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Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2015 1.50


Pesgalaxy Patch 2015 1.50 Released 7 December 2014

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2015 1.50 Download Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2015 1.50

– All national team kit configs corrected (full national team kits)
– Missing kits from DLC added back (incl. Copa Kits)
– Full Serie B kits added
– 300+ new or updated Faces added for all leagues
– Non working bootpack replaced with Bootpack by Ron69
– Ballpack by Ron69 added
– Adboards by Randerscheinung added
– Team callnames for english teams corrected
– Kit colours for Bundesliga fixed
– New 1.01.01 exe added
– Nosteam 1.01.01 exe added (Reloaded)
– Several other bugfixes

– Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Premier League team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Skybet Championship team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Serie B team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Liga ZON Sagres team names corrected and logos and kits added
– All fake national and classic teams corrected and kits for all fake national teams
– League and Cup logos and names corrected
– All correct coaches in EPL, Championship, Bundesliga and Serie B
– Correct Rivalries in Bundesliga
– Correct stadiumnames for Bundesliga
– New Bootpack (100 boots)
– New Ballpack by Ron69
– Unlock 41 Balls in Exhibition
– Lots of faces for Bundesliga added
– 300+ Faces for all leagues added
– Camp Nou added
– Adboards by Randerscheinung added
– Team callnames for english teams corrected
– PesMonkey Pitch and Weather Mod available via switch
– DLC 1.00 included
– 1.01.01 exe included
– Online compatible
– New Switch(de/activate faces, switch between no steam and steam exe)

DOWNLOAD 1.50 Uploaded PART 1 (250 mb parts)
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Uploaded PART 2
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Uploaded PART 3
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Uploaded PART 4
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Uploaded PART 5
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Uploaded PART 6

DOWNLOAD 1.50 MirrorCreator PART 1 (250 mb parts)
DOWNLOAD 1.50 MirrorCreator PART 2
DOWNLOAD 1.50 MirrorCreator PART 3
DOWNLOAD 1.50 MirrorCreator PART 4
DOWNLOAD 1.50 MirrorCreator PART 5
DOWNLOAD 1.50 MirrorCreator PART 6

DOWNLOAD 1.50 Share-Online PART 1 (200 mb parts)
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Share-Online PART 2
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Share-Online PART 3
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Share-Online PART 4
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Share-Online PART 5
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Share-Online PART 6
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Share-Online PART 7
DOWNLOAD 1.50 Share-Online PART 8


– Hajnal30
– Borusse92
– 3011HD

Credits: See credits.txt inside download


  1. To install this patch is required Pesgalaxy.com 2015 Patch 2015 Patch 1.01 and 1.00 or Pesgalaxy.com than this last?

  2. 1000


    C:\Program Files (x86)\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015\PES2015.exe

  3. since I got my game crashed from first version of this patch, I cant trust again. sorry, A BIG NO

  4. the part 8 of the archives is probably corrupted cuz when i extract it it says there is an error with the installer after part 8 is finished extracting

  5. Bayern, leverkusen and schalke in :
    – Bundesliga
    – Other team (europe)

    please Other substitutes clubs 3 clubs in other teams (europe)

  6. Patch doesnt working :( when i go to open it from pesgalaxy throw me out even if i disable the no steam exe nt working again and there is problem too when u want enable its show me error anyone if knows something lets send comment thanks.

  7. i just installed this. why i have 2 bayern, schalke & leverkusen? one in bundesliga, one in other european team?

  8. i dont know derek i didnt have the previous patch i just tried one time the new patch and working good well u can try dont delete the previous install the new patch. if i helped send me message

  9. After installing V 1.51 every thing is great but bayern munchen kits was corrupted
    please fix it soon

    thank you

  10. ahmed, are bayern, schalke & leverkusen still duplicated on the other euro teams? what kinda corrupt bayern kit had? blank kit? i just download the 1.51

  11. Excellent patch, but it must be correct.
    In the Italian Serie B, the second uniform of Trapani be redone
    The uniforms of Virtus Lanciano, both the first and the second, are the same as Virtus Entella.
    I hope that the next exit these errors are repaired.
    Hello Franco.

  12. file for enforcfing picture quality and setting gamespeed please!!!!!!! thats all i need otherwise all this patches are the same,… just different names

  13. ini patch yg gak bikin pengen nyobain patch lain setelah ane ganti2 patch, kalo bisa tolong bilangin next update masukin stadium & adboard pack estarlen silva, kekurangan nya cuman di adboard aja yg msh standart, thx

  14. Hi guys, i installed the 1.50 and 1.51 patch, but doesn’t work very well. League and team logos, and uniformes are mostly the same, can someone help me with this.

  15. Konami have released a patch which makes galaxy patch no longer work , you will have to wait for new patch. To get your pes going again right click on pes on steam , select local files and verfiy game cahce , files will be downloaded and you can play again.

  16. seth, there’s no duplication for any teams just bayern kits. the second kit(white) replaced by the third one (black) and the third kit replaced by real madrid first kit in exhibition match only

  17. it does not work, it seems that I wasted my time and more, I have lost my game…
    pffff those who are beginners in computers or installing patches, please DO NOT USE IT!!!!
    I am reading here all posts here and there’s no solution in case the patch don’t work….

  18. wrong squad names for my national team in become a legend, but it’s correct in other modes. please help!!!!!


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