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Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2014 3.00


Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2014 3.00 The New Season + FIX + Stadiums

Pesgalaxy Patch 2014 3.00 Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2014 3.00

– Summer transfers for all major leagues (until 10/2014)
– Promoted teams for all leagues except Netherlands and Portugal
– Lots of new 14/15 kits in all leagues
– Hundreds of new or updated faces
– New bootpack

– Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits (all GDB), logos, squads
– Complete 2. Bundesliga added with correct kits (all GDB), logos, squads
– Complete MLS added with correct kits (all GDB), logos, squads (appearances unedited, will be correct after next update)
– All 4 missing Champions League Teams (Basel, Austria, Plzen, Steaua) added with correct kits (all GDB), logos, squads
– Premier League team names corrected and logos and kits (all GDB) added
– Liga ZON Sagres team names corrected and logos added
– All fake national and classic teams corrected
– Uni GDB folder with kits for many unlicensed and new teams included
– Premier League and Bundesliga transfers (will be completely updated after DLC)
– About 300-400 Ingame Editor faces
– More than 900 new real faces and tattoos for all divisions
– Some Pesgalaxy exclusive faces (Sahin, Raffael, V. Kadlec, Maxim and more)
– League and Cup logos and names corrected
– Tactics by Klashman
– La Bombonera and Prince Abdullah al Faisal Stadium added
– New Ballpack
– New Bootpack
– New Refereekits
– New adboards for all stadiums
– Compatible with FileLoader, all files in FileLoader
– New 13/14 UCL/Supercup/Europa League adboards
– DLC 7.00 included
– 1.16 exe supported
– Copa Libertadores 2014 (included in DLC 6.10) playable
– Online compatible
– Can be installed next to other patches (Own save folder, own exe)
– New Switch
– Controllerbuttonswitch (PS3 and Xbox buttons)
– Logoswitch (13 logo styles)
– Menumusic Switch (import your own mp3’s etc. easily into the game)
– HQ exe by Jenkey selectable via switch
– Easily add new logo packs to the switch with the Switch Manager

Patch Team:

– Hajnal30
– Borusse92
– 3011HD

Credits: See credits.txt inside download

Pesgalaxy.com Patch 2014 3.00 size 6.86 GB

DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 1
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 2
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 3
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 4
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 5
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 6
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 7
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 8
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 9
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 10
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 11
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 12
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 13
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 14
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 15
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 16
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 17
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 18
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Uploaded PART 19


DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 1
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 2
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 3
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 4
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 5
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 6
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 7
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 8
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 9
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 10
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 11
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 12
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 13
DOWNLOAD 3.00 Share-Online PART 14

Download Pesgalaxy Patch 3.00 Fix (requires 3.00 The New Season)

Edit Data doesn’t load after installing the new patch and stadiumpack?
Go to C:/ProgramData/KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2014/download and copy
the Pesgalaxy_Stadiums.cpk to the download Folder which is placed (after
installing the patch) in your Pes 2014 Folder.
(note: ProgramData is a hidden Folder, but Google knows, how to make it visible )

uploaded mirrorcreator

Pesgalaxy Patch Stadiumpack 1.00

uploaded uploaded


DOWNLOAD Stadiumpack 1.00 Share-Online PART 1
DOWNLOAD Stadiumpack 1.00 Share-Online PART 2
DOWNLOAD Stadiumpack 1.00 Share-Online PART 3
DOWNLOAD Stadiumpack 1.00 Share-Online PART 4


  1. Adrian am urmat pasii exact ca in instructiuni, patch-ul vede doar kit-urile, transferurile NU SUNT la zi, Eto.Torres,Luiz, sunt in continuare la Chelsea, fara transferuri deci, plus da eroare CRASH, inca o data am urmat pasii exact ca in instructiuni, pls HELP

  2. first at my game was the same, NO transfers, you have to delete all Konami folders, than you have transfers !

  3. 1. DELETE ALL KONAMI`s folders from C
    2. Install the game in D or E
    3. Install the pesgalaxy

  4. Uploader pls solve the App Crash, I installed the Fix and still crashing !!!!

    // ce eroare ai ? ai toate cerintele ? run as admin exe-ul.

  5. Hello, is the the patch for PS3 or only for pc? i have a ps3 :)

    // PC. For PS3 go to menu – ps3 patches.

  6. eroarea APP CRASH, da am toate cerintele, inclusiv ca admin am rulat jocul, degeaba, dupa ce joc 1 meci doua, da CRASH, trebuie sa stau sa intru de fiecare data in joc !

  7. sal kum fac sa nu mai dea crash imi da decat cand aps pe anumiti jukatori am bagt fix e instalat corect intsalu e foarte simplu patchu este formidabil hd super se vad terenurile pe zi turf super dar cand apas pe anumiti jukatori buff pikaa incercati sa faceti un fix la crash plss deci este spledid patchu BRAVOOOOO


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