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PESFanatic 2011 Npower Championship Patch v. 0.4 * Full EPL & Championship GDB by Arsenal4Life


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Previous Versions:

Compatible with Konami 1.2 Version
All players FM Stats
Full, EPL, LFP, Bundesliga and 18 Team Championship added with correct apps
Correct kits for all teams, with correct kits configurations(some of last years kits for some Championship teams since they haven’t all been made yet
Correct Sleeve Patches
Correct map locations
Bootpack with 60 Boots
Ball pack with Balls for all leagues and cups(Already assigned)
Correct boot assignments for most players
Uber selector based on biker_jim_uk, Nathan and B8hoven’s from a few years ago which includes ref and ball selector
Referee selector which include correct EPL, La liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Championship, World Cup, Champions League , and Adidas referee kits
Ball selector with over 38 balls. EPL, La Liga, Serie A and Champions League have four different balls from the past years. (I like to alternate between T90 balls and CL balls every year in BAL and ML, for more realism)
Real agents in BAL mode. Real coaches, doctors, trainers etc. in ML mode. (Appearances to come later for some)
Real Supporter Banners
Entrance music
National Anthems
Real ML Sponsors
GK Gloves
Real Team Supporters
New Adboards
Compatible with Tommsen’s chants pack
New created stadiums and assignments based on Klashman’s thread.
Comes with its own exe, kitserver folder and saves folder
and much more!

Now Compatible with KONAMI 1.3 patch and 2.00 DLC
Added 10\11 kits for all Championship Teams
All 32 Teams in Champions League
Fixed Appearances
Newest kitserver files added
Fixed Reading away font and numbers color
Added 1.3 komu exe.

Version 0.3 All in One

All Winter Transfers complete
New CL refs(correct colors and placement)
New Kits for National Teams: France, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Argentina, USA, to name a few.
New GK kit Ipswich.
Adjusted configuration for Championship Fonts.
New Kit Inter Milan
New Boots pack(DK Hernandez)
New tunnel logos.
New exe. Icon. (Thanks metay for inserting into exe.)
New Balls: FA Cup, Euro 2012, AFC Asian Cup, Copa Libertadores.
New net config. Thanks to yair.

Version 0.4

Kitserver 11.0.1
New k-run compatible with pesFanatic patch (Thanks metay)
Renamed komu exe.
Full Championship GDB


Version 0.3

Remove all old Patch files and saves files. Please remember to save your ML and BAL or whatever saves files are important to you before you delete the saves folder.
Place fanaticserver, and both exe’s in your PES2011 folder.
Place KONAMI in your my documents folder.
Play the game and enjoy!
Run the Uber Selector from within the img. folder inside kitserver to change balls, refs and adboards.

Version 0.4

Must have 0.3 installed.
Place fanaticserver inside pes 2011 directory and let files overwrite.

Download Version 0.3

Download Version 0.4


  1. all goood but teams names still the same which is frustrating me plz help plus which exe do i use i now have 3

  2. which exe I have to attach with manager? pesFanatic2011 or pesFanatic2011-komu? And which I have to run for play?
    Thank you in advance, it looks a great work!

  3. Hi! I wanna play this but i cant, because the game write this message to me: ” unable to load edti data, because its different version” or something this. :( I used a “virgin” Pes. whats the problem?

  4. please help me, I can not play pesfanatic v.0.4 because there are errors in edit.bin (DLC fix), transfer back to its original state (default).


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