

  19. 1.catania and Teramo are not in Serie B , while there Ascoli
    2. Missing the first uniform of Vicenza,together with that of the keeper
    3. European league there is no Ganzoraccio
    4. Update the uniform of Belgium .
    Thank you!

  20. BEST PATCH EVER! only one thing – MAN UTD could have BPL numbers and names on shirt and other (own) in Champions League… THX for ur work!

  21. I expected more for this patch that was my favorite last year, but only came 2 uniform and nothing more, but I prefer this PTE Patch

  22. The lineup correct names? Wales, Turkey, iceland, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, ukraine, Greece, Bosnian …?

  23. no work,install like readme but premier league team name are london, west midlands ecc… no borussia, i ha ve install like read:1-install pes 2-install pes galaxy dlc 3- pesgalaxy file 4-change no steam exe and no work correctly

  24. Thanks for your job guys, but i could not open the patch. I display a black screeb and nothing else. Can you help me please?

  25. Estarlen stadiums are not included. You need to install them a after the patch. Use DpFileList generator 1.6 by Baris

  26. Stadiums Estarlen Silva does not work with this patch . Any solution? DpFileList generator does not work with 1.6 by Baris

  27. Yes they work perfectly. Use DPFileList Generator 1.6 V1.0 by Baris, select first the DLC cpk, after that all the Pes Galaxy cpk and then Estarlen´s cpk and Estarlen´s fix (2 cpks for Estarlen pack)

  28. DpFIleList generator inside the patch didn’t work for me as well, so I’ve downloaded 1.6. generator by Baris + DLC 1.0, selected 1.0 and generated new DpFileList

  29. Hi guys, sorry for my ignorance… could you please make a mini-tutorial to explain how to add Estarlen Silva Stadiums pack to the patch Baris DpList generator?
    I really can’t understand how to do it
    Thank you

  30. Copy Stadiums cpks (estadiums and fix) in your download folder inside PES 2016 folder.
    Open Baris 1.6 V1.0 DPFileList Generator as administrator.
    Select the folder downloads in first line.
    Select DPflieList.bin (inside downloads folder)in second line.
    Select DLC 1.0
    Add Stadiums cpks last ones, after all PES Galaxy cpks (just tick them).
    Generate DPFileList.bin

  31. But I guess the ratings of the players are not updates in this patch.. I found the rating of Martial is still 73/74 which should be 83 according to the dlc.

  32. “This match will be abandoned due to unforeseen circumstance”. How i can fix it? Can’t play in online.

  33. como hijueputas instalo esta mierda, inicia el puto juego con el pes galaxy y queda la pantalla en negro hagn un hijueputa tutorial o si no no suban nada malparidos hijos de puta

  34. Los demas no tienen la culpa de que instales mods tal cual escribes. Si no sabes hacer algo estudia, lo mismo hasta aprendes a escribir. Aunque viendo como te expresas lo mismo te da una aneurisma si se te ocurre ponerte a leer.

  35. “This match will be abandoned due to unforeseen circumstance”. How i can fix it? Can’t play in online.

    After patch download happened this.

  36. There are 2 databases in patch, one for online and one for offline, you need to switch between them in selector.

  37. Goalkeeper still awful.10 out of 10 shots are goal.Doesn’t include any stadium pack.ARSENAL COMMENTARY NAME IS LONDON.Need to fix this in the next update.

  38. Depends on what gameplay you choose. Use Yair’s, or download latest Yair’s patch to improve gameplay. You can install stadiums apart downloading Estarlen patch.

  39. why when i install this patch, this game wont appear? someone pls help me. i really need this patch… tq

  40. i reinstalled the game,just after that i install the patch.but no change.no transfer,no stadium.it’s still the same.HELP PLEASE

  41. i installed the game, after that i install the patch. but no change. no transfer, no stadium. it’s still the same. HELP PLEASE !!!


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